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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 26: Found & Lost 
  • Sam's Dnd Beyond promo is another radio play, this time depicting the day Travis and Laura's baby was born. Featuring Sam as Travis, Marisha as Laura (who was given inexplicably Purple Prose dialogue... which she has a lot of fun with), and Matt as himself... and the baby, who delivers the promo.
    • Liam's response to being the doctor is 'a real job dad.'
  • Despite all the players knowing Jester, Fjord and Yasha were taken last night, the entire group rolls horribly on investigation checks.
    Sam: Oh my god, we're not even going to know they're gone!
    • Finally, someone rolls a Natural 20. Who is it? Frumpkin.
  • The party's meeting with guest character Keg doesn't exactly get off to a good start.
    Caleb: [shouting from the bushes] Make conversation!
    Beau: How's your day?
    Keg: Weird now.
    Beau: Sorry. That happens sometimes.
    • Keg complains about her flask being empty, leading to Nott bragging about her Flask of Infinite Booze.
    Nott: Oh, your flask runs out?
    Keg: ...Yes weird creepy doll girl.
    Nott: (Laughs smugly.)
    Keg: Can anyone explain this shit to me?
  • Detective Nott gets a great call-back after Nott pours Keg a drink and she immediately says "I know who took your friends".
  • Beau's idea of how to get rid of one of their horses: leave it behind and hang a sign on it saying "Free horse".
  • The group leaves behind one of their horses, Loaf, leading to poop jokes.
    Keg: Starting to rethink my agreement to work with you guys...
    Matt: Welcome to the Mighty Nein.
  • Marisha's face when Matt tells her that, due to Haste, she still has 75 feet of movement left after pummelling one of the insects to death.
  • Nott casts Silent Image to create a duplicate of Beau, leading to jokes of it being a Palette Swap in the vein of Street Fighter. The insect rolls high enough to see through it despite its low Intelligence, so it obviously wasn't a very good one.
    Matt: It's like: "Really, puce?"
  • Nott rolls a Natural 20 for stealth.
    Matt: You teleport through dimensions. You're now in Campaign 1.
  • Keg, the dwarf in full plate armour, rolls a Nat 20 on Stealth. Pike would be green with envy. Matt names Ashly Burch as the Anti-Wil Wheaton.
  • Nott talks with Keg during watch and... falls victim to poor wording.
    Nott: I like tongue. I mean, because I was eating horse tongue before.
    Keg: Oh, I thought you were coming on to me.
    • Nott promises to tell her one thing about herself if Keg shares one thing about her past. Keg says the Shepherds enslaved one of her friends. Nott replies... that she's a good dancer. Ashly, Sam and Matt all break down in hysterics.
    Nott: You hit me with your heaviest shit!
    Keg: I thought that's what you wanted!!
    Molly: We're trying to sleep!!
    Nott: Well that was fun.
    • Gets a hilarious call-back later when Keg reveals, under Suggestion, that she lied and used to work with the Iron Shepherds.
    Nott: I lied too. I'm an average dancer.

    Episode 27: Converging Fury 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo this time invokes Too Soon and Crosses the Line Twice with the events of the last episode. He also wears a new shirt with a print of Matt grimacing (a still from Episode 14 of him acting out the Ogre guard being hit with the Wand of Smiles), and his flask message is "R.I.P Shirt Bit, 2018-2018 (oh, also Molly)".
    • Ashly's response
    Ashly: For my first action, I kill Sam.
  • Guest character Nila's Fish out of Water status creates a lot of these, especially the Running Gag of not understanding what "fuck" means.
  • The morning in the Shady Creek Run is greeted by, in Matt's words, "broken-sounding roosters". Nila takes a Goodberry and gives one to each of them as she leaves.
  • The previous night, Keg unwittingly insults Nott by telling Caleb he "could do better" when assuming he and Nott are a couple. At breakfast, as Nott comes to the table, she finds Keg with a written note and spectacles, which turns out to be a scripted apology to Nott, which she reads out Bad "Bad Acting" style. Beau says she could learn a thing or two.
  • Keg rolls a Natural 1 for stealth, in complete contrast to the previous episode. Matt describes it as sounding like someone knocked over a stack of pots and pans, so everyone's reaction is "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!!"

    Episode 28: Within the Nest 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo involves Fun with Acronyms to help remember DnD Beyond's features. Sam writes them down on a whiteboard... and they just happen to spell out "Liam Eats Farts" when read downward.
    • What sells this is that Sam originally wrote "LIAM EATS FART" due to only having four acronyms, and in the middle of his explanation nonchalantly adds an "s" at the end without breaking his stride.
  • Sam puts his flask where Taliesin normally sits, and the note taped to it reads: "This flask is Taliesin's new character".
  • For a moment, the planning derails into suggesting starting a debating club in Shady Creek.
  • While the party are trying to decide what to do next, Keg asks them how well they think the missing members will be holding up under torture.
    Nott: Fjord, probably not. Yasha's probably okay. Jester has already turned. She's flipped.
    Keg: Oh, then there's no rush!
  • Taliesin's new character is a Firbolg. Nott, naturally, asks if he knows Pumat Sol.
    • On top of this, as he enters the room viewers can see that his shirt reads "NEW CHARACTER, WHO DIS?"
  • How said character - Caduceus - is introduced; he looks at the motley crew in front of him (hobo wizard, goblin, a Firblog lady, and Beau) and just sighs, commenting on how he doesn't have enough cups for everyone (in regards to tea).
  • To test if Caduceus can really heal, Nott shoots Beau with her crossbow. The first is a miss, but the second is a Natural 20. Beau's missile snaring ability still reduces the shot to no damage... until Sam reminds Matt that when he rolls a Nat 20 with this crossbow, it fires another bolt immediately. This one, she doesn't catch.
    Beau: I'm keeping this bolt. It's mine now. [Pulls out the other bolt from her chest] And I'm keeping this one too.
    Ashly: Keg is aroused again.
  • To salvage a botched stealth check, Caleb sends Frumpkin near the guard. The same guard who tried to shoot him last episode. This time, he hits and does 4 points of Piercing damage, and everyone braces for the worst... but:
    Liam: Frumpkin is alive! [...] His hit points as an owl is 1d4 + 1, and I rolled a 4.
    • Which leads to:
    Guard: Phil! Hey Phil! I just shot an owl and it's still flyin'! I hate this forest, it's bullshit!
  • Caduceus' thoughts on the guard.
    Caduceus: I'm sure he's a terrible person, he shot an owl.
  • The same two guards have trouble with Frumpkin again later in the night, this time in spider form. They still can't kill him.
  • Hideous Laughter returns.
    Nott: Hey! I'm thinking of removing my spine! Because it's... holdin' me back!
  • Nott unlocking the trapped trap door with a reach around.
    Nott: A reach around. Give it a little tuggy with the reach around. Just pull it. Pull it. Just tug it until it explodes. Just reach around and tug it until it explodes! Just keep on working it! Might have to use the other hand for a while, that one's getting tired, Matt! Wait for the explosion!
    Matt, exasperated: Roll... roll for reach around.

    Episode 29: The Stalking Nightmare 
  • The costumes are amazing:
    • Brian's wearing sequins, leather and Crocs with glitter in his beard.
    • Liam's next, and his shirt has Frumpkin wearing laser-shooting glasses.
    • Marisha comes out in a blouse and pants with Sam's rainbow suspenders from the Campaign 2 opening.
    • Ashly and Taliesin follow, as themselves but in vaguely formal outfits.
    • Sam comes out in a pink dragon-like outfit, on rollerskates, with a lit-up bowl on his crotch.
    • Matt comes out as Matt... but then removes his vest to show a shirt of Sam's face to an utterly priceless reaction from all.
  • Poor Keg goes through almost all the episode being the Butt-Monkey to the group's plans or actions.
    • It starts with Caleb going invisible using a scroll of invisibility, then doing a Stealth Hi/Bye when she expresses fear he might of left her.
    • He also has Frumpkin appear on her shoulder, but Frumpkin is still a spider, causing Keg to Freak Out! for a second.
    • Shakäste has The Dutchess land on her shoulder, which causes Keg to freak out again. Shakäste lampshades how The Dutchess is a bird and not a spider.
  • Shakäste returns! His new Spiritual Weapon takes the form of Nefertiti... and he brings out a life-size statue that has some light-up features (which he says he bought as soon as he saw it downstairs at the convention). He then proceeds to whiff on every single one of her attacks... except for using her to flip a switch.
    • The leadup to his return deserves mention too, as it's foreshadowed by The Duchess making an appearance before quickly flying away, much to Keg's confusion. This prompts a member of the live audience to shout "The audience is aroused!"
  • Caduceus tries to help remove the iron portcullis trapping the group in the hallway, and rolls a one looking for the switch. Cue Caduceus getting distracted by a piece of moss on the wall.
  • Shakäste proves to be quite the charmer once again, managing to find time to subtly work his charm on both Keg, and one of the Iron Shepherds remaining leaders at every point. Keg especially is caught off guard by it.
  • After having to watch the Iron Shepherds kill Frumpkin, Caleb gets the HDYWTDT on Lorenzo. The last thing he says to his smoldering remains in a tired, bloodloss-drunken voice:
    Caleb: ...You shouldn't have killed my cat.
    • And then there's the first thing he says after Matt gives him the HDYWTDT:
      Caleb: Oooooooh well fuck me running, it worked!
    • Matt's reaction when he realizes Caleb's spell killed Lorenzo deserves mention, mostly because of how the crowd reacts to it. For bonus points, some guy in the audience shouted "For Molly!" while Matt was calculating the damage of the spell that avenged the fallen member of the Nein. Never has a fan created accidental Five-Second Foreshadowing before, but damn if it isn't hilarious here.
      Matt: Fffuck. How do you want to do this?
      The crowd goes ape shit
  • Beau, Keg, and Nott get caught up on planning what Keg should yell for Nott's Silent Image bait, resulting in a good minute of the three discussing the best insult to say to get the remaining enemies attention. Then comes Caleb asking what they are doing in a frustrated tone.
  • After Caleb insisting that Clay and Shakäste will heal him...he ends up the only one that Shakäste isn't able to target with Mass Healing Word due to having moved beyond his view.
  • The Mighty Nein finally find Jester, Fjord, and Yasha, unconcious, and locked in very sturdy cells. Nott volunteers to pick the locks, despite rolling HORRIBLY for it for nearly 4 episodes. Clay, interested, decided to watch. Nott says she "doesn't work well with crowds" all the while Sam is giving side eye to the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. But what pushes this from funny to gut-busting hilarity? The natural 20.
  • When the Nein ask Shakäste and Keg if they want to stay with them (at least for a drunken bender), Beau takes the opportunity to proposition the dwarven fighter to stay with her for the night. While everyone is providing double-take reactions to Beau's offer, Sam provides the literal obligatory Mic Drop.
  • As Matt is ending the episode, he mentions that the party turns in looking forward to enjoying comfort, alcohol, and whatever else transpires after that. Ashly, however, gets straight to the point and calls what the "whatever else" is for Beau and Keg:

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