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  • After the fight with Jedah, a hilarious argument ensues between Demitri, Morrigan, and Felicia over who should be the main character of the Darkstalkers series, throwing the Fourth Wall out the window in the process. Then Lilith presses Morrigan's Berserk Button with one phrase: "Well, compared to Morrigan, everyone looks young." Cue everyone discreetly backing away from Lilith as Morrigan prepares to give her an etiquette lesson Can be seen here.
  • Pretty much whenever the Prinny is involved, dood!
    • Morrigan flirting with Etna and the latter's shock at Morrigan coming on to her. This is especially funny as Morrigan identifies Etna as a Succubus like herself, claiming they both have the "same vibes".
      • The knife-twister is, despite being the same kind of demon, they have the direct opposite body types.
    • Listen to the first time York and Lyner try Marie's medicines with the Japanese voices. Their death screams are among the funniest ever.
      • Marie's final body count over the course of the game: 14.
  • The return of Etna's On the Next sequences.

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