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  • Deji twerking is absolutely priceless with his overly large butt and his Raging Stiffie... wait, what?!
  • In two of his videos, Deji watches "2 Girls 1 Cup" and Miley Cyrus' VMA performance. How does he respond? By wanking.
  • Him being attacked by a snake and a komodo dragon in Far Cry 3 is as hilarious as it sounds.
  • The rumors of Deji being gay is one hell of a Brick Joke, and no matter what he says or does, fans always seem to continue the habit. Not only that, but sometimes he makes it worse for himself, like in one of his Omegle videos.note  He says "I'M NOT GAY!" so much it's almost a Catchphrase.
    Deji: (sees someone staring at him with very dim lighting) Oh baby, baby, go! Ey, are you a girl? If you are (light brightens to show it was a boy), yo no, you're a BOY! F-WOW, OH MY G-I'M NOT GAY!
  • His Omegle videos in general are hilarious, as if him wearing a rasta hat and dreadlocks and using his inhaler to pretend to smoke weed wasn't funny enough.
    Deji: (witnesses someone wanking) WOW, WOW! You're like 17 and you're wanking! What is wrong with you?
    Deji: (witnesses a lady) Baby, y'know what? Y'know what? You know what we can do, we can-we can go around town together. No, I-I'll take you to Paris, and you can suck my dick like—OH DAMN, YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND! NOOOO!
    Deji: (sees a guy wearing a large teddy bear mask) Well, at least I'm not the only weirdo on here.
  • The videos with his parents are always funny because they perfectly portray the African parents stereotype. Expect them to be hilariously Abusive Parents towards Deji a lot.
  • Ey man, dat be some good weed!
  • The Happy Dance Deji and his dad do after he hits a million subscribers. When Deji's dad realizes that he isn't getting money for his channel, he slaps his son so hard he does a side-flip onto the couch.
  • In his Far Cry 3 video, Deji looks a bit too deeply into the words that show up as the game loads.
    Deji: Head, girlfriend, win. That means she's going to stimulate my penis until I cum.
  • In his Xbox One video, when Deji says "Xbox I'm crying", he gets pelted by two tissue boxes that knock his glasses off and actually make him say "Ow!"
    • How quickly he gets out of his chair after he hears a gun cock when he says "Xbox shoot me" is absolutely hilarious.
  • In the Cinnamon Challenge video, Deji valiantly fails the challenge, spitting cinnamon all over the place. When he continues to gag outside, his dad proceeds to help him out by bringing him a bucket of water...that he then spills on his son.
    Deji: Wh-h-hy? WH-H-HY?
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  • One of his Q&As had this moment, which is a huge CMOF.
    Deji: Before we actually get into this, I'm not gay, so SHUT UP! The first question says: "Are you actually gay?" I don't get fisted, I don't take it up the as—(Jump Cut)—I get bones when I see a guy, er, when I see girls. I said girls, not guys. Shut up.
  • This Q&A features a very similar statement.
    Deji: I'm not gay. I don't get fisted, I don't lick, I don't suck dick, I don't take it up the a—I don't do anything like that.
  • Deji says that when he stole his brother's Runescape girlfriend, he got a lot of "Internet pussy".
  • Would Deji be PSY or Kim Jong-un?
    Deji: I would be Kim Jong-un, as he has an army, and I'm sure he's got a lot of money, as he's—he has a country. PSY has a video. Country, video, country, video, exactly. But what does PSY have? MUDDA-FADDA GENTLEMA—(Jump Cut)—GANGNAM STYLE! GANGNAM STY—(Jump Cut)—What does Kim Jong-un have? He's got nukes.
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  • In one of his videos, Deji tells a story about waking up at 5am because "[his] penis had not been touched in six minutes." He decides to wank to porn, but then his mom shows up. How does he cover it up? By saying "I'm experimenting."
  • In this video, when he turns on the TV, we see a Panty Shot. By the way he quickly turns the camera away and gratuitously apologizes, we can tell it was unintentional.
  • His most famous and viral video is of him pranking his mom by telling her that he had sex with a girl invited over, and that she was three months pregnant. How his mom reacts is absolutely priceless, even after Deji points out the camera.
  • Another prank he did failed hilariously, when Deji hid from Jide as he came through the door with a handful of cream ready to smack him. However, Deji forgot one thing—he left the camera in plain sight.
    • This video was actually featured on Rude Tube (a British clip show), where it was shown as "how NOT to pull off a prank". The best part is at the end, where the commentator says "Idiot."
  • If you're familiar with KSI's experience with Eviebot, Deji has also used the site.
    • For example, when Deji tries wooing Evie, he asks her if she's single. When she replies by telling him she is engaged, she then asks if he's female.
    Deji: Are you engaged?
    Evie: No, I'm not engaged either.
    Deji: But you just said you were, you idiot!
    • As he continues trying his chances with her, Deji discovers that she's actually a lesbian, but likes someone called Gus. Then there's Evie's response to when Deji asks who "Gus" is.
    Evie: The guy you like.
    • As Deji tells the bot he is not gay, she asks if he is a female again. Evie responds with a rather hypocritical (yet hilarious) response.
    Deji: Oh shit, she's a woman firing shots at women!
    • And then:
    Deji: Who did you have sex with?
    Evie: How do you mean?
    Deji: Who fucked you?
    Evie: I am Tommy. Who are you?
    Deji: Alright, I'm done. This bitch is so dumb! (scene cuts to next scene) Alright, time to ask the big boy questions. (typing) Can I penetrate you?
    Evie: No, I am not your dog.
    • Near the end, Deji decides to ask if Evie thinks he is hot. After she says no, Deji bites his lip before retaliating using insults, only for Evie to ask how old he is. And how does Deji give up with the bot? When she admits to not liking Asians.
  • The questions the interviewer asks Deji in "Interview Gone Wrong", such as if he's ever sucked a dick or had diarrhea. They even say that they're asking completely normal questions.
  • All of The Barber Ruined My Hair counts, but especially Deji's Traumatic Haircut (to describe it - The barber ended up cutting Deji's hairline halfway to the back instead of doing the sides, believing it would grow into the hairstyle he would want. It's become a meme in itself, so to speak.
  • "I Hate My Dad" was another good prank. Jide throws a bottle at Deji while he is running on a treadmill, knocking him off. When Deji takes a few seconds to realize what just hit him, Jide says this.
  • His mother's American impression. Just the sheer amount of times she says "yo" is priceless.
  • His Ghost Caught On Camera video is a pretty funny deconstruction of the average horror movie (a la Paranormal Activity).
  • His Talking Angela video. The stuff he says is just hilarious.
    Angela: Oh, my fur's messy. Can you please pet me?
    Deji: I'll pet you with my dick.
    • When Angela asks him what his best friend is, he takes at least five seconds to think before he puts "my penis". She then proceeds to ask him how long he's been friends with his penis and what he likes about his penis. Cue mass corpsing.
    Deji: He likes milk, if you know what I'm saying, hehe.
    • When Angela asks if Deji and his penis liked her, this is what Deji does.
    Deji: (looks down) Penis, do you like her?
    High-pitched voice: Yes!
  • Deji getting kicked out of his house after a dispute with his father.
    Deji: No dad, embrace your fatness. (singing tone) Fatty fatty bomb bomb!
    Jide: (dragging Deji out) Get out, you're an idiot.
    • Near the end, as Deji tries to get back in, he gets chucked with water.
  • Deji talking to Chimbot. Cue some very awkward but hilarious Word-Salad Humor responses from the monkey.
    • For example: A confused Deji decides to question the bot's intelligence.
    Deji: Are you okay? Like in the head?
    Chimbot: As good as a person giving birth! *Pushes baby's head out*
    Deji: Alright, no one says that. (laughs and then proceeds to read out reply) "What? Are you okay like in the head?" "Yes, I'm as good as a person giving birth"! You're fucking weir.
    Chimbot: No, but in pain.
  • His Penalty Challenge video, where he and Jide have to shoot blindfolded and get five push-ups if they miss.
    • In one instance, Deji misses the ball. Twice. In a row.
    • One time when Jide is doing his push-ups, Deji sits on him and demands him to keep going.
  • In one of his pranking videos, Deji plans to greet his unsuspecting dad with a handful of whipped cream. This time, the camera is well hidden. Everything's going as planned... until his MOM passes by.
  • During the opening to this challenge video involving Eryi's Action, Deji's dad shocks him right at the start. Right after Deji recovers, he gets shocked twice. As painful as it sounds, Deji screaming like a little girl is hilarious to watch.
  • STOP DABBING, which shows the return of Deji's dad being an Abusive Parent and getting mad over Deji's dabbing. The best moment is clearly when Deji drives off to an empty field just to escape... only for Jide to appear suddenly and whack him.
  • During a video where he plays Black Rose, Deji is strapped to his gaming chair as he plays the game. While the gameplay is no different than his usual horror playthroughs, what drives this into a Funny Moment is during the final jumpscare - Deji ultimately slips off his chair and falls right onto the ground while still strapped. All Jide does is laugh it off.
  • This video where he prank calls his mom has to be seen to be believed. Shining moments goes to:
  • "MY DAD'S NEW CAR". Jide is dressed up in a prim black suit (albeit with sandals) about to show his new car... which turns out to be a mid-range Vauxhall Corsa with an economical engine. Yes, Jide apparently manages to make a mid-range coupe, which stands out like a sore thumb compared to his wife's Porsche and son's Land Rover and Lamborghini, epic. Made even more funnier by the fact that he casually mentions turning down them buying him a Bentley and Rolls Royce, by saying that the car doesn't make the man; the man makes the car.
  • The Dead Husband prank. During the prank, Deji had his dad lie on the floor with his shirt stained whilst he’s dressed in a serial killer costume. When his mother came and saw his corpse, she tries waking him up, only for Deji, fully costumed as a killer, appear. Understandably terrified, his mum runs away. The funny part? His mum, an overweight 56-year old woman, ran far away from the house in less than 2 minutes. 2 minutes.

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