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     Dead Space 1 
  • In chapter 4, when going to the bridge, a Brute's head bursts through a black window at the side. After shooting at it, it will pull away. Directly above the hole in glass is a sign reads: "Visitors! Must sign in at guard house." Looks like someone made the guard pretty angry at newcomers.
  • The death animation of a Divider's head. After you've been decapitated, the head limply hangs from the base of your neck by its tendrils and lumbers off while trying to lift itself into a better position on your body.
  • The intro to the hydroponics level includes a massive Scare Chord... to some tomatoes being watered.
  • In the waiting room of the Ishimura Clinic in Chapters 2 and 5, one side of the room is in near-total darkness, but shining your flashlight on the wall reveals a lot of graffiti, including this gem:
    Original line: WE ARE SO FUCKED
    Later addition: Hey its ok to be fucked
    • Speaking of writings on the wall:
      "IS IT SAFE?"

     Dead Space: mobile 
  • In the Interquel for the iPhone, we get this gem from Tyler in Chapter 4:
    Vandal: (Reaches a locked door.)
    Tyler: Vandal, that door is on quarantine lock. You have to backtrack about 300 meters, take a right through the utility area, then GET OVER THAT MINE SHAFT AND... (chuckles) Just screwing with you! Try it now, lock's open!

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