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Funny / Danganronpa: Galactic Melancholy

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With all the angst and heartbreak happening in this story, you need some funny moments.


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  • The concept of The Ultimate Imposter choosing to impersonate Teruteru Hanamura out of all people is hilarious by itself, especially considering the size difference between the two.


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  • The party held in Korekiyo's lab.
    • The party starts off with a bottle of alcohol brought to the table that Chihiro, Hiyoko, Angie and Akane are sitting at, which Hiyoko and Akane find to be a bad idea, only for Chihiro to try and reassure them nothing bad will happen.
    Chihiro: It’s fine. I’m only going to have a sip.
    Chihiro: Chihiro: (Belligerent) Why the hell are you crying!?
    • The party ends up devolving into Chihiro and Angie arguing, and Celeste and Kirumi, the two most proper students getting into a drinking contest, during which they insult and make fun of each other, all the while the sober students try to take care of them



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