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Funny / Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

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  • Momoko falling in love with every handsome and cool looking boys she sees, but every time she gets rejected.
  • With the exception of Kaoru as Buttercup who usually dressed like a boy in her civilian clothes, there is something funny conclusion you will reach at episode 42. That is Powerpuff Girls Z was viewed differently in appearance by people except those who know their real identities. Even the school children and teacher (with the exception of the Principal) cannot recognize Momoko and Miyako as Blossom and Bubbles respectively.


  • In episode 11, the classic meteor shower threat that the 1998 show had a lot of gets a fun little twist: a Black Z-Ray infected Princess Morbucks flies off into outer space and bribes some aliens to send meteors to Earth to smash the girls.
  • In the 41st episode, Himeko/Princess gloats to herself that she and her sister are only using Mojo for their plans, while Mojo gloats to himself that he plans to turn on the two and take more of their money. The dub version is also funny, as it instead has Mojo say to himself that the Morbucks sisters don't suspect that he doesn't have a master plan and acting like it is something to be proud of.
  • Episode 42, Professor Utonium do research on Powerpuff Girl's clothes before washing them. The funny part is that Ken could not mistaken his father as Bubbles when the latter tried her clothes and started imitating her.
    • Later, Rowdyruff boys stole their clothes and started pulling off pranks, to the point that they showed their new killer move. Fart attack. Even hilarious with the eerie grin gave by Ken and the others towards the girls (who were innocents) as this killer move video was shown on TV, with some reviews about how this killer move was rejected.
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  • Episode 43 part 2, every moment when Momoko started a lie about herself being popular and have a boyfriend who was an alien. When she said that her boyfriend's parents refused to acknowledge their relationship, everything turns out hilarious. There was indeed a spaceship and everyone starting her friends supports her relationship. Even extreme is that this lie spreads out to her family, Tokyo City, the whole world and even the monsters and they are united, just for the sake of acknowledging Momoko's love issue. The aliens called out their gang to do direct confrontation with the Earthlings. Momoko then admits the truth that she lies and putting on a speech about the world being united. Everyone's reaction including the aliens? Went ballistic and chase after Momoko for toying with them, chasing her out to space.
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  • Episode 45 part 1, Momoko's first kiss is with a... FROG!. Every moment of it was hilarious.
  • Episode 45 part 2, Sakurako have her Imagine Spot out loud, which can be heard by the people in the bus. When she stops and act normally, the other people including the bus driver imitate her embarrassing reaction.Iya!.
    • Later when Sakurako transforms into Sedusa again, she disguises as Kinosaki Sensei and started searching for Soichirou. She went possibly crazy upon every people she encounters, scaring them. Even better that when the real Kinosaki Sensei (who had no idea what happen) passes through, everyone distanced themselves in fear.
  • Rowdyruff boys are weak against girls' charm. The hilarious part is that Buttercup even do it despite she hates acting girly.
  • In the last episode, the girls have an Imagine Spot of still being Powerpuff Girls while elderly when they face the possibility of having to give up their powers to defeat Him.


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