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  • Jon Moxley, back in IWA, comes out with a tall-boy of Busch Light and demands the music be switched to "Sweet Caroline." Then things get stranger.
    Jon: I have no idea what's going on! I'm just as confused as you are!
  • During the Shield run, Both Seth and Roman begin wondering why Ambrose doesn't defend his U.S Championship, and Ambrose not wanting to look weak, offers an open challenge to anyone in the locker room for the title. Out comes Mark Henry and Ambrose immediate regret, not helped with Rollins and Roman utterly mocking him and playfully tease him for this.
  • Post the SHIELD's Wrestlemania 30 victory, Dean's real-life girlfriend (now wife) Renee Young is interviewing them, and manages to get a zinger in on her boyfriend. Even more hilarious because he's trying to get her to break character and she beats him to the punch.
    Dean: Let me ask you a question - does it look like we're sweating?
    Renee: Your hair is pretty wet.
    Dean: (as Rollins and Reigns snicker in the background) It's just - it's humid in here, okay?
  • Distracting Seth Rollins in a match by heading to ringside & messing around with Seth's Money in the Bank briefcase. Ambrose opens the briefcase, tears up & eats the MITB contract, steals soda & popcorn from fans at ringside before dumping it in the briefcase, does the same thing with JBL's hat, before sealing the briefcase up again & waving it around.
  • Interrupting Seth Rollins's post-SummerSlam promo by pouring a bucket of ice water over him, before the camera pans over to Ambrose, who responds with "What? It's for charity." before attacking Rollins.note 
  • The first thing Ambrose says after returning to RAW after Rollins & Kane drove his head through cinder blocks? A triumphant "I'm not dead!" complete with goofy smile on his face.
  • During the end of the post Wrestlemania 30 RAW, The Shield come down through the crowd to save Daniel Bryan....and there just so happens to be a fan with a sign that says "DEAN AMBROSE TITTY MASTER".
    • For his part, Dean claims to have no idea where it came from. Apparently it stems from this picture taken during a 2013 house show, where Dean has "TITTY" and "MASTER" written on each hand's tape. Roman Reigns, on the other hand, confirmed that it came from a night on a European tour where Dean had to wrestle Big E. Regardless, now fans love chanting "Titty master" at him and referring to it in any forum. Here's Dean getting said chants, complete with Roman Reigns egging them on with a big grin on his face and making questionable hand gestures.
  • The entirety of the 9/29/2014 episode of RAW.
    • Firstly, he had stolen Seth Rollins's Money in the Bank briefcase. Even if the brief case meant nothing, it still had some of Rollins's "Personal Items."
    • He then proceeds to tell The Authority to "Come and get it." This leads to former WWE superstars (and current producers) Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, in a role similar to Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco circa the Attitude Era, going around the arena, asking various people (Including Big E. Langston and various Rosebuds) if they had seen him. When reporting to Stephanie McMahon about their progress, one has mustard on his shirt, implying that he was a bit busy eating a hot dog. So Dean isn't just screwing with mooks, he was screwing with upper management. Sound familiar?
    • Dean comes out to the ring carrying the briefcase and a duffel bag full of merchandise, and proceeds to toss some of it out to the audience ("How dare they call me unstable!" he says, after seeing his own shirt.) This leads to the two modern stooges and Seth Rollins coming out. Dean then proceeds to throw every insult he can at them. Some notable ones include:
      • "Uh-oh! They sent the cruiserweight division out to get me."note 
      • "I was over by the concession stand. I waved, but you didn't see me. I think you were eating a hot-dog or something."
      • To security guards: "Are you guys real security? I coulda sworn you were Rosebuds last week." Bonus points for that statement actually being true.
    • Dean then runs off to the top of the arena. Seth opens the case... only to be hit with a dye pack. Dean's face absolutely sells it, with a sort of "Did I do that?" look on his face.
    • And to top it all off, during an internal squabble of the Authority, something starts vibrating. After checking their phones, the rest of the authority finds the source... which is the briefcase. Rollins grabs it and shouts defensively, "It's an electric razor!" Keep in mind, Rollins has a beard. Either Seth Rollins is shaving something else, or that's actually a vibrator, which, considering his ring gear resembles bondage gear, makes sense. (Apparently, this was a rib on a Diva, who had a similar incident and explanation at the airport.)
  • Anytime he's on camera during one of the WWE Countdown shows on the Network. Special mention has to go to his pitch-perfect impression of Dusty Rhodes during the Countdown for WWE's Biggest Blunders.
  • Dean Ambrose + hot dog stand. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • On the 10/20/14 Raw, Ambrose and Cena have a handicap match vs. Rollins, Kane and Orton. In a pre-match promo, Ambrose compares himself and Cena to Batman and Superman. Cena says Ambrose is more like The Joker. As Cena leaves, Ambrose says "Why So Serious". Also: his idea of "scouting" Kane meant watching a DVD of See No Evil 2 (which Kane starred in). He even had popcorn with him.
    • The segment not long after that, where he basically to the ring with a duffel bag inside of another duffel bag, pulls out what looks like a crash test dummy, re-enacts everything he would like to do to Rollins on the dummy whilst talking to it as if it was Rollins himself. Becomes (depending on your POV) either extra funny or Nightmare Fuel if one considers he's probably been doing this entire routine (or variations of it) in private on a regular basis for the last several months.
  • At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, during his match with Seth Rollins, at one point, Seth is taken down, and falls to the mat almost completely stacked up on his shoulders, his feet near his head...and with his ass sticking up. Dean then dives at him to make the cover. He lands with his face right in Seth's offered-up crotch, with his tongue hanging out like a lunatic.
    • He was REALLY getting in there, too. "Wow. Look at him go..." indeed.
  • His "Trick or Street Fight" with Cesaro on the Halloween 2014 edition of SmackDown. The match is a street fight with Jack O'Lanterns, skeletons, candy corn colored kendo sticks, and other assorted Halloween related items used as weapons. It's as Crazy Awesome as you think it would be.
    • The finish? He shoves a pumpkin on Cesaro's head, and then hits him with the Dirty Deeds DDT, busting Claudio's head and the pumpkin simultaneously.
  • Finding a (powered, working) monitor under the ring at TLC 2014, and the intentional Droste Image spot that follows. Oh, and then he goes to the stage to get one of the really tall ladders...but not the tallest one, which makes the crowd boo.
    Dean: (apologetic) It's too heavy! I can't carry it!
  • On the 1/12/15 edition of Raw, Stephanie McMahon put Ambrose through psychological evaluation. All of the interactions Dean had with the therapist were gold, but the Funny Moment comes with the picture/word association segment;
    • It starts out with the therapist explaining that he's going to show Ambrose pictures, and Ambrose yells out "THURSDAY!"note  Then, there was the associations themselves:
    • Then there's the end of the segment: Ambrose is seen sitting in the therapist's chair, saying that they've "made a lot of progress." The camera zooms out, and the doctor is seen lying on the couch crying. Ambrose then says that he understands; as for the adolescent thing, he won't go blind. Ambrose has him sign the papers to "get him help." Ambrose then get up and tells the therapist that he's a spineless pile of cow dung, and yes, it is weird that he pees sitting down, and the doctor cries hysterically as Ambrose leaves.
  • This whole segment with Kane.
  • On the 5/7/15 SmackDown, Dean was involved with Reigns, Orton and Rollins in a contract signing for their Fatal 4 Way at Payback. After Seth signs the contract, he and Kane begin to bicker, and Dean just casually sets up the table on the turnbuckle. When they finally notice, Dean is just casually "We all know how this is gonna end anyway. I call dibs on the table!" And then things go just as Ambrose predicted.
    • Also concerning the Fatal 4-way: Every time the event that made the Championship a 4-way is brought up, after Kane's line is delivered, it cuts to a dramatic close-up of Ambrose... or at least it's supposed to be real dramatic, but Ambrose has the goofiest and most out-there expression on his face, as if he's thinking "WWE World Heavyweight Championship? What's that? Does it help me beat up Rollins?" Unfortunately, it seems like there's no image of it.
  • Dean Ambrose gets taken away by police (on very trumped up charges). He crashes the end of RAW in a police APC, complete with a police uniform.
    • Also, Seth Rollins is kicking and stomping Roman Reigns in the corner, and Roman isn't even trying to hide the fact that he's laughing his ass off at the whole spectacle.
  • His promo with Roman Reigns and Randy Orton right before their 6-man tag on the 8/3/15 Episode of RAW against Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Sheamus. First, he quotes Roddy Piper (he had unfortunately passed away the weekend before this episode, so there were many small tributes to him) with the line "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of bubblegum." Note that Ambrose was actually chewing bubblegum during this promo, and before he finished the line, he spit the wad of bubblegum out of frame. There's a point during Roman's portion of the promo where he calls Ambrose "Crazy" and keeps going without losing stride. Meanwhile, Ambrose, who's off in his little world - perhaps trying to find where the used bubblegum landed - picks up on it and gives Roman a hilariously subtle "WTF?/Really bro?" glance. Soon after that, Randy pops in, instructs the others that that Sheamus belongs to him and pops out just as quickly. Ambrose comments that he (Orton) finally has a good attitude - this a Continuity Nod to the fact that Ambrose and Reigns had spent several months feuding with and fighting Orton while the latter was part of Evolution/The Authority.
  • Mitch, the Potted Plant.
  • This interview, where he seems determined to make his real-life girlfriend Renee Young break character and laugh.
  • Dean Ambrose hates Canadians. Lucky he isn't teaming with one that night - oh...
  • This epic trolling of Seth Rollins at a house show.
  • During his first promo after becoming champion, Dean hung a serious lampshade on Seth and Roman's respective nicknames of "The Man" and "The Guy."
    Dean: "You know, Seth calls himself "The Man," Roman calls himself "The Guy..." I dunno, what does that make me, "The Dude?" (crowd chants "DUDE DUDE DUDE!") Oh, I kinda like it!"
  • On the 10/11/16 episode of SmackDown, AJ Styles was put in a match against James Ellsworth (a recurring jobber)... with Dean as Special Guest Ref. Hilarity Ensues as Styles unsurprisingly thrashes Ellsworth, but can never pull off the win due to shenanigans such as Dean taking a phone call while Ellsworth was tapping out. This culminates in Styles eating Dirty Deeds twice before having Ellsworth draped over him and Dean fast counting.
    • It took Ambrose ten minutes to even start the damn match! He empties all of his pockets, continually pulling out weird shit (including a flask, a Roman Reigns necklace, and a pack of Tic-Tacs]].
  • SmackDown, 10/18/16. Styles vs. Ellsworth II, this time for the WWE World Championship (yes, this happened). Daniel Bryan had told Dean that he couldn't be guest referee again, but gave him a choice of another role — he ended up going with ring announcer. Again, he used his presence to torment AJ during the match, from getting on the mic to announce everything from commercial breaks ("we gotta pay the bills, brother!") to a car parked with its lights on to advertising Ellsworth's brand-new T-shirt, much like he did to Seth Rollins a few months prior. In the end, AJ reacted badly to one of Dean's taunts ("I knew you looked like a soccer mom, but I didn't know you kicked like one, too!"), resulting in AJ taking a loss via disqualification. Dean gets into the ring, attempts to announce the winner, only for AJ to rush him — cue Dirty Deeds. Then he finishes his announcement:
    Dean: "Your winner by disqualification, the guy with more wins over AJ Styles than John CenaJAMES ELLSWORTH!"
  • On SmackDown 11/22/16, Shane McMahon ordered him to leave the building for the night. And Dean promptly decides to gatecrash promos, and generally cause all kinds of mischief backstage. The highlight of which came when he talked with Daniel Bryan while dressed up as The Mountie (because they were in Canada that night). And it is very, very clear that both Dean and Bryan are having trouble keeping it together when Dean fires off The Mountie's Catchphrase.
    • Dean also interfered in the Styles/Ellsworth ladder match in the main event. While AJ was scaling the ladder, Dean runs in wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey, helmet and gloves. He then precedes to throw the latter two off and start a hockey-fistfight with AJ.
  • The 12/6/16 episode of SmackDown was the first after the TLC PPV, where Ellsworth betrayed Ambrose and cost him the World Championship. So what does Dean do? He channels his inner Stone Cold. The show started off with Ellsworth confronting AJ Styles in the ring over his inability to give him his title opportunity (Styles had received an ankle injury at the PPV), when Dean's music hits. Dean comes out, and — without the music stopping once — gets into the ring, immediately hits Ellsworth with Dirty Deeds, and immediately walks out. AJ's face and JBL's reaction only make it more hilarious.
  • SmackDown Dec. 27, 2016: The week prior, The Miz made a crude comment about Dean's relationship with Renee Young, prompting Renee to slap Miz, followed by Miz hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale on Dean in retaliation. For this episode, Miz excused Charly Caruso from an interview and said he'd only talk to Renee. After Renee came for the interview, Miz dismissed his security team after one of them breathed on him. As Miz boasted of his 2016 and beating of Dean, he panicked when he saw Renee smiling and Dean standing right behind him dressed as a security guard complete with "looking around" and an exaggerated frown. Cue Dean assaulting Miz, then dispatching the real security team before getting on one of their radios and saying, "All clear!" and leaving.
  • The first Ambrose Asylum segment of 2017:
    • Dean replaced Mitch the Potted Plant with an alligator head he bought from a gas station and names it Maryse. He initially wanted to bring an actual alligator for the show but couldn't because he doesn't have the permit.
    • After the Miz demands Dean to give him back the Intercontinental Championship belt to him, Dean agrees to give the Miz back what was rightfully his. But instead of the belt, Dean instead gives him the Miz Participation Award (the same one that the Miz had given him after Dean lost his WWE title match at TLC) that he placed underneath Maryse (the souvenir), complete with a "You Tried" chant from the crowd.
    • After Dean fights off the Miz, he gives the award to Maryse (the real one) before leaving the ring.
  • The Royal Rumble 2017 had a quick backstage scene featuring Dean, Sami Zayn, and the authority figures of both Raw and SmackDown, with Dean and Sami drawing their numbers for the Royal Rumble. When Sami draws his, he asks Dean to read it to him, rather than look at it himself.
    Dean Ambrose: "Eight!"
    Sami Zayn: "Eight? Really, eight?"
    Dean Ambrose: (flipping the paper slip around) "No, wait, it was upside down." (beat) "Eight."
    • He then asks Daniel Bryan to wake him up when his music hits as he walks off camera.
  • Also at the Royal Rumble, Dean entered the match at number 12 and found that number 11, one James Ellsworth, had not yet gotten into the ring due to Braun Strowman currently wreaking havoc in there. Dean convinces Ellsworth to enter the ring with him on the count of three, then when he counts to three...he stops, leaving Ellsworth to slide into the ring himself and get his clock cleaned and eliminated by Strowman. A little payback for Ellsworth costing him his title match at TLC.
  • In the "Superstar Shakeup" that was announced after Wrestlemania, Dean found himself moved to Raw, and made his entrance by interrupting The Miz in the middle of a John Cena impersonation (with Maryse dressed as Nikki Bella). He goes into the ring, and thinking he's talking to the real Cena (or pretending to think that) goes on to congratulate him on getting engaged, wishes him luck in Hollywood, and assures him that he'll be way better than the Miz and won't have to stoop to doing direct-to-video sequels like Marine 5: Battleground. Then the Miz interrupts him to point out that no, he's not actually John Cena, he's the Miz. Then:
    Dean: "Ooooooohhhhh." (pause) "Well, in that case—" (hits the Miz with Dirty Deeds)
  • Dean asks his tag-team partner Chris Jericho to take him off the List of Jericho.
    Chris: No! In the asylum match, you powerbombed me into a pile of thumbtacks! I had to pull 69 tacks out of my flesh!
    Dean: But it was really cool!
  • May 1, 2017: Dean Ambrose, Backstage Correspondant.
  • June 5, 2017: The Miz is in the ring celebrating his victory over Ambrose the previous night at Extreme Rules with a big party, complete with balloons, champagne, and a dancing bear holding a "CONGRATULATIONS" sign. But then Maryse tells the Miz she didn't get the bear. This sends the Miz into MAXIMUM paranoia mode, and he beats up the bear (who turns out to be some random guy) and smashes a large gift box wheeled out to the ring because he thinks Ambrose is in them. When it turns out the latter had a grandfather clock from Maryse, she stormed out in a huff. And, while the Miz was looking toward the ramp...Ambrose finally emerges dressed as a cameraman and drops him with Dirty Deeds.
  • Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro are harassing Dean again, so he brings backup this time - The Hardy Boyz. Watching Dean bouncing along to their entrance music like a scene kid is hilarious.
  • Dean and Roman on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho, talking about their friendship:
    Dean: I mean, friends fight over all kinds of things, over money, over spotlight, over stupid stuff like who wrecked whose car and who paid whose bar tab, but we never fight about any of that kind of stuff. We don't have time for that.
    Jericho: But what happens to that friendship when the bell rings at Fastlane?
    Dean: I'mma punch him right in the mouth. (Roman cracks up.)
  • Even after returning from a triceps injury that shelved him for the better part of a year, Dean Ambrose proves he can still snark with the best when Jinder Mahal confronts him backstage. Jinder does his mantra, and tells Ambrose that he is unbalanced, and that Jinder can help him. Dean seems to play along, until...
    Jinder: Close your eyes. Breathe! Tell me what you see.
    Dean: I
    Jinder: Tell me more.
    Dean: I see...myself.
    Jinder: Tell me more.
    Dean: I see myself...kicking the teeth. I see myself...breaking your face, breaking your ribs. You are are in great pain. Now...get...out...of my face.
  • Heel!Dean doesn't make so much with the wisecracks, but a highlight was his interruption of "A Moment of Bliss" to troll Nia Jax about her clear "problem with dealing with [his] raw sexual magnetism" and then go to town on EC3:
    Dean: I'm gonna turn this into a rapid-fire interview. Who are you? What does EC3 mean? Where are EC1 and 2? Who does your hair? Are you a Creed fan? You look like a Creed fan to me. Why do you hang around backstage like some kind of mute Chippendale dancer instead of getting in that ring?
  • After getting demolished in a match against Drew Mcintyre where he took two Claymore Kicks to the head, Dean runs into Seth Rollins backstage and asks he wasn't out there helping him. (In kayfabe, these two are bitter enemies.) Rollins looks confused and asks Ambrose if he's completely lost his mind. Ambrose thinks about this for a while, then shrugs and walks away, leaving Rollins stymied.
  • After throwing Kenny Omega off the big casino chips in Double or Nothing and standing tall and victorious at the end of the show just as it was about to sign off, how do you cap off an awesome entrance into AEW? Slipping on the sweat that was on the chip and prat-falling.
  • His first Being the Elite appearance was No-Sell-ing The Young Bucks' attempt at the Shield fist-bump.
  • After a quick squash match in his second post-WWE competitive appearance during NJPW’s Dominion, Jon Moxley grabs his opponent, Young Lion Shota Umino, and drags/helps him out of the ring and out of the arena, effectively kidnapping him and treating him like a half-comatose, half-stumbling pet.
    Moxley: Hold this for me. (Umino collapses.)

    Outside the Ring 
  • Dean and Roman did a Ride Along for the WWE Network and tell a hilarious story about Ron Killings falling asleep in the aisle on the bus in Germany. The problem was, the way Killings was sleeping, the way to the bathroom was blocked. So there was a competition among the roster to do everything possible to get to the bathroom without waking him up, which Dean won with the "Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment" method, using Truth's body as the "lasers".
  • Dean, Kevin Owens, and Cesaro on Table for 3, telling stories of their indy days. For Dean, coming to WWE hasn't really changed that much, except in WWE they have better doctors.
    Cesaro: You in the Money in the Bank match? I was like, 'oh, Mox falls off a ladder', that's nothing new.
    Dean: It ain't even the first time you've done that to me. It was just in front of a lot more people, and we have a better medical team . . . They were all over me later, they're all 'Dean, you have a giant gash on the back of your head'. I was like, "I do?"
  • His first appearance on wife Renee Young's Regular Girls podcast is about an hour of near-constant hilarity. Jon holds forth on topics such as his extreme dislike of sad movies, the disgusting joys of dog ownership, bra craftsmanship, and owning so many odd weapons (nunchucks, a sjambok, throwing stars) that he's "a real-life Ninja Turtle".
    • There's a story about Jon being naked, in his hot tub, freaking out over some bees and trying to whip them away with a towel that really has to be heard to be believed.
    • His second appearance is an hour straight of him and Renee discussing The Bachelor. Yeah, that's right. Dean Ambrose digs trashy reality television.
  • This Twitter Conversation with Cody Rhodes on a topic that's...near to Jon's heart...
    Jon: so @AEWrestling Can I swear now?
    Cody: Well Yes I guess We are TV 14
    Cody: Ok you have fun

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