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Funny / David Copperfield

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  • Aunt Betsey's... bizarre reaction to young!David showing up on her doorstep and telling her who he is.
  • Aunt Betsey provides another funny moment at the end of her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Murdstones. "If you come riding donkeys over my green again, I'll knock your bonnet off. And tread upon it!"
  • " Heep of infamy!"
  • David and Dora's attempt at a dinner party. The meat isn't cooked and the oysters aren't opened. Mr. Micawber tries to open one with a fork. Several minutes later, the oyster still isn't open and the fork is bent.
    Mr. Micawber: ...Soup?
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  • Barkis insists a box is full of old clothes. After his death, his will reveals that it contains three thousand pounds.
    Peggotty: Not bad for old clothes!


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