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     Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 
  • During one of Dan's attempts at Death Row, Dan opts to try to escape on a motorcycle with Lance. They don't get very far as a taxi clips the motorcycle launching Lance to be pinned underneath a car tire, while another car comes out of nowhere and sends Lance flying into the stratosphere, failing the mission for Dan.
    • And THEN, when Dan tries going back to the Malibu to restart the mission, he ends up in ANOTHER motorcyle crash where Dan does a 360-horizontal spin through the air into the barricade and sent plummeting to his death in the water below. It can be viewed in it's entirety here.
    Dan (description): Stuck the landing at least...

  • During the Cop Land mission, Dan had to get two cops to follow him into a lockup so he and Lance can steal their uniforms. It goes smoothly until Lance somehow gets himself stuck within the wall. Dan is understandably confused. The entire thing can be seen here.
    Dan: Wow he's really stuck in there. (notices he's actually stuck in the wall and not just behind it.) WHAT?! Lance, how the fuck...? How did you even do that?!
    • Just before this, in an earlier attempt at the mission, Dan (as Tommy's character) while driving to the objective makes small talk with Lance saying that Tommy knows a guy named Dan who wrestles with a tag team partner also named Lance.
    Dan (as Tommy): And he's just as useless!
    Dan (as Tommy, again after the wall incident): Actually, let me take that back. Dan's Lance is not as useless. At least he got a victory for his team.

  • Vercettistones. Meet The Vercettistones.note 

     WWE 2 K 16 and WWE 2 K 17 
  • In WWE 2K16 during a match with Tyler Breeze, Dan was ambushed on the stage by him. The referee started counting them both out, so Dan ran back to the ring. Just before he re-entered, Tyler attempted to run back himself only to catch a roundhouse kick by Dan at the count of 9. Dan makes it back in, Tyler gets counted out and the match ends in about a minute and a half. The full match can be seen here.

  • In WWE 2K17, Dan gets assigned a generic tag team partner when he starts on RAW only to see the name of his partner, Lance Xander. His tag team partner then proved to be just as useless as a certain other Lance he knows too well. Dan wastes no time making the comparison between the two.

  • During a match against Zack Ryder using his Mighty Glacier Ethan Grant, ProtonJon ends up raiding him mid-match. The resulting distraction actually lets Ryder hit his finishing move and almost pin him off of it, much to Dan's chagrin. Luckily, Dan was able to kick out and absolutely stomp Ryder afterwards.
    • Bonus points because that sort of finish happens often in wrestling where someone will distract the good or bad guy allowing the opposite person to take advantage or flat-out win off of it.

  • During one of Jon's Fortune Cookie streams, Jon is egged on by Dan on completing Vini, Vedi, Vici in VVVVVV. Jon clears it in 4 minutes.
    • Then to add insult to injury, another mod buys Dan VVVVVV so Dan will stream it... he accepts the challenge. To his credit, it took him just under 24 minutes to do so on his very first time playing the game.

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