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  • Even for some people horrified by the fic itself, the organ puns crosses into being genuinely hilarious.
  • Not the fic itself but rather that livestream readings of this tend to turn into a corpesfest every few lines, narming the story up to eleven.
    • And then there was the incident on a stream where the narrator/Dash (known on the session as SWAG) was in the middle of a line when his computer had shut off.
    SWAG: The hammer came down and the nail punctured Dash's ski—-
    [BEAT], cue sudden laughter.

    • It became even better when he got back on, almost ten minutes later
    SWAG: Dude my fucking computer shut off.
    "Your computer said: "NOPE."
  • Rainbow Dash Presents: Cupcakes. It starts with Rainbow Dash deciding to put on a gorilla suit after reaching Sugarcube Corner and spirals into hilarious madness from there.
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  • Equestria Daily tries to be professional about the fanfics posted there, but when Cupcakes started gaining notoriety, EqD was all like "Screw it, we're going to post it." But not without a big GRIMDARK AS FUCK (all caps, bright red text) tag to warn people just what the hell they were getting into.
  • It was later pulled, but still...