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The Prison might be a dark and cruel world of gore, death and horror, but for a body-controlling blob of ooze, The Beheaded doesn't let things get him down! Even if his humor can get a little dark.

  • The Beheaded themself qualifies - a bit dim witted, a little excited, and a lot selfish doofus who communicates primarily through shrugs and thumbs-ups, resulting in some amusing exchanges.
  • A rare room to find in the Prisoners' Quarters is a room where a prisoner was growing his flowers, and decided to hang himself. Upon examining the deceased...
    The Beheaded: A moment of silence.
    Proceeds to kick an amulet off the corpse.
    The Beheaded: Nah! I've got better things to do!
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  • On your first visit to the Toxic Sewers, you'll meet someone hiding behind a grate looking for their rune. After defeating the boss and acquiring said rune (which allows you to use the coffin teleporters), the person will ask for it back. Of course, the Beheaded refuses, resulting in the person raging at you and the Beheaded giving the person the finger in response.
  • In the Promenade, you'll find a short firing range where a prisoner had been executed for target practice, killed with a single shot perfectly to the head. Except that behind them is an entire quiver's worth of arrows that had missed wide and embedded into the wall instead.
  • The Cursed Chests are one of the few things in the entire game, outside of the Collector and his buddies, who will speak to you at all. And most of what it says is trying to tempt you into busting it open by being Too Kinky to Torture. All this as it bounces around in a chipper demeanor and follows you with its beady glowy eyes.
    Cursed Chest: I've been a very naughty chest. I deserve to be punished!
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  • With the Twitch integration, one combines both the sheer madness of the whims of an often sadistic audience given authority to vote on boss special abilities or when to heal the Beheaded, there is also the fact that the game invites them to mock the streamer under certain circumstances, especially death and falling into a Bottomless Pit.
  • Rarely, but you may see a monster sometimes stand by the edge of a cliff, and inexplicably jump off the cliff while shouting out "YOLO".
  • The Beheaded doesn't understand art. Or just doesn't care. The deer actually is poorly drawn and has googly eyes, so maybe he's just a critic.
    (upon interacting with a painting of a deer in High Peak Castle)
    The Beheaded: The King was fond of hunting, as can be seen from the painting of this... deer.
    The Beheaded:It's really ugly.
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  • In the Toxic Sewers, there is a chance of you encountering a hidden hole leading into a wall with a dead prisoner inside it. He doesn't appear to be infected, so he must have died by trying to dig out of the prison, only to somehow end up trapped inside this wall and starving. "Another failed escape attempt" indeed!
  • The end of the Giant boss fight.
    Giant: My King, you are...
    (gives a giant middle finger as he disappears into the lava)
  • The description for the "Bad Seed" teaser:
    The Bad Seed DLC will bring two new early game biomes and a fear-bringing boss for you to bash your head against, at least until you’re steamrolling it to death in 3 seconds flat and back to demanding more content...

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