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  • "Merlin's beard! She's snogging that corpse!" Typical Weasley twins.
  • Harry practicing the Imperius curse on Bellatrix. He orders her to skip down the hall, turn on the radio in the living room and dance wildly to the music. This goes on for twenty minutes.
  • The entire scene in chapter 35 where Bellatrix pranks Mr. and Mrs. Dursley by making their dinner behave oddly.
    Bellatrix: ...[T]heir roast chicken dinner just got up out of the baking pan and is making a run for it.
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  • Bellatrix throwing water at Harry when he pulls his Phoenix Fire stunt. The first time she thinks he's caught fire, but the second time she's being a Troll.
  • Harry practicing legerdemain for the sole and singular purpose of stealing Voldemort's wand and replacing it with one of Fred and George's joke wands. The Death Glare old snake-face gives him is almost worth it in and of itself.


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