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Funny / DC Showcase: Green Arrow

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  • Green Arrow's quip after his Dynamic Entry:
    "Sorry, I'm late. But you try changing clothes in a Hybrid."
  • Just after the pair narrowly dodges the coasting plane, Perdita points out that it's best to talk to her like an adult.
    Green Arrow: Sorry, it's my first-time rescuing royalty.
    Perdita: It is quite a forgivable sin... Robin Hood.
  • When one of the assassins after Perdita, begins screaming and ranting about killing him. Arrow almost sounds sincere when he worriedly points out that their target is Perdita. For her part, Perdita is genuinely shocked... until Arrow explains he was only joking.
    Green Arrow: Kidding your majesty!
  • Once everyone's safe Green Arrow decides now is the best time to propose, also counts as the biggest heartwarmer in the film.
    Black Canary: (sighs) What would you do without me?
    Green Arrow: Well, now that you mention it, and since I'm on my knees anyway. (Arrow opens a small box to reveal an engagement ring to Black Canary) I can't live without you, babe. Literally.
    Perdita: (as Canary stares in stunned silence) Say yes! After all, every queen needs a consort.
    Green Arrow (aka Oliver "Queen"): She's right... Every queen does.
    Black Canary: (giggles) Yes. The answer is yes.