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Funny / DC Showcase: Green Arrow

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  • Just after the pair narrowly dodges the coasting plane, Perdita points out that it's best to talk to her like an adult.
    Green Arrow: Sorry, it's my first time rescuing royalty.
    Perdita: It is quite a forgivable sin... Robin Hood.
  • Once everyones safe Green Arrow decides now is the best time to propose, also counts as the biggest heartwarmer in the film.
    Black Canary: (sighs) What would you do without me?
    Green Arrow: Well, now that you mention it, and since I'm on my knees anyway. (Arrow opens a small box to reveal an engagement ring to Black Canary) I can't live without you, babe. Literally.
    Perdita: (as Canary stares in stunned silence) Say yes! After all, every queen needs a consort.
    Green Arrow (aka Oliver "Queen"): She's right... Every queen does.
    Black Canary: (giggles) Yes. The answer is yes.


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