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  • After his victory over Wheeler, Adonis decides to propose to Bianca. Giving a big, heartfelt proposal...that she doesn't hear a word of cause she didn't have her hearing aids in.
    • And her response to seeing Adonis with the ring? Immediately closing the bathroom door.
  • Mary Anne manages to figure out Bianca is pregnant before Adonis...and Bianca.
    • Adonis and Bianca both think she's joking when she first brings it up... but when Bianca looks at Mary Anne and realizes she's serious, she slowly spits back out the wine she had just taken a swig of.
  • In a hilarious Call-Back to Creed as Bianca is giving Adonis a good pep talk before he goes out to fight she ask him in sign language “did you take a shit yet?” Which a amused Adonis nods his head yes.
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  • When Adonis tells Rocky he and Bianca decided to name their daughter Amara, Rocky thinks that name is strange and asks why they didn't pick a normal name like Kate. Adonis goes, "You know she'll be black, right?"
  • Bianca asks Adonis to take care of Amara while she goes to the studio, and Adonis agrees, as Amara is peacefully asleep. The moment Bianca shuts the front door as she's leaving, Amara bursts out crying and won't stop, leading to Adonis frantically calling Mary Anne.
  • The moment that Adonis defeats Wheeler by knockout, the very first thing he does is to yell, "Give me my keys!". He is so focused on getting that car back that he barely seems to notice he just claimed the heavyweight championship title.

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