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  • In the Pilot episode, Auggie's excuse when Joan calls him out for being so quick to defend Annie? "She likes Mingus."
    • Even funnier given that "Mingus" is one of Auggie's known aliases.
  • Annie's sister walks in on her holding a can of ice cream to her sore head after a fight. Annie blows off her concern and lightly calls it a "stapler accident." Yeah. Annie just claimed to have accidentally stapled herself in the back of the head. Try to picture that one!
  • Joan doing jury duty, and Auggie getting her out of it in less than 10 seconds when she finally admits she needs to.
    • To be precise; Joan, the DPD's queen of poise, being hilariously awkward and ineffectually trying to hide her phone conversation, only to be called out—several times—by an extremely acerbic female judge. She just comes across as a complete ditz!
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  • Arthur, head of the CIA's Clandestine Operations Division, is very confused as to whether the meeting has been rescheduled or if that was the meeting. His facial expression really helps sell it.
  • Jai and Joan's conversations during "The Outsiders." He really didn't want her to know that they couldn't get the helicopter working.
    Jai: Our situation on the ground requires us to be very creative.
    Joan: What do you mean on the ground?
    Jai: (beat) Figure of speech.
  • After losing a lot of money at craps, intentionally (and, ironically enough, almost failing to do so as she suddenly won 30.000 dollars betting on snake eyes; Auggie's astonished expression is gold), Annie is talking to the woman they're hoping will try to turn her:
    Annie: My sister's husband lost his job a couple of months ago, so they... they burnt through all their savings, I don't have anything, I don't have anyone to go to... *increasingly emotionally* I'm totally screwed, God! And if I can't leave the country, I'll probably lose my job, — I mean I have to tell them why I can't come back, and my TOOTH hurts!
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  • Auggie brings little American flags to work on Independence Day. Annie tries to freak him out.
    Annie: These are cool, where'd you get North Korean flags?
    Auggie: Har.
  • When Auggie and Eyal finally meet face-to-face. Doubles as heartwarming.
    Eyal: I wasn't expecting you to be—
    Auggie: —blind?
    Eyal: —so short.
    Auggie: Oh, well I wasn't expecting you to be so handsome.
    Eyal: (to Annie) I like him.
  • From "Glass Spider"; Joan and Arthur, plus Auggie and Barber in the surveillance van, all tensely listening to insanely cheery carousel music through Annie's wire.
  • "Vamos":
    Joan: Do you remember that first weekend we went away together? (beat) Secretly.
    Arthur: Chesapeake. How could I forget? I claimed to be going to a conference, and you asked for vacation time.
    Joan: Mm-hmm.
    Arthur: Why do you ask?
    Joan: (grins) Annie and Auggie just pulled the same move. I think they're dating.
    Arthur: (also grins) Well, we thought it might happen.
    • Think about that for a minute. Joan and Arthur have been shipping Annie and Auggie all along!
  • Also from "Vamos":
    Annie: Morning.
    Auggie: Morning, Walker. How was your evening?
    Annie: I didn't get much sleep. I just... tossed and... turned...
    Auggie: Interesting. Me, too.
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  • And:
    Calder: What happened to your shoulder?
    Auggie: What, this? Shaving accident. (smirks) -You should see the other guy.
    Calder: There was another guy?
  • "Dig for Fire": Annie needs a bandage after her fight with Seth Newman.
    Auggie: (picks up a piece of tape) -Now, where does this go?
    Annie: My shoulder.
    Auggie: Oh, I've heard of those. Allow me. (carefully places the tape)
    Auggie: (smirks, while petting Annie's hair, so y'know intentionally using his disability to cheer her up) -How'd I do?
    Annie: That's my forehead.
    Auggie: Oops.
  • "Crackity Jones": Auggie is warning Barber and Hollman that helping him out with the off-book mission could have bad consequences if they get caught.
    Barber: You had me at "pizza".
    Barber: I assume... -There will be pizza, right?
  • Later on:
    Auggie: You guys hungry?
    Barber: Constantly.
  • "Hang Wire":
    • Auggie, in the middle of a crisis, is distracted enough to change his shirt in his... glass-walled... office. Nice.
      • In the blurry background, at least two female coworkers do double-takes!
  • "There Goes My Gun":
    • Annie and Calder are heading toward the courier's meet in Hong Kong:
    Auggie: Stay a level or two away from each other, okay?
    Calder: What, you mean a white woman and a black guy might be easy to spot?
    Auggie: Well, next time I'll come along, so we're not too conspicuous.
    • Later
    Auggie: I'm guessing $200 million means more to you than the motherland.
    Oliver Li: What can I say? I'm a capitalist at heart.
    • Later still...
    Annie: How about small talk with me?
    Auggie: Nothing you and I have to talk about is small.
  • From "Trompe le Monde":
    • The covert operative temporarily assigned as Auggie's second in command in Hong Kong puts her foot in it.
    Sarah Tam: Mister Kent said... that you needed the best operative he's got? (grins) You're looking at her.
    Sarah Tam: (flustered) -I mean...
    Auggie: (sighs)
  • Another one: Auggie grinning delightedly while listening to the gathering traffic jam...!
  • Unseen Power of the Picket Fence: Probably one of the more absurd questions to ever ask a blind person:
    Roger Bennet: Were you followed?
    • Though, actually, in "Starlings of the Slipstream", Auggie indeed does figure out that he's being followed.
  • In the pilot, Annie and Auggie are caught sneaking into a morgue. They respond to the questions of their interrogators with Blatant Lies, saying Annie is a call girl and she was there with a client with a fetish.
    Auggie: Seeing that dead body really turned me on.
    Interrogator: You're blind.
    Auggie: What, are you sightist?

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