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Funny / Deathstroke (Rebirth)

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  • In issue #1 Wintergreen angrily asks Slade what he was doing when Wintergreen was captured by Clock King for a year. After a Beat Panel Slade says he was golfing, mostly. Wintergreen immediately switches to criticizing his golfing technique.
    • In the same issue a flashback of Slade and Wintergreen trying to find a target in New Jersey and they are lost. Slade has a Blonde colored Afro Wig and a Fake Porn Stache.
  • Most of the issue #4 is Slade and Rose trying to sneak into Gotham under disguise. They're both clearly driving each other nuts.
  • Issue #13 has Slade fight Raptor, who had stolen his Ikon Suit, in his classic costume. Out of nowhere Red Lion asks him why he's wearing his trunks outside and looks like a pirate.

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