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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 26: Found & Lost 
  • Sam's Dnd Beyond promo is another radio play, this time depicting the day Travis and Laura's baby was born. Featuring Sam as Travis, Marisha as Laura (who was given inexplicably Purple Prose dialogue... which she has a lot of fun with), and Matt as himself... and the baby, who delivers the promo.
    Matt: Mother. I bring news from the womb.
    • Liam's response to being the doctor is 'a real job dad.'
  • Despite all the players knowing Jester, Fjord and Yasha were taken last night, the entire group rolls horribly on investigation checks.
    Sam: Oh my god, we're not even going to know they're gone!
    • Finally, someone rolls a Natural 20. Who is it? Frumpkin.
  • The party's meeting with guest character Keg doesn't exactly get off to a good start.
    Caleb: [shouting from the bushes] Make conversation!
    Beau: How's your day?
    Keg: Weird now.
    Beau: Sorry. That happens sometimes.
    • How it actually starts is also amazing. Molly sees an approaching figure and assumes hostility, so he approaches with swords drawn. Keg, the figure, sees Molly approaching with swords drawn and assumes they're about to fight, so she draws her weapons too. And then Beau yells from the bushes she's attempting to hide in, asking for feedback as to how she's doing in the stealth department.
      Nott: What's going on?!
      Molly: We don't know!
      Nott: Should I kill something?!
      Molly: Probably!
    • Caleb takes out a wire, about to cast Message to communicate with someone (either Keg or one of his allies) mid-confrontation. Liam doesn't even get to finish narrating his action before Beau and Keg get into yelling "What's YOUR fucking name?!" back and forth at each other. Liam then calmly remarks that he puts the wire away.
    • Keg complains about her flask being empty, leading to Nott bragging about her Flask of Infinite Booze.
      Nott: Oh, your flask runs out?
      Keg: ...Yes weird creepy doll girl.
      Nott: (Laughs smugly.)
      Keg: Can anyone explain this shit to me?
  • Detective Nott gets a great call-back after Nott pours Keg a drink and she immediately says "I know who took your friends".
  • Beau's idea of how to get rid of one of their horses: leave it behind and hang a sign on it saying "Free horse".
  • The group leaves behind one of their horses, Loaf, leading to poop jokes.
    Keg: Starting to rethink my agreement to work with you guys...
    Matt: Welcome to the Mighty Nein.
  • Marisha's face when Matt tells her that, due to Haste, she still has 75 feet of movement left after pummelling one of the insects to death.
  • Nott casts Silent Image to create a duplicate of Beau, leading to jokes of it being a Palette Swap in the vein of Street Fighter. The insect rolls high enough to see through it despite its low Intelligence, so it obviously wasn't a very good one.
    Matt: It's like: "Really, puce?"
  • Nott rolls a Natural 20 for stealth.
    Matt: You teleport through dimensions. You're now in Campaign 1.
  • Keg, the dwarf in full plate armour, rolls a Nat 20 on Stealth. Pike would be green with envy. Matt names Ashly Burch as the Anti-Wil Wheaton.
  • Nott talks with Keg during watch and... falls victim to poor wording.
    Nott: I like tongue. I mean, because I was eating horse tongue before.
    Keg: Oh, I thought you were coming on to me.
    • Nott promises to tell her one thing about herself if Keg shares one thing about her past. Keg says the Shepherds enslaved one of her friends. Nott replies... that she's a good dancer. Ashly, Sam and Matt all break down in hysterics.
      Nott: You hit me with your heaviest shit!
      Keg: I thought that's what you wanted!!
      Molly: We're trying to sleep!!
      Nott: Well that was fun.
    • Gets a hilarious call-back later when Keg reveals, under Suggestion, that she lied and used to work with the Iron Shepherds.
      Nott: I lied too. I'm an average dancer.
  • As the group prepares an ambush, Matt says he's going to get the map out so the players can position themselves. Sam is skeptical of this, remarking that Matt would not have been able to predict the group setting an ambush at this exact location and thus prepare a map specifically for it.note  Liam chimes in:
    Liam: That would make sense, if he were human.

    Episode 27: Converging Fury 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo this time invokes Too Soon and Crosses the Line Twice with the events of the last episode. He also wears a new shirt with a print of Matt grimacing (a still from Episode 14 of him acting out the Ogre guard being hit with the Wand of Smiles), and his flask message is "R.I.P Shirt Bit, 2018-2018 (oh, also Molly)".
    Ashly: For my first action, I kill Sam.
  • Guest character Nila's Fish out of Water status creates a lot of these, especially the Running Gag of not understanding what "fuck" means.
  • The morning in the Shady Creek Run is greeted by, in Matt's words, "broken-sounding roosters". Nila takes a Goodberry and gives one to each of them as she leaves.
  • The previous night, Keg unwittingly insults Nott by telling Caleb he "could do better" when assuming he and Nott are a couple. At breakfast, as Nott comes to the table, she finds Keg with a written note and spectacles, which turns out to be a scripted apology to Nott, which she reads out Bad "Bad Acting" style. Beau says she could learn a thing or two.
  • Keg rolls a Natural 1 for stealth, in complete contrast to the previous episode. Matt describes it as sounding like someone knocked over a stack of pots and pans, so everyone's reaction is "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!!"
  • When staying the night, Beau hires some "companionship" to spend the night with. By the time they arrive, she's so drunk that she barely seems to remember hiring them, and tries to initiate casual conversation before the lady just pushes her into the room to get to business.
    Matt: (does a chopping motion into his hand) Cut to black.
    • Since Beau, a human, ended up spending the night with an elf that looks "a bit older" than her, and elves age very differently from humans (lifespans of 750+ years, considered adults at 100), the players take a moment teasing Marisha about being a "cougar".
    Liam: You're probably nailing a two hundred and fifty year old.
    Marisha: Hot!
    • Also, after hearing that the woman Beau hired is an elf, Liam promptly starts flipping through a rulebook to figure out the age as mentioned above. Not knowing what he's doing, Sam asks if he's looking up a spell.

    Episode 28: Within the Nest 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo involves Fun with Acronyms to help remember DnD Beyond's features. Sam writes them down on a whiteboard... and they just happen to spell out "Liam Eats Farts" when read downward.
    • What sells this is that Sam originally wrote "LIAM EATS FART" due to only having four acronyms, and in the middle of his explanation nonchalantly adds an "s" at the end without breaking his stride.
  • Sam puts his flask where Taliesin normally sits, and the note taped to it reads: "This flask is Taliesin's new character".
  • For a moment, the planning derails into suggesting starting a debating club in Shady Creek.
  • While the party are trying to decide what to do next, Keg asks them how well they think the missing members will be holding up under torture.
    Nott: Fjord, probably not. Yasha's probably okay. Jester has already turned. She's flipped.
    Keg: Oh, then there's no rush!
  • Taliesin's new character is a Firbolg. Nott, naturally, asks if he knows Pumat Sol.
    • On top of this, as he enters the room viewers can see that his shirt reads "NEW CHARACTER, WHO DIS?"
  • How said character - Caduceus - is introduced; he looks at the motley crew in front of him (hobo wizard, goblin, a Firblog lady, and Beau) and just sighs, commenting on how he doesn't have enough cups for everyone (in regards to tea).
  • To test if Caduceus can really heal, Nott shoots Beau with her crossbow. The first is a miss, but the second is a Natural 20. Beau's missile snaring ability still reduces the shot to no damage... until Sam reminds Matt that when he rolls a Nat 20 with this crossbow, it fires another bolt immediately. This one, she doesn't catch.
    Beau: I'm keeping this bolt. It's mine now. [Pulls out the other bolt from her chest] And I'm keeping this one too.
    Ashly: Keg is aroused again.
  • To salvage a botched stealth check, Caleb sends Frumpkin near the guard. The same guard who tried to shoot him last episode. This time, he hits and does 4 points of Piercing damage, and everyone braces for the worst... but:
    Liam: Frumpkin is alive! [...] His hit points as an owl is 1d4 + 1, and I rolled a 4.
    • Which leads to:
      Guard: Phil! Hey Phil! I just shot an owl and it's still flyin'! I hate this forest, it's bullshit!
  • Caduceus' thoughts on the guard.
    Caduceus: I'm sure he's a terrible person, he shot an owl.
  • The same two guards have trouble with Frumpkin again later in the night, this time in spider form. They still can't kill him.
  • Hideous Laughter returns.
    Nott: Hey! I'm thinking of removing my spine! Because it's... holdin' me back!
  • Nott unlocking the trapped trap door with a reach around.
    Nott: A reach around. Give it a little tuggy with the reach around. Just pull it. Pull it. Just tug it until it explodes. Just reach around and tug it until it explodes! Just keep on working it! Might have to use the other hand for a while, that one's getting tired, Matt! Wait for the explosion!
    Matt, exasperated: Roll... roll for reach around.
  • In the middle of the tear jearking and heartwarming scene between Nila and her family, Nott makes an attempt to pick the lock to free her husband... and Sam rolls a natural 1. Resigned Sam decides to do an investigation check on the room so Nott can find some keys to the cage and rolls a natural 1 yet again, much to everyones awe and laughter.

    Episode 29: The Stalking Nightmare 
  • The costumes are amazing:
    • Brian's wearing sequins, leather and Crocs with glitter in his beard.
    • Liam's next, and his shirt has Frumpkin wearing laser-shooting glasses.
    • Marisha comes out in a blouse and pants with Sam's rainbow suspenders from the Campaign 2 opening.
    • Ashly and Taliesin follow, as themselves but in vaguely formal outfits.
    • Sam comes out in a pink dragon-like outfit, on rollerskates, with a lit-up bowl on his crotch.
    • Matt comes out as Matt... but then removes his vest to show a shirt of Sam's face to an utterly priceless reaction from all.
  • Poor Keg goes through almost all the episode being the Butt-Monkey to the group's plans or actions.
    • It starts with Caleb going invisible using a scroll of invisibility, then doing a Stealth Hi/Bye when she expresses fear he might of left her.
    • He also has Frumpkin appear on her shoulder, but Frumpkin is still a spider, causing Keg to Freak Out! for a second.
    • Shakäste has The Dutchess land on her shoulder, which causes Keg to freak out again. Shakäste lampshades how The Dutchess is a bird and not a spider.
  • Shakäste returns! His new Spiritual Weapon takes the form of Nefertiti... and he brings out a life-size statue that has some light-up features (which he says he bought as soon as he saw it downstairs at the convention). He then proceeds to whiff on every single one of her attacks... except for using her to flip a switch.
    • The leadup to his return deserves mention too, as it's foreshadowed by The Duchess making an appearance before quickly flying away, much to Keg's confusion. This prompts a member of the live audience to shout "The audience is aroused!"
  • Caleb's adventures with invisibility. On the one hand, him not being able to cast any spells without giving it up renders him mostly useless in any conflict (which itself is mostly Played for Laughs), but on the other, he has such ridiculous events as pointing (invisibly) at something and saying it is in the direction he is pointing, apparently forgetting nobody else can see it.
  • Caduceus tries to help remove the iron portcullis trapping the group in the hallway, and rolls a one looking for the switch due to his negative Investigation modifier. Cue Caduceus getting distracted by a piece of moss on the wall.
  • Shakäste proves to be quite the charmer once again, managing to find time to subtly work his charm on both Keg, and one of the Iron Shepherds remaining leaders at every point. Keg especially is caught off guard by it.
  • Beau, Keg, and Nott get caught up on planning what Keg should yell for Nott's Silent Image bait, resulting in a good minute of the three discussing the best insult to say to get the remaining enemies attention. Then comes (invisible) Caleb asking what they are doing in a frustrated tone.
  • In the middle of revealing a room that the Duchess can see, Matt's map, which has the shape of a large square with two smaller squares on either side, is acknowledged as looking like something else entirely.
    Sam: The map looks like a cock and balls!
    Liam: Spoilers!
    Matt: Hopefully not, proportionally. That'd be a little sad.
  • After Caleb insisting that Clay and Shakäste will heal him... he ends up the only one that Shakäste isn't able to target with Mass Healing Word due to having moved beyond his view.
  • After having to watch the Iron Shepherds kill Frumpkin, Caleb gets the HDYWTDT on Lorenzo. The last thing he says to his smoldering remains in a tired, bloodloss-drunken voice:
    Caleb: ...You shouldn't have killed my cat.
    • And then there's the first thing he says after Matt gives him the HDYWTDT:
      Caleb: Oooooooh well fuck me running, it worked!
    • Matt's reaction when he realizes Caleb's spell killed Lorenzo deserves mention, mostly because of how the crowd reacts to it. For bonus points, some guy in the audience shouted "For Molly!" while Matt was calculating the damage of the spell that avenged the fallen member of the Nein. Never has a fan created accidental Five-Second Foreshadowing before, but damn if it isn't hilarious here.
      Matt: Fffuck. How do you want to do this?
      The crowd goes ape shit
    • Ashly Burch's reaction to how exactly Caleb finishes Lorenzo off. Better because of the many seconds-long beat after he declared it in the first place.
      Ashly: What the fuck?!
  • The Mighty Nein finally find Jester, Fjord, and Yasha, unconcious, and locked in very sturdy cells. Nott volunteers to pick the locks, despite rolling HORRIBLY for it for nearly 4 episodes. Clay, interested, decided to watch. Nott says she "doesn't work well with crowds" all the while Sam is giving side eye to the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. But what pushes this from funny to gut-busting hilarity? The natural 20.
  • When the Nein ask Shakäste and Keg if they want to stay with them (at least for a drunken bender), Beau takes the opportunity to proposition the dwarven fighter to stay with her for the night. While everyone is providing double-take reactions to Beau's offer, Sam provides the literal obligatory Mic Drop.
  • As Matt is ending the episode, he mentions that the party turns in looking forward to enjoying comfort, alcohol, and whatever else transpires after that. Ashly, however, gets straight to the point and calls what the "whatever else" is for Beau and Keg:

    Episode 30: The Journey Home 
  • Since this is Travis & Laura's first show back after Laura gave birth, Sam uses D&D Beyond's sponsorship time to "bring them up to speed":
    Sam: Laura, the new wi-fi password is "DallasSux", with an X
    Travis: (angry cough)
    Sam: Travis, while you were gone we discovered Fjord's middle name is "Broncos", so that's canon now. Laura, while you were gone your dice were all loaned to Wil Wheaton for a while.
    Laura: (glaring at her dice bag) Oh no...
    Sam: Uh, Taliesin's new character is a cleric, so you don't have to heal anyone.
    Laura: Fuck yes!
  • Sam confuses Laura not being present for Episode 25 for Jester not being there.
    Nott: Kiri is fine. [...] We found a new home for her.
    Jester: I know, I was there! I said goodbye to her.
    Nott: Oh, you did.
    Jester: I understand how you would think, because I wasn't quite myself...
  • While the group loots the Sour Nest, Caduceus somehow ends up in the kitchen and starts cooking. It was a nice kitchen!
  • Keg leaves a farewell letter for Nott, and fittingly, the spelling is terrible. Beau also gets a letter, and it only takes a glance for Marisha, Travis and Liam to burst into hysterics. Turns out, it's an attempt at saying something romantic... that's all crossed out and replaced with just "thanks".
  • As the group leaves Ophelia Mardun's residence, Nott reveals that she named all the horses in their yard: Waterloo, Fernando, Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen. She has to leave two behind, and the group unanimously agrees to keep Mamma Mia (Nott also keeps Dancing Queen).
  • Jester tried to eavesdrop on a conversation by using Channel Divinity - Cloak of Shadows... Without realizing it only gives her 12 seconds of invisibility. Matt deadpans that it was the best use of Channel Divinity in DnD history.
    Nott: Maybe next time you use it, it will have a purpose.
    Marisha: Yeah, I was gonna say, I do not miss Sam Riegel giving me shit about my spell usage.

    Episode 31: Commerce & Chaos 
  • Sam's promo this time... is a "country song" for DnD Beyond. It goes in... weird directions.
    Sam: [singing] DnD Beyond... be my girl tonight...
  • Nott and Jester forging a letter to the Soltryce Academy asking after Astrid is pretty funny by itself but Liam's reaction heightens the comedy even further. He clearly wants to interrupt or stop them but since Caleb isn't part of the scene he can only Face Palm as they write their letter.
  • Matt makes Jester roll a dexterity check when sealing a forged letter. He explains...
    Matt: There is a difference between candle wax and sealing wax. How do I know this? Because I've made that mistake in the past. While sealing letters for previous D&D campaigns.
  • Caduceus gets to meet the Pumat Sols. The Pumats are completely taken with seeing another Firbolg in Zadash and Caduceus is adorably confused for a good 15 minutes while the 3 simulacrum come out and then bring out Pumat Prime. Once they explain the nature of the duplicates to him he is utterly charmed by their existence and thinks it's all very nice and cool.
  • Beau is excited to get her weekend of training with Tubo underway...and he takes her up into the library to study. Caleb shoots her a smile and two thumbs-up from across the hall; she flips him off.
  • Beau spends her downtime training with the Cobalt Soul, overseen by a monk named Tubo. Her final challenge involves facing him and two other monks, all with bow and arrows. Leading to this quip from Sam.
    Sam: Tubo vs Beau with bows!
    Liam: Bobobo-bo-bobobo!
  • Matt, while giving exposition to Caleb, uses the phrase "Penetrate the Kryn Dynasty's boundaries". Matt immediately looks to Laura, fully aware of what her reaction will be.
  • In the lead up to the grand escape from the church of the Platinum Dragon, Nott decides to turn into an older Gnome lady to convince the guards to leave. Sam doesn't even try to sound convincing on account of Nott lacking info on the location, even claiming that the holy water needed to be replaced every thirty days, and that it was the thirty day mark.
    • Following that is Jester, using Disguise Self to look like the head priest, trying to convince them to leave as well. Laura's old man voice has to be heard to be believed.
  • Jester vandalizes the statue of the Platinum Dragon with a rainbow of paint and Clay's straw hat, but she's caught just as she's adding the mustache. The next half hour is all about Jester and Nott escaping from an increasing number of Crownsguard while Jester uses all of her spells to hilarious effect.
    • Nott tries to help Jester by claiming that the real head of the church died during all the chaos, and rolls so badly on her Deception check that her already-poor roll is increased by her bonus of -3. The guards attack and quickly capture her in what can only be described as a giant hamster ball.
    • Jester attempts to escape by hiding, only to be found due to poor stealth roll. She casts Blink to escape and initially celebrates escaping, only for Travis to remind Matt that Blink requires a roll to see if you actually blink out. Laura rolls below a ten, meaning Jester didn’t vanish, which Matt retcons as Jester disappearing & then simply reappearing within the same second. The look on Laura's face is priceless as she scrambles to cast another spell to escape.
    • At one point Jester uses Mirror Image to try and fool the guards, only for her to roll above a ten on her Blink check, resulting in her vanishing & then reappearing 10 feet away. Since Mirror Image makes a copy of the person, it causes the copies to vanish, and then reappear as well. The guards trying to chase are completely floored at the vanishing and reappearing copies.
    • Travis points out how much crap Laura gave him, Taliesin, Sam, and Liam for their failed hospital trip back in episode 12. By the end, Travis claims that Jester and Nott's botched escape eclipsed anything like it from the first campaign, putting on the same level as Scan-bo - which, fittingly enough, took place in episode 31 of the first campaign.
  • As the Nein head to the Menagerie Coast, Jester messages Yasha to inform her of their plans. Because it's Jester, it takes her multiple castings to get the point across.
    Sam: 7 spell slots later, and Yasha gets "You have... 7... new messages."

    Episode 32: Beyond the Boundaries 
  • While travelling, Caleb suggests to Cadeucus that he should ask Jester to show him the artifact the Nein got from Theron way back Episode 13. However his cryptic suggestion referring to it only as the "thingy in her bag" leads to this conversation, which highly implies that Jester showed him some of her sex toys.
    Jester: (grimacing) Which thingy?
    Cadeucus: I don't know, Caleb is being really shifty about it
    Jester: (still grimacing) There's some really questionable thingies in here, (suddenly cheerful) but you can see them if you want!
    • Jester, of course, takes the opportunity to continue her trend of having raunchy Ship Tease with most of the party.
      Jester: (pointing to something in her bag) And then there's that thingy, (whispering) Caleb doesn't know about it, but he will later.
      (Liam shoots a knowing Aside Glance at the camera)
  • Matt's description of the scenic ride back towards Trostenwald.
    Matt: You're kind of enjoying the details of it as you pass by; the field mice that occasionally scurry across the road... and get snatched up by a hawk and you're like, 'yup, that's how it happens.'
  • Fjord's description of Caduceus as "A tall magical cow".
  • Cadeucus thinks a little bit too hard and starts to bleed from his nose.
    Jester: Does that happen when you think really hard?
    Cadeucus: ... What?
  • After Jester makes a joke about the Lawmaster of Alfield having a small penis, Fjord asks Jester about how many penises she saw in her life, resulting in several minutes of the conversation spiralling out of control from Jester proclaiming she saw Molly's and it was colorful, to Caleb saying Molly's looked nasty with several innuendos. Bryce takes the opportunity to excuse themselves.
  • The Ettin's that try to ambush the group get discovered thanks to Cadeucus rolling a natural 20 on his Perception check, and he proceeds to ruin the ambush by casting Calm Emotions on the most visible one, resulting in it simply waving at the group as they try to pass by. Turns out Matt had planned for them to fight them and even brings out a model for it.
    • The unaffected Ettin starts arguing with the one that was affected by Calm Emotions because Cadeucus starts talking to them as if they were close friends, which throws off the unaffected one since Cadeucus can speak Giant.
  • Caleb's PTSD mechanic (roll a Wisdom saving throw against Stun after a fire-based kill) causes some unanticipated side effects after he uses a Fireball to blow up the last of the ambushing Ettin: Beau, who was Enlarged by Caleb during the battle, grabs the stunned Caleb and throws him over her shoulder to rejoin the party ... except that Enlarge is a concentration-based spell, and Stun breaks concentration, so Beau shrinks back down to normal, loses her boosted strength, and gets staggered by the weight of Caleb's body over her shoulder.
  • The party encounters a travelling pet shop. Travis, Liam and Taliesin realize very early on that this meeting and the resulting purchases will cause chaos in the next episodes. Within a few minutes Taliesin verbally regrets playing a vegetarian, they start a pool for bets about which animal would die first, and Liam quasi-angrily accuses Matt: "You did this!" To which Matt nods proudly, witnessing the chaos of Beau and Jester buying three new pets, and answers with a big grin "Yeah, yeah, I did."
    The girls are squeeing over a pair of twin tiger cubs
    Travis/Fjord: No, no, no, no, no...
    • The kicker is that Liam is keeping Caleb within the Leomund's Tiny Hut he'd set up, glaring at Jester while aggressively petting Frumpkin - the Nein already have a mascot animal, and Frumpkin doesn't need competition.
    • Despite the above entry, Liam completely breaks character when he realizes one of the animals for sale is a Blink Puppy, before quickly playing the Meta-Gaming Pigeon card.
    • The whole time this is going on, Caduceus is mostly watching, because Taliesin is conflicted between out of character, and in character, suggesting that while Taliesin wants one, Caduceus is not as much invested in getting one. It doesn't help that one of the animals is a peacock, which Sam jokingly says was there for Taliesin.
  • Taliesin rolls an extraordinarily high Insight check when the party is talking to Gustav, a character that Caduceus Clay has never met. Clay sizes him up so well that it freaks the party out and Nott demands to know if Clay is psychic or precognitive, leading to a beautiful pun.
    Nott: How and when will Fjord die?
    Clay: In a terrible crash... with a man named Buick.

    Episode 33: The Ruby and the Sapphire 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond goes above and beyond in insulting the Dallas Cowboys as Sam fakes his heart exploding, complete with detonating blood squibs, only to reveal that he was wearing a "Keep Calm and Hate Dallas" shirt underneath it when Laura pulls it off him to "save" him.
  • Jester discusses what caused her to have to leave home, commenting that the Lord she tricked was named Sharp, but that he wasn't "very sharp". Beau assumes she meant that he was an idiot, while Jester meant something else. As Jester makes her joke, Matt can be seen looking to the side with a smirk on his face, mildly shaking his head.
  • Nott vs Crab. For context, Nott sees a crab touch Caleb's clothes while she's watching them, so she lunges for it. She only manages to grab it due to its Dex roll being very low, but it pinches her thumb as she does. She crushes it with her knee, but only due to, again, it rolling low on Dexterity.
  • Caleb's still floating in the ocean wearing "one thing" (his anti-scrying necklace, no doubt). Jester makes sure to yell out "We can still see your weenie!", and Fjord decides to Misty Step right next to him to scare him.
  • We find out what Beau decided to name her owl: Professor Thaddeus.
    Beau: I wasn't sure if he looked more like a "Professor" or a "Thaddeus", so I thought...
    Caduceus: Why not both?
    • After an hour-long training session, Matt explains that Professor Thaddeus probably likes Caduceus more than Beau.
  • Taliesin later tells the others he named the seagull Beau fed to Thaddeus. Steven. He's force to explain that it comes from Steven Seagal.
    • As a bit of a Brick Joke, Travis's disguised persona is named "Steven Chagall". It's noted that those two imitations shouldn't be mixed together.
  • Jester introducing her mother to Clay:
    Jester: He doesn't know anything about sex and he drinks dead people tea!
    • The fake blood from the D&D beyond skit ended up staining Sam's hands, and it's still there when he decides to have Nott drop her Disguise Self in front of Marion. Cue a goblin girl with bloodied hands introducing herself to the Ruby of the Sea.
      Nott: This is seagull blood, not human blood.
  • Jester on being a Cleric.
    Jester: [Proudly] I can heal people, mom!
    Nott/Sam: She can heal people...
  • When discussing alcohol, Laura brings up the cast in-joke of Sam's wine aerator.
    Jester: We'll bring up the aerator!
    Nott: Aerator? What's that?
    Matt: It's a Cantrip.
  • The party accidentally stumbles on a major revelation (that The Gentleman might be Jester's father), Taliesin adds some perfectly in-character Mood Whiplash.
  • Jester attempts to carefully send a 20 words message, after having most of her messages cut off halfway through, and Taliesin counts the words out of character. Eventually this is the message that The Gentleman would receive.
    Jester: Hello, Gentleman. This is Jester. Please respond, just yes, if you've seen the Ruby. Please. Is that twenty? SHIT, NO!
  • The fact that in a party where 5 of 6 members could cast Disguise Self, nobody thought to Disguise themselves as The Gentleman in front of Marion to confirm whether this was the case.
  • Jester being fixated on sleeping in the boob of the Mother's Lighthouse, or even just going into it. Turns out it's all solid, no way in.
  • When the group find a Mage Tower in the city, Beau has this to say to Caleb.
    Beau: Do you have wizard envy? It's okay, it's a pretty large tower.
  • Speaking of the Mage Tower, Beau attempts to scale its entirely smooth surface and (obviously) fails, falling on her behind. Matt looks in the Player's Handbook for something Travis assumes to be fall damage (but which turns out to be the Monk ability Slow Fall). Then Liam and Marisha have this exchange.
    Liam: Yeah, it's 1d6 per ten feet!
    Marisha (pointedly): Yeah, I know this math.

    Episode 34: Encroaching Waters 
  • We finally meet Orly, the Fireside Chat NPC, and his implanted bagpipes.
  • Nott tries to intimidate the bar by claiming there's a horde of goblins outside. Matt doesn't even have her roll for her terrible Deception.
  • Beau's chatty spring break tourist persona Tracy is a wonder to behold - she even captures the Celezzo's heart.
    • Following that, her (understandable) reaction following; she needs a thorough shower after actually flirting with a guy for information.
  • Sam, on the fight against Algar.
    Sam: I just want to point out that your mom said "this guy is bothering me", and we blew him up and attacked him with tentacles.
  • Octopus Frumpkin was good at seeing things, but not at squeezing through grates. Matt ruled the twin failures as being unused to that form.
  • The group forgets they have both Nugget, and the weasel with them, resulting in the group freaking out at the realization their pets will drown. Caduceus even asks Nugget if he wants to go with them, all while Travis proclaims the pets are gonna die.
  • Seeing Caleb face down in the water and unconscious, Nott uses her Mage Hand to force-feed him a potion. Matt has Caleb make a Strength saving throw to avoid breaking a tooth. (Having a glass phial rapidly shoved in your mouth will do that) He's really disappointed when Caleb passes (with a Natural 20, no less).
  • The first water wave spell knocked Fjord and Yasha backwards, but not Caleb who was standing right behind them - Matt ruled that Caleb was knocked prone anyway due to the impact of the two larger fighters.
  • Black Comedy ensued when Caduceus was whelmed and taking death saves, as the cast joked that Taliesin would be making another new character (Taliesin claimed to be out of ideas).
    • Added to that, Caduceus spent a long time inside the water elemental and making death saves, so Taliesin never had a chance to even attempt to get out.
  • Jester's lollipop came out with a razor-spiked edge.
  • During the Hunger of Hadar, it was joked that Travis had just cast hentai.
    • Later, they wondered whether the tentacles of that spell could wield the Lollipop. Laura's roll to his was successful, so Matt said "That's what happened".
  • When Algar hits 0 HP, he's in the Hunger. The party cheers him hitting 0, but Matt reminds them that none of them could know it at that time. They move from elation to disappointment.
  • Nott during the entire episode is firmly against going into the water, to the point where she attempts to persuade the Water Elemental not to fight them because she's terribly afraid of water. Sadly she doesn't roll high enough, but still hilarious given the situation. Add to this the irony of everyone trying to convince her that water isn't all that bad being followed by beings made of water trying to kill them.

    Episode 35: Dockside Diplomacy 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo... is a special ad created using all the amazing special effects their sponsorship money goes towards. ...All none of them.
    Matt: One day, your escalation is going to be the end of us all.
    Sam: Guys, for DnD Beyond this week I brought a loaded gun!
  • Matt makes sure to remind the party in the Previously On… that they almost drowned their pets in the last episode.
  • Upon seeing Fjord's raised spectre, Caduceus freaks out and instinctively casts Turn Undead. This happens on two later occasions.
  • Caduceus heals everyone. Jester takes advantage of this to say she's healing everyone too when she actually isn't.
  • Fjord casts Disguise Self to make him look like Algar, and Jester uses her Disguise Kit to try and make the real Algar look like someone different. Her roll is... average.
    Matt: Algar now looks like a weird uncle... of Algar.
  • Back at the hotel, Beau fails several Animal Handling checks for Professor Thaddeus, before resorting to yelling expletives at him. This is the check that succeeds. Thaddeus must be a fan of tough love.
  • Matt contemplates what kind of check Fjord needs to make to swim.
  • The trainwreck of bad roll that ensues when the Nein try to sneak up on Marius. Fjord rolls a low Acrobatics check and splashes into the water, Jester tries to use Thaumaturgy to pass it off as a dolphin noise, but rolls badly on Performance. The ship's crew start getting suspicious, so Beau brings back "Tracy" and acts out breaking up with Caleb and throwing their "wedding ring" in the ocean. She rolls an 11 on Deception (with disadvantage). Beau's first line when breaking character is perfectly fitting.
    Beau: Caleb? They don't think I'm a dumb drunk bitch.
  • Travis accidentally calls the Summer's Dance sword Summer's Eve. Which is a brand of cream for a certain... feminine area, for those not in the know.
  • Beau tries to grab Marius and drag him away from the fight. Matt tells her to roll... before revealing afterwards that, because he was mesmerised by Fjord's Hypnotic Pattern, she would've automatically succeeded anyway. He just wanted to see what she rolled.
  • This exchange when Matt is rolling for the three archers that decide to attack Fjord.
    Marisha: What if we commandeer the ship?
    Matt: [Rolling dice] Natural 20 on the first hit.
    Marisha: What if we don't commandeer the ship?
  • Matt's frustration that "the captain", who "was supposed to be the nasty one in that fight", got paralysed and eviscerated by Yasha before getting a chance to do anything.
  • Fjord runs downstairs when the ladies are trying to get the ship moving. Travis then realizes that his Sailor background was kinda necessary to making that happen, so he first left the table in embarrassment, then had Fjord go to the wheel and bash his head on it in frustration (not quite dealing his Last Chance Hit Point in damage).
  • After Jester imbed her hand axe into a crewman's head
    Jester: That was not my intention.
    Travis: That was not my intention. The title of this episode.
  • The sheer fact that "Let's go talk to Marius" wound up as "Okay, we're stealing the ship after killing all seven sailors on it". It takes a special kind of Epic Fail to consider that leap of logic, which took everyone at the table by surprise as it was happening (even Matt, who never expected it).
  • Just to reiterate the point- The Mighty Nein dispatched a full crew and commandeered an entire ship by accident. This also continues their track record of having well-though-out plans end horribly (the hospital raid in Zadash, their first fight with the Iron Shepards), while spur-of-the-moment impulse actions (like stealing a dodecahedron that allows the manipulation of fate) succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

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