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Critical Role's funny moments
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Critical Role One-Shots

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 13: Lost & Found 
  • Continuing Sam's trend of bad accent impressions in sponsor plugs, he does this week's promo for "Da Dee n Dee Bee-yaand" in a Chicago accent, in honor of his then-upcoming appearance at a convention there. Of course, because by his own admission his Chicago accent is terrible it comes out sounding less like someone from Chicago and more like Coach Z.
  • When trying to get information about the drow they just defeated, the party goes through Marisha's comprehensive notes on "The Courting of the Crick," leading to the realization that they are using porn as their research material in order to think on what to call him, using the book's drow love interest as a basis. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • After Nott has used Silent Image to distract a crowd away from the party's theft of the dodecahedron:
    Liam: I wish I could be a fly on the wall when those wizards hear this story from the Crownsguard, just like- [belegueared frown]
    Matt: I don't know, it just flew in the air, grew big, made sauce and disappeared!
    Marisha: It was just like that cat I kicked the other day.
    Liam: Yes, yes, very good. Take a lollipop from the bowl and get out.
  • After the commotion in the Tri-Spire, Beau drives off some kids who were planning to loot a store in the chaos. Later, Nott passes the same kids, and hears them commenting "that woman was such a bitch".
    Sam: I know exactly who they're talking about.
  • As the group discusses everything that's happened, Caleb (who's watching over the dodecahedron in the secret cellar) seems to go slightly stir-crazy and begins talking to the skeleton, creating a grumbling voice for the skull. He even calls it Yorick!
  • While testing out the gear they took from the drow, Beau attacks Molly, who's trying out the longsword. She gets him in the eye with her staff, and he retaliates by hitting her in the head with the flat of the blade.
    Molly: Any effect?
    Beau: Yeah, a fucking headache!
  • While the conversation between the group about trust is pretty serious and intense, it does give us this little gem after Beau goes off on Nott, prompting the group to note that she's making progress in being more polite:
    Beau: I mean, not as nice as what they said, if [Caleb] ever does anything to get me fucking locked up I will beat him so fucking bad his ancestors on the next plane won't fucking recognize him.
    Nott: That's very nice, Beau.
    Beau: Thanks, I’m trying real hard.
    Nott: Yeah, I could tell that there was at least six more "fuck"s in there that you held back. That's progress.
  • The sequence where Jester slowly but surely annoys her way into Claudia's office is quite amusing:
    Jester: Claudiaaa... Blink once- (pauses) Knock- (pauses again) Say you're not okay if you're not okay cause you sound weird.
    Claudia: I am fine. Do not worry.
    • Despite Claudia's reassurances, Jester becomes convinced something is off and goes for the doorknob, but the door turns out to be locked.
    Liam: Cue the horror strings.
    Taliesin: I have had this roommate.
  • Travis gets the names of The Leaky Tap and The Evening Nip mixed up in his head, ending up with "The Leaky Nip":
  • The Mighty Nein goes to buy a lead-lined box from a blacksmith, which Jester tries to explain away as a birthday gift for her mother, who loves lead boxes. Since making one takes too long for the party's liking, they try again at Pumat Sol's shop. Jester prepares to launch into the same story as before, but cuts herself off mid-way through, not even bothering with the ruse.
  • While on the way to Pumat Sol's shop Jester begins to share her reservations about him and her suspicions. When asked Laura has to clarify that this is out of game and her sole reasoning is that she had a nightmare where Pumat Sol betrayed them.
    Taliesin: Clarota aftershocks.
  • While they're there, they notice that one of the Pumats is reading a book, which he reveals to be called "The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington".
    Pumat: Yeah, this has got to be fiction. I mean, he travels 'round with this big construct called "Dotty".
  • Beau's facial expressions and inability to comprehend what she was seeing when meeting the Pumat Sols was gold. Particularly when Fjord just pats her on the shoulder like he's comforting a confused child.
  • Jester joins Fjord's latest attempt to get Beau to be polite and coaxes a smile out of her. Nott isn't buying it:
    Nott: What is that crazy expression? I saw your gums for a second! It was freaky!
    • Jester then uses the Wand of Smiles on her to keep it going. Marisha spends the next few minutes acting out a very confused cheerfulness, while everyone else is weirded out both in and out of character.
      Beau: (mid-conversation, brightly) I feel like it's all gone to shit!
  • The absurdity of Molly's deflection when recognized at the end of the episode by saying he "just has one of those faces", despite him being a purple tiefling with piercings, tattoos, and red eyes.

    Episode 14: Fleeting Memories 
  • The entirety of Sam's weekly charity announcement, starting with the streamers and silly string and devolving from there.
  • Nott and Caleb go to get friendly with an Ogre, and Nott tells one of her trademark terrible jokes. Matt confesses afterwards that he had the Ogre make an Intelligence Check to see whether it got the joke or not. It did not. And then Jester uses the Wand of Smiles, forcing Matt to do an amazing, and painful-looking, impression of a stern Ogre slowly smiling.
  • The Running Gag of the party trying to claim Jester is doing various disgusting things while her player isn't there. Everyone knows Laura is going to kill them for it later.
    • Matt, master of voices, has some trouble acting for Jester, not only struggling with her accent but also with what she would do, due to her chaotic nature. Liam takes over for him midway through the episode and does a frighteningly accurate impression of Jester.
  • After returning to the Leaky Tap, Horace reveals he's been reading Tusk Love. Fjord asks if the pictures are any good. There aren't any.
    Fjord: The fuck are you readin' it for then?
    Marisha: Your Grog is showing.
  • While most of the party's questions to Molly and Yasha under the Zone of Truth are serious, Jester adds a few of her own such as "is there anyone in this group you find attractive" or "have you ever pooped your pants". Molly immediately answers the first with a Blunt "Yes" before realising the question was actually for Yasha.
    • Molly has, in fact, pooped his pants.
  • Molly's backstory has more than a passing resemblance to the basic set-up of Blindspot, which leads to this exchange when the party is discussing Molly's tattoos:
    Marisha: (to Ashley) C'mon, Patterson, c'mon. Help us out here right now. This is your day job!note 
    Ashley: Well, if I look at my tattoo database...
  • At the end of the Zone of Truth conversation (which the entire party, apart from Fjord and Beau, was affected by), Nott says it was fun and they should do this every evening.
  • Kara, on leaving for the time being, tells the group that they’re "in bed one way or the other". Beau's reaction is... predictable, but the abrupt turnaround is what really makes it.
    Beau: Well...
    Fjord: Leave that one alone.
    Beau: Alright.
  • Beau tells Caleb to get her shuriken when he goes out shopping, and gets rather intense about it. Caleb's utterly deadpan reply is gold.
    Beau: Do not fuck me here, Caleb, do not fuck me!
    Caleb: Not interested, but I will ask about the items.
    • While running the errand, Caleb tries to convince Yasha that she should give the shuriken to Beau because she would appreciate it more from her. Yasha does not catch on to his intentions, much to Caleb's frustration, which is noticed by Beau upon their return:
    Beau: (after getting back her change) Why are you acting so weird about this?
    Caleb: I am just weird in general.
  • When trying to explain Pumat Sol to Yasha, Caleb tells an accidental joke. Molly admits it's Actually Pretty Funny despite him not being joking.
    Fjord: You'll like this. Pumat Sol is— how would you describe? Unique?
    Caleb: Well, not one-of-a-kind.
  • Pumat Prime isn't quite as magnanimous as his simulacrae, even throwing some sass at the party:
    Molly: Two vials of holy water is perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for.
    Pumat: Well look at that, it's like it was meant to be. Straight up destiny.
  • Yasha asks to buy healing potions:
    Pumat: We've got maybe two more, but you gotta give us time to restock, your friends here have been mighty... mighty hungry.
    • What cracks the cast up even more than the pun itself is Ashley's immediate head shake at her own joke.
    • Also amusing is that Yasha's awkward attempt at haggling actually nets her a discount, succeeding where Fjord, whose charisma is much higher, previously failed, and twice at that.
  • When Molly gives Nott a holy water flask, he snarkily asks if she's thrown anything before. Nott responds in kind:
    Nott: No, I've never thrown anything before in my life! (throws a gold coin at Molly's head which misses and falls into the water)

    Episode 15: Where The River Goes 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond jingle this time is a folk song about the number "one", in honour of them donating $100 to 826LA for every Natural 1 then roll. He really stretches the limits of fitting "one" into his Call-and-Response Song, but the funniest is when he drops in:
    Sam: (quickly) What will the Washington team do when they face the cowboys?
  • Nott is asked if she remembers the swimming lessons she had before.
    Beau: Do you remember the techniques we taught you?
    Nott: Yes, it's called "I wear this ring of Water Walking".
  • As the group debates what to do with a spiral staircase:
    Nott: ...That's gross.
    • What makes it better is Ashley (and implicitly Yasha) nods to Beau at that.
  • Crosses over with awesome, Nott manages to disarm a dart trap... with a brass doorknob.
    • Really, the whole exercise with the trapped hallway is hilarious. Nott checks for traps and finds nothing. Caleb sends Frumpkin over, with no issues. Nott follows- and sets off a trap that not only wasn't triggered by Frumpkin because he was too light, but Nott completely missed because she only checked for traps in the stairwell. After taking a bolt in the leg, she manages to break the second one (with the doorknob).... and completely misses the third. Because she's taking too long, Yasha gets fed up and just charges down the hallway, not only taking a bolt from the third trap, but ALSO from the first (which has reset). The rest of the party makes it through... except for Beau. She attempts to catch a bolt from the third trap (which has, again, reset) and succeeds... nearly. Only suffering 2 points of damage. Nott sums up the whole thing thusly:
    Nott: I am SO sorry. I did NOT handle that very well, and I, um, I.... I was told to check for traps, and I missed MANY of them, and... I will strive to do better in the future, and I'm sorry, and... THIS one? This one's on me.
  • The innuendos continue...
    Jester: I am good at finding holes.
  • Beau uses her staff as a lever.
    Beau: It's like a simple tool.
    Molly: Is that your new nickname? Simple tool.
    Beau: ...Okay, that's fair.
  • The Gelatinous Cube rolls a 0 on Initiative.
  • This is the innuendo episode, it seems. Nott feels strangely conflicted about fighting a cube for some reason, and Sam adds in some Black Comedy as it oneshots Jester
    Sam: Jester, like all beautiful women, succumbed to The Cube.
    Taliesin: ...what?
    • When Fjord goes to revive Jester with a healing potion, Liam encourage him to "put his tusk in there". The delirious tiefling then thanks "Oskar" for saving her.
  • Liam is very visibly pleased when Caleb, thanks to a Natural 20 on his Investigation check, finds that one book survived the lab owner's paranoid destruction of all his knowledge, leading Sam to quip that Liam "just got an erection".
    Matt: I heard it. Just like... (knocks under the table)
    Travis: Oh, come on, it's more like... (knocks much more lightly)

    Episode 16: A Favor in Kind 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond skit, an ad from the 1980s this time, is, as usual, comedy gold.
    Ashley/Gail: And now [D&D] is even better with D&D Beyond. With high-speed internet, Wi-Fi or a smartphone, you can access your stats and more on your iPad or laptop!
    Laura/Mrs. Henderson: Have any of those things been invented yet?
    Ashley/Gail: Gag me with a spoon, Mrs. Henderson!!
  • Yasha tries to reason with the shadowy entity, but falls victim to Fridge Logic.
    Yasha: I know we started out on the wrong foot. (beat, turns to the rest of the group) I don't think this thing has feet.
    • After the battle, the party examines a journal they found in the room which confirms that the entity didn't have feet.
  • The Mighty Nein's resident healer looking out for number one:
    Laura: I'm going to cast Sanctuary on... who's the lowest?
    Sam: (whispering) You.
    Laura: On myself.
    Travis: (jokingly) Aww, how considerate.
  • Nott has Beau cover her in oil to squeeze through a small gap. Nott emerges in Siff's burial chamber and proceeds to get covered in ashes, now stuck to her due to the oil. And then she triggers a trap that poisons her.
    Caleb: How are you doing in there?
    Nott: (weakly) ...Fine.
    • Sam finally remembers to have Nott use Mage Hand to open chests.
      Matt: There we go!
  • A high roll on an Investigation Check leads Beau to find a book with magical writing in it. She hands it to Caleb, saying it has "stuff" in it for him, but he misunderstands:
    Caleb: I'm not really into smut, that's a bit of a ruse.
    Beau: [sighs] It's unfortunate, actually.
    Caleb: I mean, more than normal, you know. Within reason.
    Beau: Sure sure.
  • Nott and Molly get into another little discussion regarding sharing loot while they're "on the clock", with Nott fervently denying that she would ever steal from the group. Caleb tries to get them back on track by having them add the treasure to the pile so he can start identifying it all. Cue Nott:
  • Having identified the magical greatsword, Caleb suggests Yasha take it. Upon finding out that the weapon was previously used to execute mages, Jester wonders if it is cursed, prompting Yasha to speak to it. After a moment, she shakes the blade and then holds it next to her ear, listening for a response, before tentatively concluding that it is not cursed.
  • Nott starts handing out the rings she found to the group, but obviously wants to keep most of them for herself.
    Nott: Beau, you're naturally beautiful, so I'll just-
    Beau: Give me a damn ring.
    Nott: ...dammit.
  • Caleb does an Insight Check on Fjord while the latter shares what he knows about the Crawling King. Despite a high roll from Liam, Matt says Fjord "appears to be telling the truth".
    Travis: (smugly) As per usual.
  • Despite being tired/out of spell slots, the Mighty Nein decides to split up, with one half, consisting of Fjord, Jester, Beau and Molly, going to explore a little further downriver while the other half, consisting of Yasha, Nott and Caleb, stays behind. Naturally, the players lampshade what a terrible idea this is.
    Caleb: You know, if need be, the Mighty Drei also sounds very cool.
  • While the adventurous half of the group is investigating caves behind waterfalls, Liam takes Sam's flask and turns the "comedic genius" glued onto it into "comedick genius".
  • After emerging from the alcove behind the waterfall, Fjord is soaked to the skin, slicking back his wet hair and everything. Jester approves... and then completely ruins the romantic mood by lifting him up out of the water by his armpits.
  • When everyone is asked to leave the table except for Travis as Fjord has another dream sequence, Marisha yells "Fuck that Kraken!", to which Taliesin replies "Whoa, that's a whole different show".
  • The subject of Fjord's lack of tusks comes up, forcing the half-orc to admit he's been filing them down since he was a kid because he used to be bullied for them. Liam responds to this moment of vulnerability by immediately Insight checking Fjord, to the amusement of the others.
    Marisha: "My childhood damage..." "INSIGHT CHECK!"
    • And then there's Yasha's response:
  • The party discusses hiding the sword they found from the Gentleman:
    Caleb: So, cloak on your back, sword under cloak-
    Jester: -Nott on the sword, sword up the butt!... just like a puppet.
  • Nott tries to pull a fast one on the Gentleman:
    Nott: We found exactly six rings, for you.note 
    Travis: You are not Scanlan anymore!
  • Since the Mighty Nein return to the Evening Nip at a pretty early hour in the morning, the Gentleman has to be woken by Sorah. However, from what little the party overhears, it's clear that he was already awake and enjoying company. Jester can't help commenting on it (and appears impressed), leading the Gentleman to innocently quip that he was "having breakfast".
  • How does the group hides the fancy new sword they found from the Gentleman? By having Yasha hold Nott in such a way that it looks like Nott is just being held by her. Surprisingly enough, it actually works!
  • In the previous episode, D&D Beyond pledged to donate $100 to the 826LA charity for every natural 1 our heroes roll. This was already creating some amusing Mood Dissonance, as critical fails are now cause for celebration. But then Marisha rolls a natural 20:
    Sam: Um, unfortunately, we have to take a hundred dollars away from 826LA. Sorry, kids! It's really a shame.
    Matt: (mock-worried) We didn't think this through!
  • The ladies of the Mighty Nein end up terrorizing an innocent young town crier with absolutely zero provocation:
    • Yasha yanks the scroll out of the crier's hands and gets mad at her when it only has the headlines she already read out and no further information... which was exactly what the crier had been trying to tell her.
    • Beau then grabs the girl by the collar of her shirt and ruthlessly interrogates her about the whereabouts of the Victory Pit, one of the attractions of the upcoming Harvest Festival, information that the town crier has no reason to hide in the first place.
    Crier: I don't know!
    Beau: Tell me. YOU KNOW.
    • Finally, when the crier runs off terrified, Jester immediately starts imitating her, using bastardized headlines.
    Jester: The third of the Fessuran is the end of the Harvest... Hide your kids, hide your wife!
  • To see how things are at the physician's office that they infiltrated previously, Fjord disguises himself and adopts a Sean Connery accent, which he almost instantly loses (this then prompts Liam, Taliesin and Sam to all do their own Sean Connery impressions).
    • When Fjord mentions the Myriad to the clerk, they immediately make their way to the nearest crownsguard to have him arrested, but Fjord disguises himself as a beautiful woman while they're gone. Travis does a rather comical impression of a scared woman as the clerk and the crownsguard return and pass him, which leads to Laura and Ashley doing their best 'woman clutching her pearls' at one another.
  • When Jester goes to the temple of the Raven Queen, she attempts to place a false mustache and a wig onto the statue, write "the Traveller was here" on the base of the statue, and leave a pamphlet about the Traveller there. She unfortunately gets caught before she can even affix the mustache. She ultimately decides to leave a pamphlet in one of the bowls since she’s trying to find where to put it, and Taliesin helpfully notes that a cadaver just entered the building.
  • Molly and Beau decide the first night after the job's success to trip on drugs they bought some time ago, after earlier that day being told by the Gentleman to "lay low for awhile" as he expunged their involvement in the High Richter's death:
    Matt: In the best interest of keeping a low profile for the next few days, you both wander out into the city streets, altered on-
    [entire cast cracks up]
    Marisha: With our hoods up and our boring cloaks!
  • Caleb tries to ask Jester if she'd let him inspect the Beacon in her magic haversack, but his attempts at being vague end up sounding like Accidental Innuendo ("special package"), and she thinks he's coming on to her. After she leaves, Caleb stares at himself in the mirror, completely red-faced with a dumbfounded expression, for 30 seconds.
  • Yasha tries to pawn off her old sword at Pumat Sol's and realizes it's not worth very much.
    Yasha: But it's been touched by the moon!
    Pumat: And I'm touched by the sun every day.
  • Despite Fjord's teachings, Beau continues to struggle with social graces:
    Zeenoth: Are you here for more training?
    Beau: Just find Dairon. (beat, remembers Fjord's advice and tries smiling) Thank you.
    Zeenoth: (disturbed) That's something... Manners. That's new. I'm proud of-
    Beau: (drops the smile) Just go find Dairon.

    Episode 17: Harvest Close 
  • Sam's promo this time takes the "character" Gale from the previous episode's 80's commercial and gives her her own sitcom, You've Got Gale.
    Liam: I just got a text alert, they just revoked his Emmy.
    • The best part is the show tackling "serious issues".
    Mrs Henderson: Gale... Your friend from school was just in a car accident. She was... drunk driving.
    Gale: [Sadly] Gag me with a spoon Mrs Henderson...
    Mr Henderson: [In complete seriousness] Yes Gale... gag us all... with a spoon.
  • The Mighty Nein's idea of appropriate subjects for breakfast conversation in crowded inns on festival mornings include:
    • At what point a body stops being a person and starts just being a thing
    • Cannibalism
    • The level of difficulty involved in cannibalism. More the physical determination required than any sort of moral/ethical concerns
    • Fjord's attempt to quietly leave the conversation is interrupted by Molly ordering Fjord "Don't you dare have any fun without us!"
  • Fjord rolls three Natural 1's in a row when trying a carnival game of strength.
    • The results? His first tossed sandbag hits the mother of a small child in the audience. The second gets caught on his armor, ripping the bag and covering Fjord in sand. For the third, Yasha and Jester pick up Fjord like one of the kids who tried the game earlier. Cue third Natural 1...
    Matt: So... Jester, Yasha. How do you want to do this?
    • The group as a whole rolled a record thirteen Natural 1s in this episode, with every player including Matt rolling at least one.
  • Jester manages to successfully deface The Allhammer's anvil with big pink painted hearts and "The Traveler was here" written in pink paint.
  • After Yasha wins a bag of silver pieces in the hammer game and starts counting them to make sure it's worth what the owners promised, Caleb starts counting them in the distance out of habit.
  • Nott gives the two wooden swords she won in the archery game to Beau. Very drunk, she starts twirling them around and says "hey look, I'm Molly!"
  • Caleb tries to have Frumpkin listen in on a conversation again, but Frumpkin gets caught. The entire cast is bracing themselves for Frumpkin to get disintegrated again, only for a page to gently pick him up and put him outside.
    Matt: Not everyone goes around kicking cats!
    • Nott then channels Metal Gear Solid and creates an illusory box around herself to listen in, but only gets a 4 for Perception, so Matt has to skip most of his planned exposition about the newly-declared war with Xhorhas.]
    Nott: I'm in a box!
  • Beau's reaction to Yasha's sudden doubling in size during the beginning of the tournament:
    Beau: I've had this dream before...
  • In the second round of the tournament, the Nein face two giant white wolves. Beau uses her action to throw a wooden sword in between the two of them and yell "fetch!" Matt has her make an animal handling check for the heck of it.
    • To make it even more ridiculous, the wolves are too smart for an animal handling check and ignore the sword completely.

    Episode 18: Whispers of War 
  • Caleb chanting "we are the Mighty Nein" to himself as he ducks for cover behind a wall and hits the hill giant with an almost completely ineffective Firebolt (doing a grand total of 1 damage) is pretty amusing.
  • The hill giant runs towards Nott and yells "TINY THING!" Beau, on her turn, runs up to the giant, points at his penis, and says the same. Matt has her roll an Intimidation Check for insulting his dick size. She rolls a Natural 1 and an 8, so the Giant doesn't get it and actually thinks Beau is agreeing with him.
    • When the Giant turns on Nott Sam's response is to reach under the table and grab a second giant flask, which he places next to his regular flask as a defensive wall which he pretends to hide behind.
  • The Stubborn Stock contains a member that Matt can only describe as "really fucking old".
  • After a tense conversation between Yasha and two of the city's head mages, in which she reveals way too much, Molly tells her afterwards "It didn't devolve into a punching fight, so that's an improvement". Implying Yasha's attempts at social interaction usually go much worse.
  • When Nott asks if Yasha really is a Xhorhasian spy, Molly replies.
  • After Jester opens her package from her mother and explains she was originally given 5000 gold.
    Nott: Maybe she just didn't want to send 5000 gold in the mail. [Turns to Beau] There are people who steal the mail, you know!
  • Molly hires two escorts for the night, having no preference as to gender (just telling the innkeeper to send the ones best at conversation and to "surprise him") Cue Fjord awkwardly waiting outside the room "college roommate-style". After Caleb's moment alone with Nott and Beau, Molly provides some much-needed comic relief by returning to the girls' room, wearing only the Platinum Dragon tapestry he bought earlier and carrying the remains of some grapes.
    Molly: I am your god, long may I reign!
    • During the whole... experience, Taliesin tells Travis that he, as Taliesin, feels his pain, while Molly does not.
  • Beau takes Caleb to the Cobalt Soul's library, and he reads one of the books for 3 hours.
    Caleb: Can you give me 2 more hours?
    Beau: I can't. I will literally gouge out my eyes with pencils if I give you 2 more hours.
    Caleb: Can you give me 30 more minutes?
  • When those three get back, the others joke that in the time they spent in the library, they've not only left the city, they're in a whole other campaign.
    Marisha: What do you mean it's been 17 years, Pumat?

    Episode 19: The Gentleman's Path 
  • Sam's sponsor plug this time is for Backblaze, he claims their services run on literal magic and brings in a "fairy" he captured (actually a toy Lightsaber, squeaky chicken plush and light-up dragon toy in a garbage bag), exploiting the Clap Your Hands If You Believe trope to make people visit the Backblaze url, which increasingly Crosses the Line Twice when the "fairy" starts dying.
  • Jester and Beau get into a fistfight... because they got too amped from watching one happening in the Evening Nip and just decided to start swinging at each other.
    Marisha: "Let's wrestle." "Okay!" *spraying motions* "MACE IN YOUR FACE!"
    Matt: "Let's thumb wrestle!" And you shoot him in the head.
    • Throughout the whole fight Fjord is running through the crowd and using different horrendous accents to try and get a betting frenzy up, including him betting on both of his teammates as different characters.
  • The Gentleman gives his opinion on the town of Shadycreek Run:
    The Gentleman: Spoken of as a haven for criminals, thieves, murderers, but really, it’s home to the truly free entrepreneurs of Wildemount... and criminals, thieves, and murderers.
  • Jester leans towards accepting the Gentleman's offer... mostly because it'll take them through Hupperdook, a town she's wanted to visit since looking at the map in Episode 4 because the name sounds funny.
  • Fjord seems somewhat surprised that the Mighty Nein want to take on both of the Gentleman's assignments (even though one would have them travel quite a ways), but is eventually badgered into acquiescing:
    Fjord: Apparently our ambition has no limit. Both it is.
  • Before leaving the Evening Nip, the group uses the Wand of Smiles on the ogre again, for old times' sake.
  • Caleb goes back to see Pumat for some more paper to use for transcribing and some incense, so Beau goes along as well to buy the enchanted bracers. Unfortunately, she quickly learns how expensive the bracers are.
    Beau: How much?
    Pumat: 1200 gold pieces.
    Beau: Holy shit, Pumat! The fuck!?
    Pumat: What?
    Beau: I'll come back when I'm fucking rich, alright?
    • Caleb makes sure to correct Beau about addressing Pumat correctly, causing her to do a Verbal Backspace to do so, earning a group response each of the Pumats.
  • Sam checking his notes and realising they have horses named WC, Loo, John, Crapper, Toilet, and Loaf.
    • For quick context, Nott realizes the sixth horse did not have a name, so the group quickly come up with Loaf on the spot. Immediately the group starts chuckling.
  • Liam and Matt discuss how the group always finds ways to make fun of his names.
    Matt: I enjoy it, [turns and glares at the camera] and I'm sure all the Dungeon Masters out there know exactly how I feel when this happens.
  • Yasha and Beau take watch together. The rest of the table are painfully struggling to contain their laughter and red faces as they all expect the moment to turn romantic, all while the ensuing conversation between the two most socially-awkward members of the party goes exactly how you'd expect.
    Travis: That was such... church youth trip flirting.
    Ashley: Yeah.
    Sam: Great first date.
    Matt: And with that, your watch comes uneventful...
    Liam: "God's really cool right? Right, right... You wanna make out?"
  • After their first night on the road, the Nein wake up and have a Seinfeldian Conversation about how awkward The Gentleman's sleep must be with his constantly dripping face.
  • Nott explains a bit about life in her clan, fully admitting Goblins are mostly terrible creatures and all the horrible stories they've heard about them are true. It quickly goes into Black Comedy.
    Nott: With great honestly I can tell you I have never eaten a child.
    Taliesin: Insight check!
    • This gets a hysterical Call-Back at the end of the episode, when Nott hesitantly admits to Caleb that she did try baby once, by accident: her tribe was passing around a bowl of meat and she ate a bit without knowing what it was. Everyone else is corpsing to various degrees, but Liam, still acting as Caleb, maintains a straight face and slowly reaches over before taking a bit swig from Sam's flask.
  • The group rolls good perception check to notice a plume of smoke over the hills. Sam and Taliesin take this moment to epically troll the fanbase.
    Nott: Listen everyone, this is what happened to me. Here is my definite backstory.
    Molly: No, we'll do this later. Do you see the smoke over there?
    Nott: —one day—
    Molly: (loudly) Everybody, there's smoke over there! We've got to get hold of this right now. There's definitely a plume of smoke. I don't know what it means, I don't know what it's about, it could be a good thing, it could be a bad thing, but we have to stop this conversation right in its tracks!
  • During the fight with the Ogres, goblins, and wolves, Caleb plays dead according to the "modern literature" gambit he and Nott have. Problem? They never told anyone about this trick so Jester completely freaks out, rushing to heal him and further panicking when the spell (apparently) has no effect.note  Then she drags Caleb away, Matt taking great delight in describing the sticks, rocks, and other things Caleb has to deal with as she does so.
  • Caleb speaking to Yasha in Celestial provokes humorous reactions from the others, as the players pretend not to understand them:
    Beau: I think he's hitting on her.
  • Having Jester investigate the ogre bodies with a motion of raising their loincloths, Laura asks Matt if they're wearing any underwear. When the answer is no, Jester screams in response to what she sees. Then, after some gesturing from Travis, Laura decides that Jester will be drawing this in her journal.
  • The group is pushing for some of Nott's backstory, and Nott's response is to attempt to ask for Yasha's by marveling over her wings and wondering where they came from. It doesn't work.

    Episode 20: Labenda Awaits 
  • Sam has a minor existential crisis during his D&D Beyond promo this week, as he really thought he'd be doing serious work at this point in his career... Then he gets a call saying he's got two radio ads for "Lord of the Wings", instantly rejuvenating his spirit.
  • Nott experiments with her endless whisky flask to see if it has a limit, drinking enough to get very drunk. She thinks she should throw up, so Jester shoves a stick down her throat (which Matt describes as "Ren and Stimpy-style"). Which leads to Yasha describing how she always feels like throwing up when seeing someone else vomit, and Molly trolling her by making gagging noises.
  • Travis makes himself laugh when Fjord orders the group to "Saddle up them doggies."
  • When the Nein wreck their cart, they scramble a bit due to lacking carpenter's tools, before Jester remembers she has the Mending cantrip. She's only able to fix one, so Yasha suggests one of them be the other wheel.
  • Matt introduces a new NPC, Captain Maximilian from Druvenlode, which Laura abbreviates to "Max Load". Matt groans as yet another of his NPCs falls victim to name mockery, with Liam joking that he should be making scratch marks on his DM screen ("like a prisoner") every time it happens.
  • Yasha makes an excuse to leave while she and Nott are on watch, saying she needs to take a piss.
    Nott: It's okay, I won't look. (out of character) I look.
  • Seeing Beau doing pushups, Caleb tries for himself. He manages one pushup, then goes back to studying Siff Duthar's tome.
  • Fjord tries to remove the piece of vegetation stuck in Jester's eye (from a Nat 1 perception check). The others are hyped for a Natural 1, only for him to roll a Natural 20, deftly plucking the impediment from her eye.
    Jester: My hero! (swooning) Thank you Oskar, I mean Fjord!
  • True to form, Laura giggles when Liam has Caleb "tug hard" on the Glove of Blasting.
  • One of the crocodiles suffers a lot of consecutive damage in one round, but, as Sam quips, "still can't stop thinking about Mollymauk", since Molly had cast Enthrall on it earlier on.
  • When Nott takes shots at one of the crocodiles, Sam doesn't fully understand how flanking works, and is informed twice after he rolls and misses that he gets advantage because of Yasha flanking, and on his second roll, he hits. The up-and-down emotions as he misses, then hits, then misses, then hits, is compared by Liam to "The Simpsons frogurt scene".
  • Fjord's Pre-Mortem One-Liner to the crocodile that knocked Nott unconscious is so bad Sam jokes that Nott fails two Death Saving Throws from it.
  • The party debating the ethics of giving Kiri, a four-year-old Kenku girl, a dagger to protect herself with. Given that they don't know how Kenku aging goes, they look to Nott for guidance since she is considered an adult despite her young age.
    Nott: Look, I'm... at least twice her age!
  • Noticing a crownsguard tailing the group, Beau slows her pace to speak with him. The entire exchange is full of terse replies, awkward pauses, and a few gems.
    Guard: I don't like you.
    Beau: I get that a lot.
    Guard: I can imagine.
    • It ends with the guard telling Beau to be on her way. Beau doesn't like being told what to do, so she stays where she is. She and the guard have a thirty-second staredown before the guard just awkwardly heads back to his post. Beau fistpumps in celebration before moving on.
      Liam: What a great scene between husband and wife.
      Taliesin: That was me at 16 with every cop ever. That was great. "This is the tiniest hill and I will die on it" has never ended that well.
      Marisha: This means nothing, and I wanna win.
  • Febron isn't very... "steadfast" when it comes to his intentions of not going back to the swamp:
    Febron: Nightmares I been havin, yeah? Been havin ‘em ever since. Whatever it is, it's gotten in me head!... (frightened sobs) I ain’t goin- it ain’t worth it, not for a hundred coin!
    Jester: (flatly) What if we paid you a hundred coin?
    Febron: (immediately stops crying) I’ll come for that.
  • The last part of the episode has Beau and Jester room together, with much hilarity ensuing.
    • Beau questions why Captain Maximilian came over and seemed willing to help, causing Jester to think he did so because he was going to flirt with one of them. Beau and Jester assume it was the other, but both quickly agree it was Yasha he was there for. Jester also describes the scene using Tusk Love to explain it, turning a normal encounter into a whimsical scene.
    • Beau has a hilarious Do I Really Sound Like That? moment when Kiri imitates her voice.
    • Jester decides to summarize all of Tusk Love to Kiri (complete with drawing out pictures), to which Matt describes as; "If you could see a blackbird blush."
  • Yasha gets stuck in a bedroom with the sleazy Febron, and immediately proceeds to take none of his shit. To make things even better, Ashley is casually chewing bubblegum during the scene, and pops it just when Yasha is denying Febron the opportunity to sleep in the bed with her, much to the amusement of the other players.

    Episode 21: Stalker in the Swamp 
  • The innkeeper says breakfast will take an hour to make for the party. After the group talks with guest character Callie for a while, Sam chimes in:
  • Callie says cats tend to hate her. Fjord can relate.
  • Febron sees Callie's dragon claw and freaks out, before admitting it's "still pretty foxy". Jester admires how accepting he is, but he instantly ruins it.
    Febron: When you live as long as I have, you kind of realize beggars can't be choosers.
    Molly: Aaaaaand back into the pit.
  • Jester writes up a "release form" for Callie... or rather, draws it. She draws all the horrible things might happen to her, like being burned, pulled apart by gators, eaten by a howling monster... and uses her mother's ink to "make it really gory."
  • As a cover story around Callie and Febron, the Nein pass off Nott as being Fjord's daughter. This leads to numerous funny side exchanges, such as Nott asking for her "allowance", and Callie remarking upon seeing Nott drink from her flask that Fjord is "very liberal" in his parenting.
  • Caleb decides to ask Callie about her magical abilities, resulting in the list of specialties Callie has being best summed up as: lots of fire and acid.
  • Callie decides to ask Caleb about how he got his magical powers, so she asks if he also has Dragon blood like she does.
    Caleb: Nein.
    Callie: Oh! That's good!
    Nott and Molly: Nine Dragons
    Caleb (Out of Character): Step off Tiamat!
  • Everyone cracks up when Callie refers to Caleb as "Mr. Caleb". She later called Febron "Mr. Creepy Pervert".
    Febron: Firstly, I resent that.
    Callie: Do you really?
    Febron: ...Nah.
    • It's made pretty clear that despite her politeness, even Callie doesn't like Febron.
    Callie: (during a discussion over whether or not Febron is actually being helpful) I'm sure he's trying his best.
    Febron: Thank you!
    Callie: Don't thank me, you're weird.
  • After finding a hostile, venus flytrap-like plant, Callie shoots a Fireball at it. The plant, while damaged, proceeds to start moving towards the group. Cue the entire party firing ranged attacks at it (except Beau and Yasha, who lack range, and Nott, who was away from the group) in a panic that results in Fjord killing it with a 27-damage Witch Bolt. Matt doesn't even have them roll initiative; it's just a brief cluster of spell-tossing in whatever order they yell out in.
  • When Calianna casts Shape Water, Jester is super impressed. Nott is less so, claiming Caleb could do that too (he can't, he doesn't know the spell). It quickly becomes a "My kid is better than your kid" situation.
  • Nott's suggestion for trapping the troll.
    Nott: We do a little circley-poo, have Callie in the middle as bait, then we spring the trap!
    Beau: What's the trap?
  • This exchange before Jester's first Speak With Dead.
    Nott: Hi, this is my friend Jester. Jester, this is a dead body.
  • Fjord throws two Eldritch Blasts at a troll that 1) splashes poison when it gets physically wounded, and 2) is in melee with Beau, knocking Beau unconscious. Cue meta Black Humor:
    Matt: Is that your turn?
    Travis: I cast Regret.
  • Beau calls out to Kiri for help after being snatched by the swamp troll. When it's the young kenku's turn she can only pull out her knife and watch.
    Beau: Kiri, help me!
    Kiri: (brandishing knife and panicking) FUCK!
  • Nott's Hideous Laughter joke for this episode.
    Nott: What's a swamp frog's favourite drug? Croakaine!
  • While fighting the fish-people, a giant Beau gives a Pre-Mortem One-Liner (in a really deep voice) "It's fish-kebabs!" Caleb says from behind her "This is everything I was hoping for".
  • Against the fish people, Fjord is knocked unconscious. Jester has her Duplicity clone hug him so she can heal him with Cure Wounds. Beau, who is currently large thanks to Caleb, ruins the moment.
    Matt: You look up and see the faintly illusory image of Jester holding you.
    Fjord: Thanks... thanks Jester...
    Marisha: ...and then big me over top of her.
    Fjord: OH GOD! What's wrong with Beau?!
  • Some beautiful Mood Whiplash when the bowl drama winds down and our heroes agree to try to destroy the bowl, basically throwing one idea after another at the metaphorical wall to see what metaphorically sticks - and Yasha suggests her Dispel Magic attack since it's a magically enchanted bowl. It works. And then Calianna tells them that the cult may end up targeting Yasha for it. While all the players go into a full meltdown.
    Travis: This shit's got nuts in it!

    Episode 22: Lost Treasures 
  • Sam has a flask sticker referencing the last episode's bowl drama.
  • Jester is a good influence on Kiri.
    Jester: If someone says "are you nice?", you say "Yes, I am very sweet."
    Kiri: Yes, I am very sweet.
    Jester: And when someone says something you don't like, you say "go fuck yourself"!
    • Nott chimes in and tries to teach her to make an airhorn sound when she's really excited. Caleb poofs out Frumpkin just to have him express extreme displeasure at this sound.
  • Caleb asks Yasha for advice on how to deal with being in a group. Yasha's advice on how to talk to people soon turns into telling him manners and habits like a mother, such as "eat with your mouth closed" and "wash your hands". Caleb, with full seriousness, writes these down.
    Yasha: Wash your hair, when you can...
    Caleb: But... it just rained. This is the cleanest I've been in weeks.
    (Yasha tries to speak and fails to form any words beyond a high pitched squeak while everyone else, out of character, starts corpsing)
  • Yasha offers to shave Caleb's face... with her 5-foot greatsword. Caleb lies on the ground and holds his breath.
    Yasha: You might not want to hold your breath, this will take a while and you might pass out.
    Caleb: ...That might be better.
  • Everyone fawns over Caleb post-shaving.
    Liam: Caleb's inner monologue is [as Caleb, faintly] "I want to shrivel up and die".
    • It's suggested that other members of the party may take advantage of Yasha's barbering services; Jester may want her bikini line done. Yasha has done that before, as Molly confirms.
  • Fjord goes off to tie the rope, and he rolls a 2 for stealth. Everyone prepares for hilarious failure, then Matt one-ups him (one-downs him, maybe?) with the Merrows' Natural 1 Perception check. Fjord splashed a lot and loudly tripped and bonked his elbow, but the Merrows were too distracted by talking to each other.
  • Kiri's talent for mimicry might be a little too good, as when she recites something she overheard Caleb saying privately, Marisha mentions how she might start rattling off the party's secrets. Prompting this from Travis:
    Travis:(completely deadpan) Kiri's gotta die.
  • Nott stays behind for the Merrow fight, both to protect Kiri and because she's afraid of water. She still gets turns during the fight though, so we get repeated cuts back to her doing nothing. One time, she considers swimming in, but Sam rolls a die and, seeing the result, decides to have her hesitate and take a big swig from her flask. Next time we cut back to Nott, she's drunkenly rambling to Kiri about how everyone's probably fine and how they would've called if they needed her.
  • Fjord's Blink proves to be a double-edged sword later in the fight, with him blinking out just as he's in position to attack things. The cast compares it to lag-spikes in an MMORPG.
  • Laura's rolls are terrible before the break, so she stomps off in a huff after a turn of nothing hitting.
    Laura: I'm PREGNANT.
    • Then Laura returns and frustratedly revives Caleb by poking him with her toe.
    • Her luck doesn't improve when the game resumes. She casts Prayer of Healing on the group for 3d8 worth of healing... and rolls a 1, 1 and 2.
  • When Matt contemplates whether to have the Merrow priest cast Thunderwave or not, Travis narrates it like a nature documentary (as the Blinked Fjord isn't a valid target).
    Travis: It's shallow priest discretion. What will he do? Look as the DM muddles his choices. Considers consequences. Plans his retribution. As his hair dangles beautifully in front of his face...
    Matt: (points at Travis in a warning fashion)
    Travis: (doing jazz hands, singing) I'm in another dimension!~
  • While Fjord is talking about his backstory, battle music suddenly starts playing from Matt's sound system. The players assume something ominous is going on, only for it to be a genuine playlist mishap. Travis then jokes about Fjord going One-Winged Angel and turning on the party.
  • Caleb shares a very awkward hug with Beau after she apologises for the events of the last episode. The others cringe, and Kiri adds in, with perfect timing.
    Kiri: Welcome to the Mighty Nein!
    • Beau maybe goes a bit too far.
    Beau: Friend. You're a friend. Yeah.
    Fjord: [Cough] Quitwhileyou'reahead.
    Marisha: And I walk away.
    • As the two of them hug, Caleb looks back to Yasha and Beau looks back to Fjord to see if they're doing it right. Both of their tutors give thumbs up.
      • Yasha mimics patting someone on the back. Caleb interprets this as patting Beau on her face.

    Episode 23: Have Bird, Will Travel 
  • Sam doesn't do the promo this time - he's forgotten something from his car. Laura takes over... only for the legendary Store-o (definitely not Sam in a mask and holding a pink sword that looks nothing like a dildo) to appear. Laura's reaction is priceless.
    Laura: What.
  • The group spends a good few minutes arguing on how to blow up the troll's house, with the agreement being to have Nott sneak in and throw it. Nott gets in, only to realize something: nobody gave her her a way to light the stick of dynamite. Que the group losing it as Nott comes back telling them the issue.
  • Nott uses Mage Hand to hover a stick of dynamite into the troll's tree lair. As the tree is blown to smithereens, Matt asks for a pair of scissors so he can cut apart his custom-made terrain. The players are both regretful and amused.
    • And after all that, Nott rolls two 1s for the dynamite's damage. The troll gets knocked down yes, but only two points of damage.
  • Beau tries to douse the troll in oil, but has to throw the vial to do it. She misses and only douses a pile of skulls. Then Yasha tries to throw a torch at the troll. She also misses, and the torch lands on the exact same spot and lights the skulls on fire.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later when the group proposes a short rest, and Beau points out that they already have a campfire.
  • Molly attempts to shout a taunt at the troll, but Taliesin is a little too hyper and ends up completely garbling it.
  • Jester wraps up the troll's heart with what was essentially its underwear.
  • The group finds some preserved, likely human muscle, in the troll's lair. Kiri stabs the troll's corpse saying "This means we are friends."
    Jester: I think we're a bad influence on her.
    Nott: I don't think so. Kiri, do you want some human jerky!
  • Jester sends a message to the Gentleman telling him, very verbosely, that they completed this task. Matt waits until she's finished to inform her the spell has a limit of 25 words.
    • She does it again when she contacts her mother, with the group laughing hysterically at Jester being oblivious to the spells limit again.
  • We meet a new character, a dwarf named Smythe Durban. Matt goes into detail how disgusting he is, how he has moss in his beard and fungi in his clothes and seems to be sweating a lot, plus he acts unfriendly and makes weird booze. Naturally, it takes Molly only five minutes or so to start flirting with him. How nasty is he?
    Sam: Smythe Derbin is, knows, or has a gimp.
  • The group decides to stay at a separate inn instead of the one they previously stayed in. Upon seeing the owner, Uma Cole, Fjord puts a bit of charm into talking to her, even kissing her hand.
    Fjord (Out of Character): Is that a dirty hand?
    Uma Cole: Oh no, I keep quite clean.
    Fjord (Still Out of Character): I was asking Out of Character
    The group descends into laughter.
    Fjord (Now in Character): Did you give me the dirty hand, ma'am!
  • Uma Cole is reading a book, but being surprisingly secretive about it. The party, in particular Yasha, really wants to know what it is, by any means necessary. A trainwreck of failed Persuasion checks by Fjord, Caleb, and Yasha's part, and a Sleight-of-Hand checks by Nott via Mage Hand ensues, almost getting them kicked out of the inn. Eventually, they find out the book's title: "Feathered Leather". Which implies Vax had erotic novels written about him.
    • How do they find out what the book was? Molly leaves two gold as a bribe, and she tells him. Tallesin is quick to gloat about it by not having Molly tell anyone in the group the name.
  • Jester tries to trade a gator skin with a merchant, but...
    Matt: The gator skin is not cured, or tanned. It's fucking nasty.
  • When leaving the Crossroads, the Nein run into the exact same group of bandits from Episode 8.
  • Beau searches an unconscious bandit and rolls a 20. She only finds a few coins, but feels a hard spot on his stomach that "he should probably get checked".
    Matt: He doesn't have anything else, but she rolled a 20 investigation check!
  • Marisha ends up calling Taliesin "Percy" again by mistake, leading to this gem:
    Travis: Stop saying [Percy's] name!
    Laura: No, keep saying it. Maybe he'll start rolling better!
  • Nott uses Silent Image to create an image of a totally normal human male... Chent. He can't dance because he's white, but he can do the Sprinkler (helpfully demonstrated by Marisha for the uninitiated).
  • Beau sums up what she knows about Hupperdook based on stories she had heard to the Mighty Nein: that it's an industrial town where the populace consisting of mostly gnomes work hard by day and party hard by night. The Nein think she's just bullshitting. But once they reach Hupperdook proper, they find out soon enough that there was truth to those stories after all.

    Episode 24: The Hour of Honor 
  • Sam's Dnd Beyond ad this time is... him reading from a file of rejected ad concepts. These include:
  • Beau buys a pack of firecrackers and immediately throws one on the ground.
    Marisha: What happens?
    Matt: [Mimes the cracker bouncing uselessly along the ground]
    Beau: [After being informed the crackers have a small fuse] Oh, so there's a process.
  • The bizarre voice Matt does for the one-note flower seller (think Pumat Sol trying to swallow his own tongue) has Travis immediately begging the group to take this guy with them.
  • Jester goes to play the piano at the Blushing Tankard.
    Jester: I knew a lot of good songs growing up. [As Laura] I play "Chopsticks".
    [Proceeds to roll an 8 performance check, and plays so badly she scares off the actual piano player]
    • Caleb then casts Haste on her while she's playing the piano, resulting in a really fast and surprisingly good rendition of "The Entertainer".
  • While voicing the female barkeep, Matt has her undo the top button of her shirt to flirt with Molly. He mimics this in real life by actually undoing his own top button and popping it open. The players are both amused and impressed by his commitment, with Taliesin giving him a golf clap.
  • Fjord immediately regrets his choice of roommate when he sees Molly start drinking. Caleb brings up a weird analogy.
    Caleb: He's like a coyote. You know what that is?
    [Cue the table breaking down in laughter. Afterwards...]
    Caleb: It means he likes to fuck a lot.
    Nott: I thought it meant he was nocturnal?
    Fjord: You need to work on your analogies.
  • Molly tosses two coins to the gnome dancers in the tavern, and Beau tries to snatch one of them with Missile Snaring. She needs to make a contested dexterity check against a dancer... and rolls a Natural 1. So as Beau reaches to grab the coin, her vision goes dark. One of the dancers kicked her in the face.
  • Fjord goes to ask one the innkeeper about her prices for "companionship", and tells her he'd need "companions" for the whole group. She... takes it the wrong way, implying the whole group wants her for the night. Fjord gets so flustered his accent completely breaks.
    • The innkeeper is instantly smitten with Fjord, too (who can blame her?), and lays the flirtatious dialogue on thick for the rest of the episode.
  • Kiri going to a room with Yasha puts a damper on Jester's dance troupe plan. She asks Caleb but he refuses. So she goes to Beau...
    Beau: Yeah, I know, I'm your second choice.
    Nott: No, third.
  • After Nott and Beau discuss her backstory, they meet up with the rest of the group in time to hear Caleb finish recounting his dancing experience to Jester.
  • Jester is listing three of her skills: painting, baking scones (specifically scones), and... something she wants to talk to Fjord about in case he has someone over that night. Laura is very clearly trolling Travis, who is dying of embarrassment in his seat.
  • Caleb and Beau have a delirious drunken conversation after winning the drinking contest. Drunk Caleb is possibly even funnier than Drunk Nott.
    Caleb: [singing] Oh the Mighty Nein is the Mighty Nein, the mightiest Nein there is! Oh the Mighty Nein, the Mighty Nein, the Mighty Nein...
  • Beau and Molly on the impromptu waltz, which ends up having Travis and Liam cracking up.
    Beau: I will fucking punch you if you try to kiss me.
    Molly: Oh, god!
    Beau: I know I'm attractive.
    Molly: ...Whatever team you're on, I'm not sure I play for that one... It's team Fuck Off, I'm well aware.
  • Turns out, Molly's Blood Maledict can pull the alcohol out of drunk people. He tries it out on Beau and it immediately sobers her up, something she is not happy about.
    Beau: That's a party foul!
  • The morning after, Beau realizes her coin purse is gone. Marisha fumbles her dialogue and makes it in-character.
    Beau: Jester, my coi, my coi, my... FUCK, I'm still hung over!
  • Beau tries a Good Cop/Bad Cop routine on Ashton and Fitz.
    Beau: See this guy [Fjord]? He's super fucking charming. He's going to talk to you first. You don't want to talk to me.
    Nott: She's not charming.
    Jester: At all! (Throat-Slitting Gesture)
    • The two teenagers are reduced to weeping messes by the end of the interrogation, which their boss finds hilarious.
  • When about to visit the location where their money is, Kiri takes out her knife again.
    Kiri: (as Jester) I can send a message!

    Episode 25: Divergent Paths 
  • Sam has committed to wearing the same outfit he did in every corresponding episode of the first campaign. In the order he's been wearing the shirts, his 25th outfit was for a Halloween episode. So Sam has to wear his Burt Reynolds costume.
  • The group have a field day with Matt having to play Fjord and Jester, ranging from them poking fun at how aggressive Matt makes Fjord sound, to them laughing when Matt accidentally refers to someone else while being Jester.
    • The group decides to take advantage of the lack of Jester and Fjord to make them pay for the groups expensives during the session. Everyone agrees Laura is totally going to text them over it.
  • Nott wants to wear heist outfits to break into the prison because, in her words, she really wants to wear a onesie.
  • Later in the episode...
    Sam: My moustache is falling off, so I have to hold it up with another moustache. Produces another fake moustache and sticks it over the first one... then produces his third and final one to make one really long mustache
    • Said mega-stache also wants to fall off, so Sam has it on upside-down as a beard a few times.
  • Nott mentions how, since Clef is out of the room, they could just steal the modified crossbow promised to them as a reward, so they don't have to do the mission. Rissa, Clef's daughter, remarks that she's able to hear everything Nott is saying.
    Nott: She's clever.
    Beau: No, she just has hearing.
    Nott: I know. She's a wily one.
  • Turns out, Hupperdook's nights are fun the first time, but get old quickly.
    Marisha: It's like staying in Vegas for more than 24 hours. You're like "noooooo, not again!"
  • Even though she's starting to take a level in kindness, some things never change with Beau.
    Molly: You're becoming more of a people person, or at least a bird person.
    Beau: Fuck you, Molly!
  • While planning how to handle the Death Machine, Caleb abruptly breaks the fourth wall to congratulate Travis on the birth of his and Laura's baby. The group is rightfully confused at Liam in character speaking to Matt (whose playing Fjord), causing Fjord to bluntly ask what he was talking about.
  • The groups plan to get some bucket of tar? Have Yasha try to throw Molly to create a distraction so Caleb can use Unseen Servant to grab some tar. Molly ends up rolling badly and crashed onto the ground, yet manages to roll with disadvantage to try and stick the landing. It works, with a bit of Molly hanging onto the outside bars enough to irritate the guards.
  • Beau decides to throw her entire bag of ball-bearing at the Construct to slow it down. Turns out the Construct doesn't have feet and so it rolls over the ball-bearings, causing them to get sent flying back at her and Nott. After the fight, Beau spends a moment trying to collect them.
  • Sam asking the important questions.
    Sam: Does [the Death Machine] have a butt, Matt?
    Matt: You cannot discern what appears to be any sort of rear end or exhaust port.
    Sam: Does it poop?
  • After beating the construct, Caleb, and Beau, the two most damaged people during the fight, decide to just take a nap while the others search the prison section. When Caleb gets called to do Detect Magic, Beau yells at them for; "taking away her pillow".
    • Shortly after when the group leaves, Beau collapses into Yasha's arms, so Yasha heals her using Healing Hands. Beau proceeds to say that Yasha; "filled her (Beau) with something warm".
  • Beau's miffed at not contributing much besides her flanking bonus to the Death Machine fight, so Fjord consoles her:
    Fjord: Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate what you did, taking the brunt of it, because it didn't even hurt me.
  • While most of Kiri's farewell is sad, she decides to not give Molly words of farewell, but just a nod. He agrees it means they understand each other.
  • Matt, when explaining Laura and Travis' absence at the beginning of the episode (because Laura delivered her baby earlier in the day):
    Matt: I'm glad I worked towards a narrative exit that they couldn't be there for.

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