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  • When talking to Raven in the Watchtower, she may say that where she comes from is the closest thing to hell, and yes, she has been to New Jersey.
  • During the Legacy of Krypton missions, Luthor will complain on how humanity doesn't appreciate his experiments on the students.
  • In the Oolong Island alert (hard), Dr. Pyrate somehow manages to transform himself into a giant robot.
    (robotic tone) I don't know what went wrong but this is freaking awesome.
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  • If you save Mr. Freeze's goons from the cops they will sometimes pause to give you a round of polite applause.
  • Calculator's comment when you are heading to JSA's headquarters to rescue Sinestro:
    Calculator: The Sinestro Corps recruits are homing in on Sinestro's location at the Justice Society's headquarters. Guess that's what happens when you have your address listed in the, heh, yellow pages. Really, they're listed!
    • Calculator himself is arguably a walking CMOF due to his Deadpan Snarker tendencies.
  • ALL of the Booster Gold exploration quests.
  • Klarion's motivation during the Halloween Event.
    Klarion: I am not an emo pilgrim. I am a Witch Boy.
  • The Jokandroid enemy's banter combined with their Robo Speak belays how annoying they are to fight.
  • For heroes, there's this exchange between Giganta and Wonder Girl after you reverse the former's Grand Theft Me attempt:
    Giganta: No! No! This body belongs to me!
    Wonder Girl: Not anymore it doesn't, thank goodness. Because there's no way I could pull my favorite jeans over your giant behind.
    Giganta: Bigger Is Better, Wonder Brat. Ditch your training bra and find out.
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  • The demons in Metropolis lampshading the player destroying stolen bags of money instead of taking it for themselves by telling them "Are you crazy?! That's a lot of money!"
  • Occasionally during the battle against Deathstroke, when he tries to kill the Riddler with a flamethrower from the weapon rack, the latter will declare "Riddle me this" and before he can finish will suddenly yell "OH GOD IT BURNS!"
    • Also in the same instance, if you try to answer the final riddle in the Monarch Card Company before answering the previous one, Riddler will give a message to solve the previous one in a very disappointed and annoyed voice.
  • As a villain, when you encounter Hawkman and Hawkgirl in Metropolis during the Gorilla Grodd quest chain the latter will comment "You should use that devolver on yourself, it'd be an improvement!", referring to the devolution device you got earlier on.
  • During the then-final Sins of the Father story arc in Gotham while facing the captive Titans, Beast Boy has this gem:
    Gee Raven, is this what happens when you break curfew?
    • He receives another in the Sons of Trigon expansion:
      Demons, Cultists, Villains, Paparazzi... None of them are welcome here.
  • Ambush Bug can spawn in the Brainiac Harvester Ship, and may say:
    Oh, look! Another player!
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  • Joker is still at the top of his game.
  • During the boss fight against Black Hand, Sinestro spends the majority snarking at him like mocking an Emo Teen.
    Do you ever stop whining? "Woe is life! Woe is death!" Shut up!
  • Towards the end of the War of the Light storyline when all corps team up against the Black Lanterns, Carol and Hal were discussing when Sinestro butts in, prompting Carol to ask "where did you even get this number?" Sinestro also tells them to "Get a Room!."
  • In the 'First Piece' Duo you team up with Hawkgirl and Heatwave throughout the mission. During the end cutscene, you see Heatwave scoping out a golden statue. When the scene ends, both Heatwave and the statue are gone.
  • In the final scene of the Olympus Raid in Amazon Fury III, Circe has just taken the Crown of Olympus from Zeus with help from Hera she gets all of 30 seconds to enjoy it before Typhon makes his big entrance and declares he's here to kill them all 'Starting with the Pretender who wears the crown' leading to this gem before everybody gets blown out the door.
  • During The Panopticon raid, Superman and Wonder Woman have this exchange:
    Superman: So Diana, do you think your counterpart have a VISIBLE jet?
    Wonder Woman: Only if yours has a sense of humor.
  • In the Artifacts quest, you team up with John Constantine to retrieve various artifacts. After retrieving an artifact on Oa, John offers this little piece.
    John Constantine: Since you're such a fan of galavanting across the universe, I picked a very special location for our next expedition. I don't want to spoil the surprise.
    (Opens a Boom Tube)
    John Constantine: That probably spoiled the surprise.
  • Hero or Villain, many of the Famous Last Words of bosses you defeat usually has them lamenting their defeat or vowing revenge. Jack's? "Finally..."
  • During the "Titans Targeted" alert, Deathstroke and Nightwing duel in the Cafeteria.
    Deathstroke: You're a joke, kid. I've taken down Batman. And trust me. You're no Batman Boy Wonder.
    Nightwing: You say that like it's a bad thing. You should see his therapy bills.

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