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Deltarune | The Beginning | A Cyber's World
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    Pre-Cyber World 
  • The very first thing that happens is, apparently, Toriel being attacked by Kris with a knife... Except it's actually Toriel discovering that Kris has eaten all the pie. Yes, it turns out that unnerving stinger at the end of the first episode really was just Kris wanting all the pie. Toriel's Face Palm when she comes into Kris's room only makes it funnier.
  • Inspecting the bottom of the drawers in the upstairs hallway reveals that "How to Draw Dragons" is at the bottom of the drawer. After the game takes note that the character on the cover (again, a mauve dragon, just like Susie) is dressed immodestly, it flatly states, "your brother will never return this book".
  • Inspecting Asriel's computer shows that he was working on an idea for a game... Which includes a character which is a dead ringer for the God of Hyperdeath. Which, yes, confirms that God-Asriel is, in at least one timeline, his edgy original character/self-insert.
  • Susie's numerous new expressions are just the best, really. In the previous chapter, Susie's numerous amounts of teeth gave quite a few people a scare, but now? Comedy.
    • At first, Susie tries to play it cool and teases Kris for falling asleep in class. Then she freaks out and admits having lost sleep herself after their adventures from yesterday, and practically drags Kris down the corridor so they can check the closet again.
    • In a moment of meta-humour, she claims that it feels like she's been waiting for years to visit the dark world again.
  • Alphys asks for volunteers to read a selection from a book aloud. Noelle starts to volunteer, but is interrupted by Berdly standing on his desk and offering to do so instead. Kris falls asleep while he's talking and doesn't wake up until class is over.
    Berdly: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Times-a pretty good. Times-a pretty bad. Mediocre times. Iffy times. So-so times..."
  • Before Kris and Susie can enter the Dark World, they're suddenly approached by Noelle, asking if they want to join her for studying. Susie panics, and asks Kris what kind of excuse to use. The two options are "hanging out alone in the closet" and "Crime" (which might make you wonder if Toby has been playing Night in the Woods). Either way, poor Noelle has no idea what to make of it, and just says goodbye.
    • Afterwards, if Kris had talked to Noelle about Susie in Chapter 1, she will give Susie a lunchbox full of chalk as a gift (which even becomes a powerful healing item, Light Candy, in the Dark World). Naturally, of course, the reason why completely flies over Susie's head, and she complains about Noelle supposedly having chalk all this time.
    • Right after, Susie wonders why Noelle was asking her to study with her... and then realizes that Noelle was being nervous and blushing the whole time... Only to come to the conclusion that she's caught on to their secret identities. So close, Susie, so close.
  • Before returning to the old classroom, you can go back to the dummy and hug it when no one is watching. If you go back and interact with Susie before leaving, she'll ask you why you were hugging the "Ralsei statue," meaning she somehow did see you.
  • Once Kris gathers everything in the old classroom, if you go south instead of straight to the closet, you get a scene with Toriel and Alphys talking about Kris. As the former expresses her concerns, the latter looks up, sees Kris there balancing a giant dusty ball on their head, and replies, nervously:
    Alphys: They're normal.
    • You also can't walk any more south from here because Kris can't let their mother see them with the dusty ball balanced on their head for some reason.
    • When Toriel says that she has been concerned about Kris lately, Alphys's reaction is a muttered "just lately?"
    • You can then call Toriel, who will ask you with an annoyed face why you're calling to tell her you're normal. You'll then try to give the phone to Alphys, who is still right in front of Toriel.
  • When you find the former kings, they're still in their cages, and they've donned animal costumes like the animals suggested because they like being caged. The animals that were already in cages have, in turn, donned crowns as a sign of respect.
  • If you tossed Ralsei's manual away in Chapter 1, instead of being able to check it out on your room, you'll be given a trash can in its place on the nightstand. Ralsei's reasoning oozes passive aggressiveness... then again, knowing Susie had to teach him what sarcasm was later, this might be a genuine attempt to cater to Kris, which is equally funny to consider.
    Ralsei: [Never dropping his smile] Here, Kris! In case I make another manual... You can throw it directly in here!
  • The Spades King's cage contains a giant hamster wheel and a hamster water bottle. The sight of King pouting before them after his rotten portrayal in Chapter 1 makes for some downright bizarre, albeit hilarious, juxtaposition. Judging by his defensiveness about the bottle during the epilogue, King holds these items in high esteem.
  • If you've met Starwalker previously, they decide to join your team after Rouxls Kaard joins. Yet again, their text is in their stilted speech and strange indentation. You can then select Starwalker in your Key Items and they'll be there, hanging at the top left of the screen. They even join in the transformation sequence for the Thrash Machine during the final boss fight!
    • Inexplicably, for the scene where Starwalker joins your team and goes into your inventory, they have an extremely smooth and detailed walk cycle animation. Said animation is never used again.
  • If you called Toriel after seeing the scene with Alphys (which has Kris tell Toriel they'll be at the library) and call her after you leave the Dark World, she'll bring up Berdly and jokes to Kris that if Berdly brings up the Extremely Overdue Library Book debt, she'll come to throw a smoke bomb so Kris can escape.
  • Before entering the library, it's impossible to miss the absolutely massive traffic pile-up just outside. According to officer Undyne (who is bench-pressing an entire car at the time), an annoying little dog in a toy car started doing donuts in the intersection, and everything snowballed from there.
    • Even better? Among the cacophonic car horns blaring, you can hear honks that are dead ringers for music from Undertale, including Undyne's theme "Spear of Justice", the usual "Enemy Approaching" music, and after the horns seem to die down, one just starts playing "Metal Crusher", as if the drivers are just playing music while they've got nowhere to go.

    Cyber World (Pre-Noelle) 
  • A lot of Queen's portraits in the dialogue box are of her visor lighting up with words and symbols. One of them is even the word "LYING".
    • Her laugh is actually part of the OST. The song's name? "Ohhhhohohoho!"
  • The fact that the Queen that Jevil warned you about is an incredibly goofy meme machine Friendly Enemy completely upended pretty much everyone's expectations. Granted, she proves to be a lot more dangerous later on, especially considering the giant robot she has in her back pocket, but still.
    • It gets even funnier when watching certain streams or Let's Plays where the streamer/player is voicing characters out loud. Because Queen Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word: Many People Tend To Voice Her As Pronouncing Every Word As Its Own Sentence (Phrase) Which Is Laugh-Out Loud Hilarious LMAO
  • Early into your travels, you'll come across a CYBERPEDIA, a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Ralsei takes the opportunity to write up a helpful article about losing recruits, which serves as your introduction to the mechanic. Should you read through it again looking for a refresher, you'll be out of luck though; it turns out Susie vandalized the page the moment your backs were turned.
    From now on, ralsay drools Susie rules
    Ralsei: I don't remember writing that!
    Susie: Yeah you did.
  • Queen attempts to demotivate you... by playing an arcade game against you. Of course, Kris is too short to actually play it (not to mention not strong enough to move the controls), which she sees as an success. Ralsei ends up helping by doing an epic transformation... that is, by kneeling on the floor, letting Kris stand on him. Susie follows suit by a similarly epic transformation... that is, also standing on Ralsei (squashing him flat) while letting Kris control Susie's arms. When Kris defeats Queen in the game this way, the arcade game machine explodes. With the same retro-pixelated explosion shown inside of the game, no less.
    • The fact that when Kris initially tries to reach the machine on their own, they fall into a defeat pose, apparently that dismayed about being too short, despite their stoic nature throughout the rest of the game.
    • Interacting with the machine from any direction except the front returns "You can't pro game while facing this direction."
    • Talk to Queen before playing the arcade game, and she'll advance her internal clock to taunt you, and wish Susie a happy birthday (with Ralsei joining in) even though it's not her birthday.
    • Apparently, Susie thinks that anything that takes quarters is a soda machine.
      Queen: Cola Machine Not Equals Arcade Game
  • After defeating Queen's arcade machine, she offers you an ultimatum.
    Queen: I Will Offer You A New, Exceedingly Benevolent Compromise
    Queen: Assimilate Into My Cyber-Army And There Is Only A Fifty Percent Chance I Will Reprogram Your Face
    Queen: Please Select Your Choice: Perish In The Chill Of Absolute Destruction, Or, Flourish Under The Warm Bosom Of My Hellish Reign
    Choice between "Bosom" or "Perish"
    Kris: (Selects "Bosom")
    Ralsei: (visibly blushing) B... Bosom...?
    Queen: It Means Tity
    • If you select "Perish" instead, Susie will be mildly disturbed by how eager Kris sounded to take that option.
  • During the Roller Coaster ride, Queen boasts about how her newest minion is going to defeat the Delta Warriors... before sending Noelle after you. She's working for the Queen because she couldn't bring herself to say "no". Though rather than fight, she tries (and fails) to awkwardly flirt with Susie:
    Noelle: Your roller coaster ride, um... I like it!
    Susie: Uhh... yours too?
    Noelle: Thanks!
    Susie: ...
    (Awkward silence)
    Queen: Okay This Isn't Working Bring In the Next Guy
  • Said next guys turns out to be Berdly. However, unlike Noelle, he's so annoying that even Queen doesn't want him.
    Susie: Berdly!? You asked BERDLY to be on your team!?
    Queen: (I Did Not Ask Him I Did Not Ask Him I Did Not Ask Him)
    • We also get this hilarious exchange from his Dark World debut:
      Berdly: That's LORD Berdly to you simpletons!! And soon... SUPER Lord Berdly!
      Susie: ... the hell does that mean?
      Queen: (I Have No Damn Clue Just Go With It)
    • Then there's this piece of hilarious Malaproper:
      Berdly: Our power... the "Light Nerd's" power...
      Ralsei: You mean... "Lightners"?
      Berdly: Um, NO, Queen said "Light Nerds"
      Queen: (with TRUE flashing on her visor) I Actually Did
  • If you fight Berdly violently, you can spare him with Ralsei's pacify. This has no effect on the aftermath of the battle, making it look as if you made his car explode by putting him to bed.
  • When you first see K_K and Cap'n, they will try to scam you with overpriced bagels, with Cap'n attempting to sell you one for 400 dark dollars (they normally sell for 80). K_K, on the other hand, tries to sell you a bagel for their normal price. When Cap'n tries to correct the normal price, K_K offers to sell you 400 bagels for 80 dark dollars. Accepting to buy the 400 bagels leads to a Fission Mailed where the screen cuts to black and the narration says you were crushed under the weight of 400 bagels and were defeated instantly... before saying it was kidding and you just couldn't carry that many.
  • When fighting the "Sweet Cap'n Cakes," Susie Lampshades how they have been relying on Kris to ACT. Ralsei insists that it's Kris's "special talent," only for Susie to teach herself her own version of ACTing through the MAGIC menu and forces Ralsei to do the same. All of the monster party members keep this ability for the rest of the game.
    Susie: [Trying to get Ralsei to dance] Happy feet, dumbass!
    • When using the Dance ACT against the "Sweet Cap'n Cakes," Kris does That Russian Squat Dance, and Ralsei and Susie do dances from A Charlie Brown Christmas!
    • Like the fight against K. Round, violently defeating them is impossible... complete with them drinking the same milk PNG.
    • If Kris is defeated during the fight with against the trio, the dance segment you get afterwards will have everyone dancing, yet Kris is still on the ground and everyone ignores it. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
      • Seeing that there's special dialogue for when Kris gets knocked down and it makes Susie and Ralsei learn "X-Action" early, this was likely intentional.
  • One side area has a window labelled with the word "Stupid" next to the entrance. Once you're done exploring the room and head back, you'll find a Tasque has managed to get its head stuck inside it.
  • If you found Nubert behind "his force field," you'll find him in the Trash Zone later, and Susie will enthusiastically point out that he's there... seconds after she's finished complaining about Trashy being a Moment Killer.
    Susie: Oh hell, is that Nubert over there?
    Ralsei: Really, where?
  • When Noelle hears Queen, she hides by crouching in a shallow alleyway. Queen appears, but she then hears Berdly. She decides to do a Ceiling Cling in the same alleyway, completely unaware of Noelle the whole time.
    • During which, Queen nearly exposes her position by exclaiming in outrage when Berdly proposes a truce to Kris after she has already done so to Kris. Berdly hears her but is somehow tricked by Queen making car honk noises and claiming it wasn't her.
      Queen: What The
      Queen: Who The Beep Said You Could Double Trucies
      Berdly: Huh? Did you hear something?
      Queen: Honk Honk No It's Just The Sounds Of The City
      Berdly: Oh okay.
    • Noelle has an incredibly wide-eyed expression throughout Queen hiding above her, which is hilarious enough... and then you realize she's looking up, making it unclear if it's an Oh, Crap! or utter mortification from what is effectively the mother of Comedic Underwear Exposures from the split Queen is doing... which becomes even funnier once you realise that Noelle is a big Covert Pervert.

    Cyber World (Post-Noelle to Spamton) 
  • The first time Noelle gets in a battle when acting as a Guest-Star Party Member, she's completely confused by the sudden appearance of a battle interface and the concept of ACTing. Kris and the enemy have to take a quick time-out to explain things to her. Even afterwards, when taking the "Take Care" ACT against Virovirokun, she trips over the heels in her nurse costume and spills the cup of tea she's holding. Even funnier is Virovirokun's blunt, one-word response:
    Virovirokun: Nice
    • In the epilogue, a Ruddin will be upset that he never got to see Noelle. Virovirokun will wonder if they'll ever see her again, then notices that the heroes are standing next to them and quickly changes the subject.
  • The Maus enemies, first encountered while Noelle is around, are literal computer mice that are pacified by trapping them in cages. When you encounter them later with Ralsei and Susie, using Ralsei's R-Action prompts him to use peanut butter as cage bait for the Maus... only for Susie to take the bait, get a cage dropped on her, and yell at Ralsei about it (notably, this is one of the few X-Actions with a unique animation). She can fall for this multiple times.
    • The Maus enemies also appear in the Overworld in the form of puzzles where you have to redirect mice from one hole to another using nothing but blocks that change their direction. If you fail, they may end up crashing against Noelle, who jumps in fear.
    • A later puzzle does not turn off a nearby barrier after being solved. Noelle ends up looking inside one of the holes. If you call the Maus enemies again, they crash into Noelle again, whose jumping in fear has her leap over the fence, which activates a button that deactivates the barrier.
    • This becomes important in solving later puzzles. That's right: the puzzles depend on Noelle being scared of mice, because Kris cannot jump the Insurmountable Waist-High Fence alone.
    • One of the Maus puzzles encountered late into Queen's Mansion requires you to redirect their paths in order to press switches to raise a bridge. However, there are also chests filled with Dark Dollars you can redirect them into instead, which will prompt a textbox noting that since the Maice were the ones who opened the chest, you didn't get anything.
    • If you return to the first Annoying Mouse Room later in the game, you'll find the blocks that used to be there have been replaced with one of the boxes used in Rouxls Kaard's "puzzles" from the first chapter. According to its description, the room has been taken over by "an invasive species of puzzle".
  • You can encounter Poppups, enemies that are literal pop-up ads. Choosing to click on one spawns another Poppup. When you do, the flavor text mentions that your party members clicked on one of three various ads, and every party member gets their own share of amusing moments out of these.
  • In the third "Annoying Mouse Room" puzzle, Berdly shows up and starts rambling on, completely oblivious to the fact Noelle is currently helping solve the puzzle. If you drag the puzzle out long enough,note  he'll reveal his true opinions on Noelle... Namely, that he thinks of her as a "powerless doe" who depends on him for protection and that she is "the simpleton next door". Neither of which Noelle is very pleased to hear.
    • If you let him talk long enough, Berdly reveals that he's aware that Noelle is nursing an unrequited crush. Cue Noelle complaining about Berdly, of all people, having figured out her feelings for Susie. This leads into a perfect Brick Joke in the normal route, when it turns out Berdly actually thinks Noelle is crushing on him.
  • Kris finds a piece of cheese on the ground while traveling with Noelle. She asks if they're seriously going to touch the weird ground cheese, with the available options being the comedically stiff "I am going to touch the cheese" and "I do not touch the cheese." Saying yes results in Kris petting the cheese lovingly as if it were a pet... and also summons more Maus enemies. After this battle concludes, Noelle says she doesn't want to look at cheese ever again. The next room is a cheese maze. Noelle, understandably, freaks out.
  • There's something darkly hilarious over the fact that Noelle simply can't catch a break. Even in a Darkworld that's supposed to be the perfect wish fulfillment Noelle ends up stuck with Kris in a dirty glitched-out series of back alleys fighting rodents over floor cheese while Ralsei and Susie are playing carnival games and eating cotton candy.
  • One of the Addisons in Cyber City tells you that you can block ads for $9.99. That in itself isn't that funny, until you realise Addisons are living embodiments of Internet Ads. In short, the Addison told you that you can pay him ten bucks to piss off.
  • While wandering around the backstreets with Noelle, an optional area has Kris suddenly alone walking down a long corridor, only for the Annoying Dog inside a toy push car suddenly driving from the right and kills Kris with Scratch Damage, causing the original GAME OVER screen to show up, only with the Annoying Dog then crumpling it with his toy car. Kris then proceeds to wake up in a dumpster with a DogDollar in their inventory.
  • The aforementioned dumpster room contains moss in the upper left corner of the room. Interacting with the moss with Noelle will prompt her to ask herself why Kris looks so pleased.
  • This exchange with Queen, drunk on battery acid, from about halfway into the chapter.
    [Kris walks up]
    Queen: Oh
    Queen: Lmaonote 
    Queen: [Laughs and throws her glass on the ground causing it to shatter.]
    Queen: Don't Worry That Was My Throwing Glass It's Safe
    Queen: [Leans on Kris's head] You Get Me Kris
    Queen: You Do Not Do Crazy Things Like "Have Opinions"
    Queen: Or Scream When I Capture You
    Queen: Or Tell Me Horrible Plans For Smartboy Theme Park
    Queen: I Just Cannot Compute It
    Queen: Why Everyone Else Is So... Ungrateful
    Queen: [Laughs again and throws a second glass on the ground, which explodes.]
    Queen: Whoops That Was My Extra Dangerous Glass
    • She also refers to Kris as "Kris Cross Applesauce" at one point.
  • At one point, Queen (during her "trucies" with Kris) offers to play another arcade game with them due to finding the first one fun... only for Berdly to crush it with a giant golden statue of himself, ridiculously muscular (and with nipples!) with Queen hanging off his biceps. The statue is even wearing Crocs! She's both dismayed that he found her and flabbergasted by the statue. You find it again later in Queen's Mansion, wedged in the toilet.
    • She actually takes some time to comment on the statue, rapidly restarting her text box as she rapidly rotates, as if she was stammering to find the words. Ultimately she settles on "Very...Smart", as her face shows "LYING". Berdly fails to pick up on this.
    • Queen, while looking at the statue, actually comments that she was unaware that Berdly had nipples. Berdly chuckles, and responds that he will, in their ideal utopia to come. Berdly just... Desperately wants to have nipples for some reason.
  • If Kris checks the statue over and over again, Noelle eventually wants Kris to move on, uncomfortable at the sight.
    • At one point, Noelle tries to go along with Kris's fixation on the statue, saying, "Hey, isn't this thing just the best?" After that, the message that appears when Kris examines the statue again reads, "This statue seems to suck bad.", a sentiment that Noelle picks up on; it's implied that Kris's fixation on Berdly's statue was just to mess with Noelle, as they usually do.
  • One of the Addisons can sell you the mannequin they have next to them. No, not the clothes on the mannequin, the mannequin itself. Oh, and it's an armor item for Kris. One has to wonder what equipping it even looks like.
    • Try to equip the Mannequin to Noelle, and she's bewildered over you spending $300 on it.
    • Susie and Ralsei find the sight unpleasant as well, with Susie choosing to move on while Ralsei tries to compliment the dress.
  • Based on Noelle's reactions, trying to equip the Bounce Blade to her just results in Kris thwacking her with it repeatedly. Likewise, trying to equip the Dainty Scarf to her has Kris apparently covering her with it.
  • Queen, Kris, and Noelle all diving into Queen's car to hide from Berdly.
  • After the trucies event, Queen takes Noelle and Kris to her car and has Kris drive. Cue a driving minigame. Queen tells Kris to pick up a random banana on the street. When you pick it up, she then drops an almost-but-not-quite-Non Sequitur.
    Queen: Potassium
    • Meanwhile, if you avoid it completely, she expresses concern for your health saying you'll get sick.
    • During the driving minigame, the cars will be headed in the opposite direction of your car. Hit enough of them and they all start going the other way, as if trying to get away from you! If you do it at the start of the minigame, Queen will even comment on it:
    Queen: Kris Don't Hit The Cars!
    (Kris does just that)
    Queen: So Much Traffic Today Isn't It Wonderful
    Queen: Lightners Love Traffic They Look It Up All The Time
  • When Kris has to clear traffic, they end up in a battle with Spamton G. Spamton, a Perverse Puppet who spouts darkly humorous nonsense while talking like a sleazy salesman.
    • His speech is erratic, full of [brackets] and RandOm CapitAliZation.
    • Every time he tries to link you to a product, he only ends up saying '[Hyperlink Blocked]'.
    • If you do follow him to his shop, you get to hear even more of his insane sales pitches, as well as this gem:
      • And this one:
      Spamton: TAKE THIS DEAL AND YOU WILL [[Die]]!! IT'S THAT GOOD!!!
    • Eventually, he just leaves without any effect on the story, only showing up again as the chapter's superboss or if you go for the Weird route.

    Cyber World (Post-Spamton to Rouxls fight) 
  • When you get back to Queen and Noelle, Queen acts as if you haven't been gone for long at all, as if the game wasn't programmed to account for Spamton's interruption.
  • Queen suddenly demands that everyone leave the car. They do so, and the car explodes. That was not on purpose; Queen was simply wondering why the car hadn't exploded yet.
  • Noelle is so desperate in avoiding another encounter with Queen, she hides by putting a cardboard box on her head with Twitch's ":)" emote scribbled on it. This is enough to fool Queen.
    • Queen also compliments Noelle's robot face. Keep in mind she has been threatening to turn Noelle's face into a robot one for most of the chapter and Noelle realizes she basically just gave Queen inspiration if she gets caught. She understandably passes out for a second from this after Queen turns her attention back to Kris.
  • When meeting back up with Susie and Ralsei, they'll notice Kris has the prize that Queen won from the game where Noelle is hiding, and you get to choose who to gift it to. While setup for some Ship Tease, you can also choose to give it to Berdly. When he opens it, it turns out to be a plush toy of him with no shirt and nipples just like the statue. After he leaves, Susie, Noelle and even Ralsei will be shocked and wonder why you gave it to him.
    • Even funnier, when Queen first gets the prize, she gives it to Kris because she's decided she actually doesn't want it, implying that she looked inside and saw what it wasnote .
  • Susie's new healing spell is called "Ultimate Heal", which costs 100% TP. If you try to save up to use this spell thinking that it would be a full restore, prepare to be utterly dismayed when it heals a grand total of 2-3 HP.
    Ambyu-Lance 1: That's the worst healing I've seen
    Ambyu-Lance 2: Is she charging for that?
    • There are sprites for a much bigger energy ball than what actually appears in game which appear enormous compared to the actual smaller sprites.
  • When Kris reunites with Ralsei & Susie and they reform their normal lineup with Noelle now in the back, she opts to take third place so she can stand behind Susie instead. From then on, while she accompanies the heroes she has a constant downward gaze and a Crush Blush on her face, all of which makes it look like she's staring at Susie's butt, or at least struggling not to. She does it again right before leaving the computer lab in the epilogue, this time trying to get a peek at Susie's tail, and this time Susie notices. Very humorously.
    • If you decided to give the gift to Berdly as described above, he will return, mentioning that he's also joining the team, but only for this one room. And on top of that, if you've encountered Starwalker, they will also inexplicably show up, joining the team for the room as well, and will slide around without a walk cycle just like Lancer does in Chapter 1.
  • Eventually Queen does successfully trap Kris, Susie, Noelle, and Berdly in cages this time... only for her to realize Ralsei is still standing there and she already used up all her cages, causing her to Face Palm. When he asks what she plans to do with him she says "I Literally Don't Know Ha Ha Ha Ha" and laughs. Cue an Iris Out on her face, complete with Super Mario World-like sound effect.
  • Queen betrays Berdly by capturing him alongside the rest of the Lightners. This scene might have been a dramatic one if not for their exchange.
    Berdly: You said you were a GAMER!!!
    Queen: Berdly
    Queen: I Only Play Mobile Games
    Berdly: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    • Even funnier in that it's an obvious lie, given that she's wanted to play arcade games with Kris twice by this point. Considering the fact that Queen can apparently just summon arcade cabinets at will, she technically isn't lying. Even better if you consider the idea that Queen was simply lying about not being a gamer just to upset Berdlynote .
  • Queen puts her captives into their own Gilded Cages with rooms holding items of interest related to some of their Internet searches.
    • Kris's room has dozens and dozens of bath bombs since they were searching for DIY bath bombs, undoubtedly following their dumping of one in the toilet mentioned whenever you keep flushing it in the Light World. It might also imply that they want to do it again, since they'd have to improvise following Toriel's refusal to see a repeat instance. There's also a gelatin made from knives, since Kris was looking for a video about making a knife from Jell-O.
    • If you try to check the communication device in their room, Kris' immediate reaction is to try sticking their whole head in so they can make funny noises inside it. Then it turns out that Susie tried the exact same thing just a moment ago. Later, Kris starts considering the possibility of dumping their mountain of bath bombs down the horn.
    • Susie's room gets a skateboard game, which is followed by another instance of it where the AI opponent is cheating, after she looked up ways to cheat on it. On the other side is a painted hardboiled egg, as she once looked up if hardboiled eggs can hatch. Recalling what she said to Temmie about her egg, Susie either looked it up so she could tell Temmie it wouldn't happen, or she made the comment and then decided to fact-check after saying so. Whatever the case is, she felt the need to look this up anyway.
    • Noelle's room has a hairy statue of Ice-E in it, since Kris claimed the mascot was a real creature that eats kids, prompting her to look up if that was the case.
    • The game does not show you the contents of Jockington's room, but from what Kris can see, the room is beautiful.
    • If you try to check Asriel's room, Kris is described as looking into the room with their eyes closed, as if they know what to expect from said room. Then if you check it when Susie is in your party, she'll comment they better hope she never meets Asriel.note 
  • Additionally, Queen sometimes bungles the results.
    • Kris's room has a VHS explaining how to install a video game piano because they searched for "video game piano tutorial". Below it is a pair of pixelated Toriels playing the piano from a misspelled search for "video game piano tutoriel".
    • Susie once "vandalized" the computer lab, first writing out how much the Librarby "sucks" and then mashing the keyboard during another search. This gives a book with a vacuum cleaner in it for the former and a holographic blob of symbols for the latter.
    • Some items inside Noelle's room are indescribable because Queen could not interpret Noelle's searches, implying that Noelle can't work herself up to even type without shaking.
  • The return of Handsome Lancer.
  • When the party reunites with Ralsei, Susie first hears screaming and thinks he's in danger. Only he's right at the other end of the dining room. That screaming? A whole squad of Swatchlings squeeing over how good he looks in a suit. Apparently Queen had no clue what to do with him so she offered him a job as her newest butler.
  • After Lancer turns into stone, you can push him into the table on the left, where he'll be served like a dinner guest, with a plate of spaghetti falling in front of him alongside a handkerchief that automatically wraps itself around his neck. The narration calls him "well taken care of".
    • Come back to the area after this, and the plate of spaghetti will be gone, which either means the staff got rid of the food when they eventually realized he turned to stone and couldn't eat, or he actually managed to eat his dinner as a statue anyway.
  • Once you get to the mansion's lobby, you can use a dimensional door to return to previous areas in the city. However, certain parts are blocked off and made inaccessible... Via giant toilets.
  • Everything involving the vases in Queen's Mansion.
    • Not only are the vases ridiculous-looking with Queen's face painted onto them, their gimmick is that breaking vases causes nearby Swatchlings to go berserk and chase you down... so naturally, the heroes repeatedly get put into highly unusual situations that make breaking the things extremely likely, as if the vases are there less for decoration and more for inconveniencing the heroes. Eventually, they start getting put on wheels.
    • The very first vase appears in its own room. The screen has Queen mention the rules... which includes not breaking the vases. If you decide to break a vase anyways, the words 'POTTERY NOT RESPECTED!' appear on the screen and two Swatchlings immediately ambush you.
    • One of the hallway-like rooms gets filled with a metric ton of vases if you backtrack to it. With no Swatchlings around to dissuade her, Susie automatically starts individually stomping on each one until you leave.
    • During the battery acid river detour, a side room contains a lone non-hostile Swatchling sweeping a floor. Solving the puzzle in the room "rewards" you with a vase landing on the only path back out. Step on it and the Swatchling gives chase... only to decide to let you off the hook just this once after stepping on the pieces of the vase himself, as it blocks the only path for the Swatchling as well.
      • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, you can see the "Queen" part from Berdly's statue earlier sinking into the acid river at the bottom of the room.
    • One area of the mansion tasks Kris with navigating a series of halls with a vase balanced precariously on their head, with dozens of Swatchlings at the ready to attack them should they break it. While difficult, it's entirely possible to make it to the end without dropping it, which will earn you a round of applause from all of the Swatchlings and a congratulatory punch in the arm from Susie... causing the vase to fall to the floor, aggroing every single Swatchling in the room anyway. Even better is that Susie, the one responsible for that happening, bolts out of the room the moment the vase breaksnote .
    • After wrecking the place by surfing on the Annoying Dog, you can head down one of the halls to find a giant hamster water bottle like King's, blocked by a stack of giant tables. Narration dubs it "the supreme table", which you won't be able to use "without the Throne of the Gods".
  • In Color CafĂ©, you can ask Swatch what happened to Rouxls Kaard. They say that he barged in, demanding to be made "Butler Supremeth," and annoyed Swatch so much that they essentially threw him out. They then ask Kris not to mention him again. Bringing up the topic again after defeating him will have Swatch explain that Rouxls shoved a vase of flowers at Tasque Manager, having declared her to be "50% Likelye to be Queene" and asking to be her "minion for life". Tasque Manager promptly electrocuted him.
  • One of Swatch's conversations has them claim that people have tried impersonating them to gain access to the Queen's mansion, with the underlying implication being that Spamton did exactly that in a failed attempt to get to the basement. As it turns out, a poster near the dumpster where Kris first meets him reveals that he looked hardly any different then than he does now, with the one major difference being the lack of glasses; in other words, Spamton's attempt at mimicking Swatch consisted entirely of putting on Round Hippie Shades and calling it a day.
  • The tradition of goofy item name shortenings continues with Butler Juice, which is shortened to ButJuice. Susie will ask "Hell'd you call this?" if it's used on her from the overworld menu.
  • Once you've made your way past all the obstacles on the final teacup ride leading to the top floor of the mansion, streams of tea will fill up Kris and Ralsei's cups, completely drenching them. Meanwhile, Susie just opens her mouth and lets it all pour in.
  • The screens being used by Queen to communicate with the heroes are excessively wide. Queen gets stretched across them and looks hilariously off model, and the background is a recreation of the Windows XP "Bliss" wallpaper.
  • Remember that Berdly statue from earlier? It's wedged head first into a toilet. If you examine it, Kris will be described to have looked at the bathroom's door behind them to see that there's a silhouette of an upside down Berdly statue on it.
  • Queen is insistent on serving others battery acid. Eventually, Kris and Ralsei are faced with a pool of it, and Ralsei wonders how they are going to cross all the acid. Cue a pedalo appearing for them to ride on.
    • The very first thing spoken during the ride...
      • Considering she still captures Berdly and Noelle later on, there are only two explanations for this, and they're equally hilarious: 1) she's actually legitimately distracted by this, or 2) she knows it's a distraction and she's just playing along just for fun. Knowing her character, both are equally plausible.
    • Several tiny houses are passed during the ride, which Queen explains are "Tropical Villas For My Guests Isn't That Thoughtful".
      Ralsei: ... How would anyone fit inside?
      Queen: Shrink From The Acid
    • A floating banana appears in the pool. Get it as Queen asks, and Ralsei is concerned about Kris's willingness to listen to Queen about grabbing it. Avoid it, and Queen claims that she wanted you to avoid it since it means you'll now die of a potassium deficiency.
      • She doesn't respond if you do get it, and her face doesn't say "lying" if you don't, so she might be being sincere.
    • During the ride, Rouxls Kaard adopts a captain persona, mixing his normal Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe with Pirate Speak. Ralsei practically begs him to use only one accent at a time.
    • Before his minigame, he mentions the Rouxls (pronounced "rules").
    • Rouxls Kaard's steed will be based on the Thrash Your Own Ass Machine designed in Chapter 1. The exchange between him and Ralsei is hilarious, but if you made the full duck, the dialogue changes significantly. Rouxls Kaard calls the duck an Effegie of an Ancient God of Combat. When Ralsei points out it's just a duck, he admits he's aware of that.
      Rouxls Kaard: Go forth!! My Squeakie Duckie!!
    • Following an update, Dialogue was added for if your were to beat Rouxls violently note . Rouxls asks the party if they think they won by beating him up. Ralsei's response is priceless, as is Rouxls' response to that.
      Rouxls Kaard: So thou hath beateneth The Crappeth out of Me. I supposest that means thou thinkest thoust hath Won?
      Ralsei: Umm... morally, no. Physically... yes.
      Rouxls Kaard: Well shivereth my timbereth, you little bimbo!
    • Rouxls Kaard eventually mounts an even bigger attack, but freezes in place due to him not being of this dark world. Only from the neck down, though, leaving him able to exclaim his catchphrase and then yell about Kris and Ralsei leaving him behind.
      Rouxls Kaard: GOD
      (he falls to the ground; the bridge between the two "villages" explodes)
      Rouxls Kaard: DAMMIT
    • After the fight, there's a camera set up to take pictures of the people riding the boat and you're given an option to make various poses at it, including "a rude gesture", which shocks Ralsei. Regardless of which option you pick, Rouxls will yell at you again, this time about not being able to see the picture.
      • Picking the above "rude gesture" option gets Ralsei a new title for his trouble.
    LVX Rude Prince
    Friends with a rude gesturer.
    • In the middle of the ride, a big stone hand stops the way. It's as though the game itself is telling you to stop here.
    • You clear that roadblock by eventually summoning another hand. The two hands high-five before getting out of their way. You can't use the corresponding switch afterwards because that would imply undoing a high-five, something the narration declares impossible to do.

    Cyber World (Post-Rouxls fight to Giga Queen aftermath) 
  • Susie asks Noelle if she wondered why the former never picked on the latter. When Noelle says she isn't sure, Susie brings up the one time Noelle let her borrow a pencil, so she "spared" her and ate the pencil. Noelle couldn't ignore the "ate the pencil" part.
    • It's also kinda funny that "spare" is an Undertale/Deltarune mechanic, meaning Noelle essentially met Susie's "spare requirements" by giving her a pencil.
  • While riding in the Ferris wheel, at one point Susie wonders what to say to Noelle, and thinks that Kris would know what to do. Then the options "Point and a heart comes out" and "Eat moss" come up briefly, before Susie realizes that it's not strictly true that Kris always knows what to do.
  • After Susie and Berdly save Noelle (temporarily), it seems like the two girls have had a real heart-to-heart, and not just because of the literal heart-shaped ferris wheel ride that just happened to be waiting for them. Then Berdly intervenes, and Noelle clearly thinks that he's still trying to woo her and everything. After Susie departs, Berdly then reveals that he never had feelings for Noelle, only pretending to reciprocate the crush that he thought she had for him because she was one of the only people tolerating him — and now has a crush on Susie. The deer girl doesn't even have text in the textbox for a moment before she starts shaking him by the collar, utterly Enraged by Idiocynote  while repeatedly shouting "WHAT!"
    • When we say "Berdly intervenes", we mean that he flutters down from the sky with a rose clutched in his beak, trailing Bishie Sparkles all the way down.
  • The group gets the option to steal some of the stuff Queen put in Noelle's room for their bedrooms in the Castle Town. Susie steals an axe-wielding wood-carved lumber jack statue that looks pretty cool (unaware that said statue looks very similar to Susie in body shape), and Kris steals... a really gross-looking plush Ice-E covered in brown hair. The latter is apparently from an internet search of Noelle's after Kris convinced her that Ice-E is a Cryptid in the Light World. Examining it in the postgame gets the flavor text, "This is maybe not the best thing in your bedroom."
  • How does Susie return to Kris and Ralsei? She falls on top on Ralsei, squishing him with a comical splatting sound effect. Even better? It's the same one used when Susie stands on Ralsei during the arcade game segment.
  • Backtrack through the mansion to the start of the acid tunnel with Susie and Ralsei afterwards, and you can interact with the swan boat-summoning switch. Ralsei wonders if they're fondly remembering their ride together, but the narration clarifies that Kris is thinking about clogging the place with multiple swan boats.
    • Getting to the other end of the tunnel lets you nab the photo that was taken earlier from a nearby Swatchling. The "Pose" picture just has Ralsei compliment Kris, but the "Hug" photo prompts him to ask Susie if she wants it for her room, to which she rebuffs by asking why she would be keeping it. If you made a "Rude Gesture", Susie loves it.
    • Similarly, if you head back to the city, you can examine the Ferris Wheel poster again. Ralsei hopes Susie is reminiscing about her time with Noelle, when in reality, she's more focused on figuring out what a "Ferris" even is.
  • One of Queen's attacks is essentially a social media feed with posters sending words. A variation of the attack has Queen mention "DRAMA"... which starts a Flame War between the posters, now shooting each other with Symbol Swearing (except for Everyman, who keeps silently sliding by as if lurking on the forums).
  • The "toast" dialogue can be amusing:
    • If you use "GroupToast," Susie will ask if Queen's going to drink all of the acid with Queen responding that all of it is her's and none of the heroes can have it.
    • Kris is the only one who can make a proper toast that Queen loves, with Susie wondering why they made it so emotional.
    • If you make Susie toast on her own, she'll propose the toast to how it's cool that they're gonna beat Queen up. Queen responds by saying that it's a good thing she has no standards for toasting. All following toasts from Susie will then be summed up by the flavor text, "Susie made an offensive toast to Queen!".
    • If you make Ralsei toast on his own, he'll make a toast to Queen having him wear a butler outfit. Queen will mention that his toast was weird but accepts it regardless. Following toasts from him are described as, "Ralsei made a slightly cringeworthy toast to Queen!".
  • When outnumbered four-to-one, Queen will use the Look Behind You gambit. It works, and she runs away with the most hilariously silly running animation.
    Queen: Oh No What That
    (Entire party turns around to look; Queen runs away with a single "HOO")
    • Even better: this is one of the only times when a non-SOULless Kris acts without the player's input, meaning that either they were deliberately trying to sabotage the player or else they were so taken in by Queen's "ruse" that they defied the SOUL's power to turn and look. It's hard to say which possibility is funnier.
  • Alternatively, if you use violence against Queen:
    Queen: Not Bad You Foolish Children
    But Even If You Deplete The Health Points (Of My: Chair)
    I Can Simply Make Another Barrier Using My: Drink
    Bottoms Up
    [Attempts to summon another barrier with her drink but fails]
    Queen: Wait A Second
    [Tries again to summon a barrier, to no success]
    Queen: Hey Chat Does Anyone Know What Happened To That Stuff
  • When Queen reveals her GIGA Queen robot, how do the heroes decide to counter this? Use the same combination that they used when they needed to beat Queen at an arcade game (Ralsei bent over as a stool, and Kris and Susie stacked on top of him with Susie grabbing onto Kris's arms).
    Noelle: [With the same agitated expression she had while shaking Berdly] Wh... what are you doing!?
    Susie: This is our ultimate... Uh... w-wait a sec, now that you mention it...
    Queen: Oh No It Appears I Am Evenly Matched
    I Hope You Won't Mind If I Don't Hold Back
    • It's easy to miss, but each time GIGA Queen (her Humongous Mecha) performs a kick attack, she keeps her smug smile. If you manage to dodge her triple kick attack in Round 3, her smug expression changes to one that clearly says "uh-oh".
    • If you end up losing to Queen during the mech battle, her mech starts tea bagging in place in celebration before the Game Over screen appears.
    • If you fail to react to GIGA Queen's attacks (given your only chance to learn the controls was a single mini-game at the beginning of the Dark World) Queen will helpfully drop some dialogue explaining what to do.
      Queen: Oh No Did You Forget How To Control A Giant Robot
      There Are Keyboard Controls Inside
      Press [Left] and [Right] to dodge [Z] and [X] to punch
    • Similarly, if you repeatedly fail to counter her giant baseball Finishing Move:
      Queen: I Have More Extremely Slow Moving Obviously Punchable Baseballs Where That One Came From.
  • After the GIGA Queen battle ends, Queen will ask Noelle to stab the earth with the pin she gave her. Of course, this won't affect the dialogue, but it becomes funny if you decided to take the pin from Noelle before Queen recaptures her, meaning that she would have nothing to stab with.
  • After Ralsei explains what would happen if the Dark Fountains were left unchecked... Queen is active again at the end of the explanation, looking as shocked as everyone else, and explains that she had genuinely no idea she was going to end the world.
    Queen: Oh Damn I Did Not Know That
  • If you import your save from Chapter 1, the game will take account of what "Thrash your own ass" machine you chose for Lancer/Susie. The head you chose makes up the head of the mech in the Giga Queen fight, including the DUCK. Unlike the other options, it won't normally face Queen, it just stares with its goofy smile at you while in its standard stance. It also changes the attack mode ACT, which becomes "Duck Mode" ...which does a low amount of damage compared to the others, but provides some health recovery and, better yet, causes all your punches to squeak like a toy duck when punching her.

    Weird Route and Bonus Boss 
  • It's easy to ignore, considering... everything in the Weird/Snowgrave route, but Spamton has some of his best lines when he takes over Queen's castle.
    Spamton: KID! I'M BUSY BECOMING [God]. GO PLAY [Minecrap] OR SOMETHING!
    Spamton: THANKS TO YOUR [Total Jackass stunts] I HAVE [Becomed] NEO.
    Spamton: YOU THINK MAKING [Frozen Chicken] WITH YOUR [Side Chick] IS GONNA LET YOU DRINK UP THAT [Sweet, Sweet] [Freedom Sauce]? WELL, YOU'RE [$!$!] RIGHT!
  • In the Weird Route, when Susie checks on Noelle, no cutscene plays. Instead, when Susie comes back, Ralsei will frantically ask what happened. Susie refuses to say anything to Ralsei beyond her telling Noelle it was All Just a Dream before telling Kris she'll tell them later.
    Ralsei: ... anything else?
    Susie: No and let's go.
    Psst. I'll tell you later, Kris.
    Ralsei: HEY!
  • In response to Susie convincing Queen that she can come to the Castle Town in the Weird Route, Queen will declare that she knew that Susie was a "Nice Girl." Susie is... taken aback by this.
  • One of Spamton NEO's attacks is a series of exploding blue ovals called "Pipis", as the first one in the attack is labeled as such with an arrow pointing to it. This is also the only line of Flavor Text they have when encountered in the overworld during the Weird route.
  • Some of the dialog in Spamton's superboss fight straddles the line between funny and creepy, especially the latter two, just in terms of how clearly broken he is:
    Spamton turns to the audience and laughs.
    Spamton appeals to the audience with a festive jig!
    Spamton begs to the audience, Spamton prays to the audience.
    There is no audience.
    Spamton begs the audience to stop taking the furniture out of his room.
    • One line at the very start of the fight stands out in particular. After ranting and raving about becoming a "big shot" in every one of his appearances for the entire chapter, when Kris employs a charged shot attack, Spamton drops this gem:
      Spamton: Kris!?!? WAS THAT A [BIG SHOT] JUST NOW!?
  • Near the end of Spamton NEO's fight, he picks up the phone like he did for a Pipis-launching attack, but disbelievingly realizes that "IT'S FOR [HIM]!?" before the phone pelts him in the face with miniature Spamton heads, causing him to waste his turn.
  • Defeating Spamton while your inventory is full gives you this gem of an Easter Egg that induces hilarious Mood Whiplash on an otherwise tragic scene where Spamton dies as himself:
    * (You got Dealmaker/Puppet Scarf.)
    * (... but your inventory was full.)
    Spamton: ... Kris...? Kris!? KRIS!?!?!?
    YOU FILLED YOUR [Inventorium] WITH [Half Pr1ce Sallamy] JUST TO KEEP ME OUT!?
    WHAT! THE! [F
    ifty Percent Off]!?
    [Why] DID YOU DO THIS?! WHY?! [Y]?! [Yellow]?! [Gamma]?!
    NOT [Cool] KRIS! I'LL BE IN MY [Trailer]!
    [Spamton's item form slides out with the same slide whistle effect as Mad Dummy]
  • If you do the Spamton NEO fight after the swan boat ride and opted to have Kris hug Ralsei during the latter, then he will return the favour to comfort them after the fight, should they admit to how shaken they are from the whole encounter. From there, the scene will proceed as normal... except at the end of the conversation Kris will turn to look at Susie, causing her to get flustered and yell that she's not going to hug them better, before running off in embarrassment when Ralsei tries to talk her into it.
    Susie: ...What? No, I'M not giving YOU a hug! That's what Ralsei's for!! He's like a portable teddy bear!
    Ralsei: But Susie, because you never give out hugs, that increases their value. It's the law of supply and demand.
    Susie: Well, I demand, you supply me with, uh — ugh, enough of you guys!
  • While the scene where Noelle fights Berdly is very dark, it gets a little funnier when you see the filename of the song that plays right before the fight... d.ogg. As in dog.

    Hometown / Castle Town Epilogue 
  • On the normal Route, a comment about Susie's tail ends up as a Brick Joke. Upon leaving the computer lab, Noelle turns and tilts her head, clearly looking for a tail on Susie. As a result, Susie suddenly distorts for a moment by stretching widely as she looks behind her to the sound of a whip crack, before angrily asking Noelle what she's looking for— in an equally silly pose— as Noelle runs away.
    • Even better, Toby Fox tweeted some concept art of Susie, both of which looks almost exactly like the aforementioned sprites in game, meaning that the person who was in charge of drawing the sprites replicated the drawings in near perfect detail.
  • If you think about it, Kris bringing all of the Cyber World Darkners to Ralsei's kingdom means that you've stolen all of the equipment from the computer room, meaning the next person to walk in will find it completely empty.
  • As of the 1.09 update, Susie's gift (a plushie of her) properly appears in her room. She pretends not to like it, but gets aggressive when Ralsei offers to make it a dress, saying not to touch it when she isn't around and refuses to give it away.
  • Go back to the Dark World before heading home, and you'll get to see all the Darkners you recruited making themselves at home in Ralsei's kingdom... including Queen, who cheerfully announces that she's going to be your "wacky roommate" from now on.
    • "On Behalf of All the People I Oppressed... Thank You"
    • If you visit the King, she tags along and mocks him for being kept in a giant hamster cage (though she does legitimately think the exercise wheel is cool), before announcing that she's Lancer's mother. The King tries to dispute this, but she has none of it. Lancer himself is 100% on board, declaring Queen his "third father" or "girldad."
      • What's more, Lancer referred to Queen as a "wild Mom" earlier in the chapter. He knows what a mom is, but still refers to her as a girldad for some reason.
    • Even better, when the conversation starts, the King will start gloating about how much of a threat the Queen is... Until Susie basically responds, "yeah, we know, we already beat her." This completely blindsides the King, who was apparently not expecting her to switch sides. They then proceed to argue Like an Old Married Couple. Complete with affectionate nicknames.
    • Apparently, all King really did was sleep curled on his dirty throne.
    • Rouxls Kaard once again proves that his Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe is just a front.
      Rouxls Kaard: Oho, quite sorry, mine Kinge... Queene hath a nyew Man about Town now!!
      King: Who?
      Queen: Yeah Who
      Rouxls Kaard: Er— I think I— Left my puzzle on— POSTHASTE!!
    • The cherry on top is when Queen leaves... and stops to ask King if he wants anything from the store while she's out.
      King: ...cashews.
      Queen: Order Request Processed
    • Somehow, even though Lancer is safely back in his room, he's still in your key items. Checking your inventory while Lancer is still in the overworld shows that he's constantly going back and forth between being in your pocket and getting out.
    • Go to the bakery to get a Lancer cookie while he's in your inventory, and he'll quip:
      Lancer: Oo la la! Who is that handsome mustachioed boy! I think I'm in love!
  • Checking the (now naked) Ralsei dummy will have Ralsei horrified. He demands someone fixes it and wonders if any one is listening.
    (Handsome) Lancer: I was listening~!
    Ralsei: Don't yell that from across town!!
    Susie: Hey Lancer!!
    Lancer: Hi Susie!!
  • Checking out Toriel's homeroom again to examine the same stack of chairs in the corner, and the narration notes that "The Throne of the Gods grows higher". Then adds, "Is this hubris...?"
  • If you examine Napstablook's diary, it's revealed someone else has also been checking out their diary and even gave it a review in the paper... which highly acclaims said diary, much to Napstablook's quiet horror.
  • Catti's family eating in the diner. They are all incredibly eccentric, with her parents cheering her on like it was some kind of school sports game and Catty playing the ukulele, and as it's currently her shift, she's just so done with them.
    • Catti mentions how she and Kris had studied occult together in the past, and asks that Kris try to find some sort of incantation that will let her shut her loud family up. She also mentions having done the same for Noelle once, to give her a kind of protection spell.
  • Pizzapants wasn't lying about everyone in his workplace being slightly crazy. Also, he's happy to have received a picture of his new girlfriend: a zoomed-in photo of a pizza.
    • Also, the Warrior is back to work, and can be seen in the back beating the ever-loving crap out of a bunch of pizza dough.
  • Talking to the pastor has him recount how Asriel would often come to the church to confess sins. Despite the fact that their religion doesn't involve confessions. Said "sin" included his guilt for "dropping the lizard in the pit to jump higher"... nearly omitting the fact this was in a video game. Asriel also confessed to Kris's "sin" of dropping the lizard on purpose.
  • Head to the police station, and you can find Alphys next to her wrecked bike. She crashed while ogling at the "eye candy" police officers, which she of course means Undyne.
    • You can go inside the police station proper this time, and you can see it's indeed Naptsalook with a cop hat, and as seen in a diary entry from Napstablook, they apparently became a police officer by complete accident, their new job now sustaining their cousins' lives.
    • Meanwhile, you have Undyne at the desk. Dialogue with her includes discussing Alphys and her bike and trying to warn her about the Dark World again. The latter has her burst with laughter at the absurdity, enough to smash her desk repeatedly... which somehow sends the key to the jail cell flying right into the lock, freeing the prisoners. Undyne makes chase while Napstablook sounds the alarm, i.e. their mixtape.
      Napstablook: it's a nice beat to study or relax to while you escape from prison
    • Before Undyne leaves, she hands Kris a box of chocolates and a "get well soon" card for Alphys...'s bike. It's all they had at the store. She warns you not to open any of it with a note threatening your arrest. Deliver it, and Alphys is bewildered at the sentiment being directed to her bike, and interprets the note as a threat towards her instead of Kris. She appreciates it anyway.
    • You can also use the box of chocolates in your inventory. Doing so has Kris devour the entire box without a hint of guilt, which "destroys their guts" and even deals 1 point of damage to them. If you have Susie tagging along while you do this, she demands they share, and they end up sharing the pain from it. Knowing these two have a tendency to stick anything in their mouths and never get sick from any of it, that must be some serious chocolate.
  • With another trip across Hometown comes another chance to meet up with Sans.
    • If you talk to Sans about meeting his brother, Sans says, no, not today, maybe tomorrow... or maybe in a couple years. But who's counting? Seems Toby can't resist tweaking his fans' noses a bit. (Later, perhaps replacing this dialogue, Sans just says that it'll probably be when Asriel comes home.)
    • If you go to the left side of Sans' shop, you will witness a scene between Toriel and him exchanging increasingly funny (and groan-inducing) egg-related puns, and having quite a great time that could be downright considered as flirting... until Asgore suddenly shows up, introducing himself apparently obliviously as Toriel's "eggs"-husband and ruins the moment. This pun is apparently so horrendous that even Sans cringes in embarassment, and he doesn't turn his sight away from the boxes behind him until their conversation is over.
    • In the conversation immediately after, Asgore asks Sans what flowers he thinks would make Toriel "remember how she felt before", leaving Sans genuinely speechless for a moment. He then proceeds to suggest that maybe Asgore should ask his flowers, with Asgore laughing and saying that the flowers were the first ones he asked. During the entire thing, Sans is so incredibly uncomfortable that he bluntly ends the conversation at the first chance he gets. Topping the scene off, the last exchange of lines could honestly come off as a little upsetting if it wasn't so darkly humorous:
      Sans: ... well, have a good one.
      Asgore: Haha! I'm trying!
    • Ask Sans about his job, and he'll Troll an increasingly-angry Susie with a Circular Reasoning argument:
      Susie: Hey, you the boss around here?
      Sans: me? i'm just the janitor.
      Susie: Then where's the cashier?
      Sans: cashier? we don't have one.
      Susie: (visibly angry) Then who do we buy stuff from!?
      Sans: me.
      Susie: [Even angrier] Then that makes you the cashier.
      Sans: nope: i'm the janitor. i'm just filling in.
      Susie: [Still angry] Are there any other employees?
      Sans: nope.
      Susie: [Furious] Then why don't you hire someone else!?
      Sans: [Winking] whoa, you think i can afford that on a janitor's salary?
    • Checking the greeting card section of Sans' store shows two possible selections: "Get well soon!" and "I'm glad your bike crashed". Like Undyne said, it's all they had in the store.
    • Ask Sans about buying something from the store, and he'll tell you to simply take one of the baskets and point you in their direction. Doing so notes that Kris is too short to reach the top. Remembering the "Throne of Gods", the narration christens this as "the Throne of Evils".
    • If you use the heart-shaped box of chocolates that Undyne gives Kris while standing directly in front of Sans, Kris ends up giving it to him. Sans acts flabbergasted and stutters for a bit as he realizes what's going on: Kris wants to return the chocolates. Sans complies, and gives them back the $5 it cost. To wit, Kris gave Sans their heart-shaped object in exchange for free Kromer, a Stealth Pun that Sans would most certainly be proud of.
    • Examining the produce near Sans' cash register prompts the narration to list off its contents in the same order as the memetic DK Rap.
  • You can go to the hospital to visit Rudolph Holiday once again. When Noelle realizes Kris and Susie are in the room, she introduces Susie to her father, who reacts in the most un-subtle way possible, leaving Noelle mortified:
    Noelle: Ummm... dad... this is... umm, Susie!
    Rudy: Ohhhhhhh! THIS is Susie! Susie! Nice! Heard a lot about you!
    Susie: You, uh... have???
    Noelle: [With the same expression as when she shook Berdly in pure rage earlier] COOL, THINK I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!
    [Noelle darts out of the room]
    • If you go to visit Rudolph after the above conversation where Sans trolls Susie, after hearing Sans is giving Asgore pity pickles the two of them both agree that he's very annoying and express a desire to turn him into a xylophone.
  • If you talked to Onion in Chapter 1 and they asked you to come back the next day alone, when they emerge from the lake again in this chapter, they'll express dissapointment that you brought Susie with you. Susie decides that she doesn't want anything to do with whatever Kris is doing and leaves until you finish talking to Onion.
  • Susie's instant awkwardness the moment she realizes Kris has taken her to their house and she has to meet Toriel. Inside, she's looking upwards and doing a silly walk while trying to be formal to the one adult she respects.
    • After Susie goes to the bathroom to wash her hands, Toriel reveals that she's heard about Susie's behavior from Alphys. The only part about Susie's potential influence on Kris that Toriel is worried about is that they might end up copying her chalk eating habits.
    • Susie keeping her swearing to a minimum around Toriel... only for Toriel to say exactly what she was about to seconds later.
      Susie: ... so, where the he-- uh, HECK, is Kris?
      Toriel: [Referring to Kris being unresponsive] Oh, Kris, er... does this sometimes.
      Toriel: ... Alright, where the HELL is Kris?
      Susie: [With a dumbfounded smile] Toriel???
      • Earlier, when Susie learns that Kris knows how to make pie, she briefly drops her act and almost calls Kris a "pie-hoarding piece of shit," only for her to catch herself at the last second and awkwardly go back to acting formal, prompting a chuckle from Toriel.
    • Susie notes that Toriel is sneaking sugar into her own pie.
      • The next batch of dialogue suggests that sneaking ingredients into the pie is a regular occurrence between Kris and Toriel.
        Toriel: Kris, no sneaking ingredients until you wash your hands.
        Susie: (Don't worry, Kris. I'll sneak stuff instead.)
    • It's hard to notice given the context of the scene, but just before Kris puts their SOUL back in after sneaking inside, they still remember to wash their hands after doing it.
    • Before, when Kris turns the sink on, you can shake them around for a second by mashing left and right. It's actually kind of hilarious to wiggle Kris a few feet away towards the toilet, enough to even clip into the bathtub, just for them to snap back in an instant.
    • If you choose to examine the shower after Susie goes to wash her hands but before Kris removes their SOUL, you'll get a small bit of flavor text about how Kris's bottle of apple-scented shampoo feels lighter than usual. During the conversation between Kris and Susie on the couch afterwards, Susie will awkwardly say that she definitely didn't drink any of the apple shampoo.
  • The fact that Susie falls asleep shortly after telling Kris they're gonna watch over 12 hours of a giant monster movie during their sleepover is worthy of a laugh in of itself.
    • There's also the fact that Susie thinks that giant monster movies are much better than "giant human movies".