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  • Leading directly on from the reunion with War's horse, Ruin, the audience watching this from the arena starts to jeer and yell insults. Resulting in this brilliantly delivered line:
    • Just before that, War's moment of snarkery to the demonic gladiator who rides a captive Ruin into the arena.
    Demon: You disappoint me, Horseman. You look quite small from up here.
    War: You can look me in the eye when I kill you.
    • The same demon makes a mother of all poor wording choices when he says this:
    Let's see how you fare Horseman. With only two legs to carry you! (after the battle, War lops his legs off)
  • Death's sarcasm. That is all.
  • Everything about Wicked K.
  • Everything about Ulthane.
    Ulthane: Now get off of my property! 'fore more pigeons come lookin' an' crap in me yard!
  • When Samael is telling War he needs to find Ulthane, The Watcher complains that he's adding conditions to their deal. Samael gets annoyed with being interrupted and sends him flying with a light backhand, complete with a hilarious scream of pain from The Watcher.
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  • The Watcher, despite being a huge Jerkass, is just hilarious. Made even funnier by his voice actor, Mark Hamill. Just imagine War is being followed around by The Joker throughout the game.
  • The book has a lot of amazing one liners from Death.
    • It's even funnier when he's actually outmatched by Azrael in the sarcasm department. Twice.
  • Strife's remarks in 'Genesis' are pretty funny, including one that even makes War laugh. coming right after dealing with a demon obsessed with "cleansing" things (that is to say drown it in water) and the two finishing off the demon in the water after he pulled them in.
    Strife: I guess you can say we've been 'cleansed'.


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