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The series itself

  • The 2013 DanceDanceRevolution game and its 2014 update count Goods towards combo, making it possible to full-combo a song... with 0 points. This is no longer possible as of A with the standard scoring system however, as getting Goods will now give you 20% as much points as a Marvelousnote , though you'll still finish with 0 EX score.
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  • On Encore Extra Stages that fail on anything lower than a Perfect, finishing the song with a Great or Good on the last note results in failure... but you still get a Full Combo acknowledgement on the results screen.
  • On June 15th, 2017, the song DADADADADADADADADADADA (yes, that's its name) got a new challenge chart containing 156 BPM 12th notes... All located on the same pad. Players either had to move one foot as quickly as possible, use two feet on one pad (Which could be difficult, with said arrows located on the left and right pads), or get a bit creative.
  • Playing "CHAOS" on Beginner with the CUT option set to ON 1 results in playing a completely empty chart. Only to get a D rank because you can't score any points.

Meta and fan content

  • This NES/Famicom-style rendition of "Over The "Period"". Three of the five players fail immediately, the fourth one fails at the first tempo change, and the last one fails on the final set of Shock Arrows.
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  • "POSSESSION" donuts.Context 
  • 3rdMIX introduced a romantic Christmas song called "Silent Hill". Yes, the same name as a certain survival horror series that's also made by Konami.


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