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  • "...and that's a sign of toughness, I'm so tough, stay away from me or I'm gonna bite ya."
  • And don't forget his KHA-KI SHAWTS.
  • While handling a young Nile crocodile and talking about their vocalizations in "Wild River of Africa," Steve does his own imitation of what an adult crocodile sounds like. Within seconds, a herd of hippos start growling, splashing around, and getting antsy from offscreen. Steve cheekily responds by unleashing a few more growls.
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  • Even in the grief from his passing, fans managed to take the edge off that pain with fan-art speculating how he would most-likely behave in the afterlife.
    Somewhere in heaven, a very groggy, very confused angel has just woken up and is trying to figure out why a boisterous Australian man is poking it with a stick.
  • Steve apparently used to play with the cheetahs by tying one of Bindi's stuffed toys to the back of his motorcycle and just riding laps around their enclosure at top speed, dragging the toy behind him. It's a shame there's no video footage of this!
  • Steve went to Antarctica in shorts. He had to change on the boat.

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