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  • From the Q&A video:
    Daisy: So one question was "what's your favorite day of the week"-
    Alan: Monday.
    Daisy: ...Okay.
  • As pointed out by Night Mind, in the friendship bracelet video, Daisy starts feeling hungry, and mentions that she keeps a green bell pepper in her room in case of emergencies. She realizes she has no knife to cut the pepper up, so she just...chomps into the pepper like an apple, as if that's a completely normal thing to do.
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  • When Alan took over Daisy's Twitter to post mean and hateful things about her, he also retweeted a lo-fi hip hop playlist. Even monsters need to de-stress every now and then. It also led to this exchange between a fan and Alan.
    Lilyminane: I love lofi music but don't do this to daisy.
    Alan-as-Daisy: huh, really? Me too!
  • In this post describing what Lithop looks like, Daisy misspells "thick" as..."thicc". There's no way this wasn't intentional.
  • In the video My Garden!, Daisy brings baby Alan outside with her in the daytime. So naturally she takes the proper precautions: she swaddles him in a blanket, props his glass of sugar water up on a dictionary to keep the straw in his mouth, and gives him a pair of sunglasses. The hidden message in the closed captions tells us what Alan thinks about this.
    Daisy: Alan's out here too; we're all having a good time.
    Closed Captions: (Silent resentment)
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  • Most of the video with Daisy showcasing Strawberry is very heartwarming as she talks more about how she found the cat and how happy she is to have a friend. Then Alan ruins the moment by yelling for her to go away and slamming the door when she tries to tell him. Without context, Alan just sounds like a sourpuss who doesn't want to interact with the outside world today.

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