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  • The end of the Prophecy of War trailer has some Gretchin entering a trukk and are then catapulted towards a group of Space Marines consisting of 5 dreadnoughts, a squad of assault terminators and a chaplain and are presumably slaughtered. The laughter afterwards implicates that the Ork driving the trukk did so cuz it was funny.
  • Kill-Team Ironmaw's sergeant, being a Space Wolf, doesn't miss the chance to riff on his Dark Angel squadmate.
    Nemiel, your plodding will alert the enemy!
    It will be so, provided Brother Nemiel does not wish to whine about it!
  • When dealing with Orks, one needn't mire themselves with subtlety:
    Gorgutz: And ya want me ta’ snikk’em for ya? What’s innit fer me?
    Macha: Kyre is searching for a powerful weapon hidden on this world. I would rather you have it than him. If you were to seize this weapon, you would be the most powerful boss in this sector.
    Ronahn: (begrudgingly) Impressive. Not a single lie.
    Gorgutz: Oooooooo! What kinda weapon? Choppa? Shoota?
    Macha: An Ancient Eldar Artifact. A spear. The Spear… of Khaine!
    Gorgutz: (like a kid in a candy shop) A SUPER POINTY STICK!? I wannit!
    • Becomes a Brick Joke, as after he, Gabriel and Macha slay the Storm Prince, Gorgutz picks up the broken Spear of Khaine and proudly says "At least I got me pointy stick." before leaving.
  • Soon after:
    Gorgutz: (amicably) Oy, Ronny! We there yet? All dis marchin is maken da boyz jittery.
    Ronahn:*sigh* It's RONAHN!
  • Missions on Imperium territory have, in the background, all kind of setting-appropriate broadcasts. One that says that if you want to know more about the artifact, you are to report for punishment. Another reminds that starfort exhausts aren't the proper way to recharge a lasgun.
    • While all of these broadcasts are Black Comedy, one in particular sums up the general dystopian insanity of the Imperium:
    Combat damage to hostile environment gear is punishable by execution. Refusal to enter combat is punishable by execution.
  • Deploying a Deathstorm Drop Pod has it make an announcement in Machine Monotone before opening fire, one of which is:
  • One of Gorgutz's subordinates, Wazzmakka, is utterly convinced that he's the most handsome Ork in existence (even though we never see him outside of his mech suit), and only submits to Gorgutz because he doesn't want his face to get punched in. It's even more ridiculous for those who are caught up on the lore. Orks are a fungus-like creatures that reproduce via spores; they don't even understand concepts like "attractive" or "sexy". One can only guess where Wazzmakka picked it up.
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  • The Orks mission cutscenes have graffiti detailing their thoughts, it's funny as they are drawn like teenagers.
  • In an amusing inversion of You Require More Vespene Gas, the announcers have lines chewing you out for letting too many resources build up.
    Space Marine Announcer: We have plenty of power, but we came here for victory.
    Eldar Announcer: What is your intent for this excess requisition?
  • Compared to the solemn and triumphant Space Marine and Eldar victory quotes, the Ork ones are typically amusing:
    Gretchin: We done it, we won!... I mean, you won, Boss.
    Gretchin: We is great, you is red, that is coz, you is dead!
  • The super units aren't immune to being stunned and many stun abilities don't differentiate between targets affected by their stun, including the stun effect that Ork Boyz get from upgrading with Scrap. This leads to the somewhat ridiculous visual of a towering Imperial Knight locking up, head bowed, because some Boyz hit it on the ankle.
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  • The Supa Kannon in mission 4. When it first comes online, it spouts inane insults. The idea being that it would make the enemy too sad to fight. Predictably, it doesn't work. Level 2 is a fireworks display. Finally, at level 3, it works as advertised-but it's so hilariously overpowered that its own recoil launches it backwards a kilometer. You end up firing it several times to get it back to home base.