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     Danball Senki 
  • The Terrible Trio of Moes reacting to getting beaten by a middle schooler is nothing but priceless in all iterations.
    • The Moes getting mad at each other for losing to a thirteen year old kid is hilarious, especially the female leader’s reaction to it all and how she responses to the other two.
    • After Van defeats them, he’s not worried that three assassins were after him, but that HIS LIVING ROOM IS DESTROYED and his mom will get upset. Luckily for him, Marie doesn’t mind, allows him to keep the LBX, and just asks him to clean up the room. Good Parents indeed.
  • Episode 2: The Hands of Hanz/ the Devas introduction pose is nothing more than a "Super Sentai" Stance. Amy is not amused, and Van flat out ignores it.
    • Mika being the one to help the group find Hanz’s location. Why? She’s a Perky Goth with a major crush on Hanz and her phone opens with him in hearts!
    • Gabe runs away after trying to act brave to impress Amy and during the battle, his auto target firing fails him miserably as Riko and Tetsuo easily break his LBX into pieces?
    • How did Hanz get the exo-frame armor for Achilles anyways? He gave Saki a fake cash card! Naturally, Koujirou and Van are dumbfounded by her inability to tell how obviously fake the card was.
  • Episode 4: Ryuu boasting about how he was the one that defeated Destroyer, only for everyone at the school to start asking him to get back the LBX that Hanz destroyed or took from them. Mika lampshades the irony.
  • Episode 6: Jackal being frustrated that the president keeps moving to wave to the audience during his assassination attempt.
  • Episode 7: Ami’s search for Angel Star does not go well. First, she finds a fortune telling mansion followed by a blog called Cafe Angel Star. While Ban takes the news normally, Kazu doesn’t hesitate to snark about the lack of connection.
    • Ryuu arrives to explain about Angel Star, and his love for machines drags on for a long time. Ban is the only one able to tolerate his information, and once he gave the trio the clue they needed, they left him alone in the room without notifying him.
  • Justin shows to school….'''IN A FIGHTER JET PLANE'''. This is funny in the games and the anime, but the game takes the win when Ryuu faints from the site of the plane.
  • The reaction the Three Moes have when Ban defeats their LBX after learning Lightning Lance/Thunderstorm Thrust. Not to mention Hanz’s crew runs away once they see the Agents' masks before the battle begins.
  • In episode twelve during the quarter-finals, Kazu goes up against a little kid who starts crying when Kazu is winning, tricking him into lowering his guard with Crocodile Tears. Kazu straight up has Hunter shoot his LBX, causing the kid to cry for reals.
  • Everything about the Otaku Rangers, though everyone’s thoughts seeing Yuijin for the first time in Artemis takes the cake. Then he starts battling.
    • In the next episode in his battle with Dak, Otaku Red says he use his Special Technique, with his Fists of Justice, and proceeds to use Hail of Bullets. Kazu and Amy even point out that he’s using a Gun technique rather a knuckle one.
  • During the preparations for breaking in Kaidou’s mansion, everyone calls out how bad Ryuu is at LBX.
  • Van, Amy, and Kazu get caught by an Innovator. Kazu gets grabbed, and tells the others to go without him, then asks the others to change their minds and come back for him now!
  • Ryuu nearly saves the day when everyone’s captured by the Innovators:
    • In the games, he’s hiding behind a curtain and when he gets scared, it becomes enough of a distraction, for Hanz and Tyler to knock out the guards.
    • In the anime, Gabe starts freaking out and tries to run away, so Hanz ambushes one when he changes after him.
  • Amy bragging that when Kazu said Ban needed both his Amy’s help to win Artemis, Amy just says Ban only needs her.
  • Here's one most people won't realize in episode 27. The leader of the Innovators' Red Bridage has had it out for Eiji since day one, and him turning traitor gets the man hysterical and happy for revenge. However, he and his squad spend a ton of the episode trying to find Eiji before he becomes The Mole, but currently, there are 6 MOLES running around in the Innovator base, one of whom is in the process of killing Kaidou or rather his robotic self since they don't know he's dead yet, the leader's grandson is secretly plotting against them, and the Moes, who no one considered working with Eiji at all. The whole situation is just bizarre and funny despite the situation.
  • Since episodes 39 and 40 weren’t released in America, not many people got to see how did the Moes help Team Van escape from the Innovators base: through the garbage shoot. Jin's monotonous reaction sells the scene.

     Danball Senki W 
  • Hiro's Epic Fail in controlling Perseus the first time. He tried to make Perseus jump but was way too far and it nearly hit Ban.
  • All forms of media start off with one thing for W: Hiro losing all of clothes during the LBX invasion at Tokio Mall. The anime makes it even funnier. To makes things even better, he gets an entirely new outfit to wear, and without paying. A really funny moment in a Nightmare Fuel scenario.
    • In the game, he actually pretty much everything except his boxer, to the point the players will control him with his upper half-naked or without his pants.
  • In the manga version of episode and chapter 2, Hiro tries several times to activate his own Special Attack Routine but fails several times. Then, a G-Rex stomps on his Cosmic Hero Senshiman, and Hiro goes ballistic. What follows is a Moment of Awesome but even Van notices that Hiro was going crazy and all of his face expressions show a weird blend of hilarity and concern that the latter has lost it.
  • This exchange in Episode 4 by Ran and her grandfather:
    Daimon: Kerrorists?!
  • Hiro's unethical sleeping on the bed, be it on Duck Shuttle or Tiny Orbit's private jet.
  • Hiro's having this weird luminescent blush when the girls compliment him.
  • Jessica's repeated Luminescent Blush when she mistakes Billy Stallion was staring at her. A few times, not to mention her sudden change in reaction when Hiro suddenly asked why her face was red.
    • Later, she finds it weird why Billy doesn't even hold back against women and guess who was Billy staring at? It is Hiro.
      • Jessica's reaction of anger upon realizing the truth is hilarious and she permanently decides to defeat Billy is so great that she is literally Burning with Anger.
    • Hiro in the meanwhile is annoyed since he actually got himself stuck in the mine field. Eventually he just snaps and decides to use Cosmo Slash to blow up all of the mines in one shot, forcing Jessica and Billy into a sudden maximum standoff.
  • How do Hanzou and Dak decide which one battles in the Artemis’ 2051 final Battle Royale in episode 20 of W? Seeing who can drink Asuka’s tomato juice the most!
    • Everyone's reaction, especially the finalists when they realised that Asuka is a girl
  • Ban, Hiro and Ran training with Otacross. Every moment of it was funny.
    • Otacross tell them that they need physical training, but Ran's reaction when Shibune Kikuzou revealed that Otacross bought it online gives it all.
    • Hiro messes up during the training, and Ran had to be put some some ankle weights because it was too easy for her. Ran gave him a yell and Death Glare for it.
    • Ran running ahead of them on the track mill while wearing belt to tied all three together, causing Hiro and Ban to fall, dragging her together into some pool in the dark.
    • Hiro's scaredy-cat expression when riding on the very fast spinning Wipeout like machine. Ran seems excited while Ban was nervous.
    • The three of them cycling together on some rolling tube.
  • Episode 22. Hiro contacted Otacross to request his help to search for the commanding computer. At that time, Otacross was deciding whether he should buy the limited edition of Cosmic Pretty Reina figure online, causing him to not hear Hiro calling him. He refused to buy it at first because it was too pricey. When Hiro yelled his name out loud, Otacross accidentally pressed buy, causing him to realised that he just wasted a high amount of money for ordering a limited edition figure. He berated Hiro for this, which the bluenette replied with 'EH?'
    • In the same episode, we can learn that he did not join with them to Britain because he want to line up for this limited edition figure. There we see that Otacross and his disciple failed to make it in time as the line was too crowded, with the shop workers pointing out the sign (The end of the line), indicating that the number of limited edition items only available up to that line. Otacross ended up shedding tears for it.
  • In episode 25 Yuuya calls Hiro Master. The reaction of his friends are priceless.
  • In episode 26 we have Hiro and Shirley ditching Alice and Yuuya to form their own duo. purely because they’re cosplaying as Cosmic Hero Senshiman and Senshingirl respectively, so Alice takes out A Death Note in response! After realizing that the two decide to team up against their friends….as the Revenge Army of Hell Team. Keep in mind that Alice is portraying Cosmic Pretty Reina, a Superhero!. Also, Alice also has a Kawaii Note for her cosplay outfits.
    • Hiro and Shirley’s first opponents are the Magical Sister Brothers: boys dressed as magical girls. It is a cosplay tournament and the two even admit they don’t care about it...but it asks the question why didn’t just wear something different. Even Jin and Ran are repulsed by it. To increase the hilarity of it all, Jin snuck out of the audience when Van and Ran didn’t even notice.
  • Episode 27. Otacross and Otaku Red reveal their Ultimate Finish: DOUBLE TWO PLATOONS DUAL COMBINATION TWIN! ULTIMATE SHOCKING! CRITICAL DYNAMIC! KICK! Which is just another name for two Mega Thunder Cross that have nothing to do with kicking at all! Ran’s face seizure and Van’s mental facepalm says it all.
    Ran: The name of the move is completely different.
    Ban: They’re beyond help. Ran lampshades as she could not comprehend everything about cosplaying
  • Episode 33. Hiro's reaction when his mother, Haruka declare that she wants to research him (In every aspect a scientist is curious of).
  • Episode 34. Ran berated Hiro for being an airhead and make his team got discovered upon infiltration.
  • Episode 41. Ran yelling at her grandfather for being a pervert and wanting photos of sexy women throughout her adventures.
  • Episode 42. Otacross's sweatdrop when Ran said it doesn't matter how late he will return to Japan. Then, she has to push him away when he tries not to leave.
  • Episode 46: Hiro and Asuka are completely buffuled by the prospect of the Innovators.
    • Yuuya also takes the time to cheerfully remind Asuka that he was once a member of the Innovator's LBX players as well.
  • Episode 50. The rest of the group gets upset with Ban and Hiro for showing up at his own mother's house as they were basically having fun without them playing LBX.
    • At the same time, the majority of the scientists and tech experts of the protagonists assisting at the AX-000 leads Otacross to basically call Cobra and Mongoose the equivalent of Those Two Guys much to their embarrassment.
    • While the boys sleep in Ban's bedroom and during Ban's serious conversation with Jin, a sleeping Hiro ended up kicking Yuuya's chest.
  • Episode 52. Otacross behaviour during an emergency when Vector managed to destroy 3 of 12 firewall layers. When that happens, he uses his maid type LBX Sakura and talked to himself in slightly girlish tone to cheer himself up.
    • When Mizel managed to break until the 11th layer in one hit, Otacross gives up, with Ran and Ami telling him to get a grip. He then requested cheers from pretty girls, which Ami and Ran were surprised with that request. Asuka volunteered to do it but unfortunately Otacross was not please with it, claiming it is not cute, to her chagrin and repeated the request, specifically mentioning Ami and Ran, which they felt embarrassed to do it, in front of their friends and several adults.
    • Finally, Otacross decides to just like, Ahh, who cares?! attitude and proceed to summon holograms of Ami and Ran before those holograms started cheering for him while the real Ami and Ran were super embarrassed that they so wanted to kill Otacross right there.

     Danball Senki Wars 
  • Episode 1, Hikaru chides Arata for winning his third tournament, researching all of his current status, teasing him about losing in the Artemis preliminaries, and calling him a trend follower for using the popular Achilles Deed model introduced in the beginning of W.
  • Episode 3, Arata's reaction when his teacher, Mito suddenly make a meeting during their lunch break.
  • Episode 11, Sena Arata had his Imagine Spot of people complimenting how good he is for his exam but it was all his daydreaming. Hilarity Ensues when Mito told him that he got one minute left and Arata realised he has not write anything.
  • Episode 15, we have Arata scolding his platoon mates for getting up late while he gets up earlier from them, causing Haruki to sigh while Sakuya grumbling about this until Hikaru arrive to deliver Arata's CCM.
    • Then, there is Sakuya telling that he dreamt Arata beint confessed by a boy, causing Haruki to hold his laughter as Arata was reactint unpleasantly from hearing that.
    • As this episode takes place after Arata beat Muraku, a lot of girl fans from other countries (classes) wants Arata's autograph while the 1st platoon is on their way to school, only to mistake Hikaru as being Arata until the Hikaru points out the real Arata. When the girls realised that, their reactions were plain and asked for his autograph anyway, which Arata reluctantly did despite them mistaking Hikaru with Arata. This is funny enough, considering that Sakuya was holding his laughter and then burst when the girls had left, which annoys Arata. Then, Hikaru even had to laugh with his face hidden from us viewers. Arata asked Haruki to stop them. The leader did try but he soon was Not So Above It All either as he cannot hold his laughter. Arata got annoyed.
    • Guess who was the boy, Kojou Takeru, the boy who designs Vampire Cat for his sister Asuka.
  • The whole thing in episode 24. Everything about Porton, from the teacher to their student together with the event that occurs with them. Hinako (Porton) and Catherine (Jenock) bicker against each other regarding how superior their respective idol, Gouda Hanzou and Kojou Asuka from each other. They decided to settle things in War Time but Jenock's Fourth Platoon was banned because of this. Sena Arata was later blackmail into cooperating with them, and he locked up his friends, Haruki and Sakuya. Poor Arata as he later received detention together with Fourth Platoon, sans Yuno from their teacher, Mito Reina. He claimed he was innocent and a victim while crying.

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