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A good reason why we always wear dark glasses and never see his eyes.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is known by many to be a horror-comedy series. Just like some episodes tend to avoid the comedy part of its horror-comedy status, resulting in Nightmare Fuel, these episodes tend to avoid the horror angle of its horror-comedy status, resulting in hilarious moments... and as befitting a horror-comedy, some have both. Here are some examples:

  • The Running Gag of Eustace using his witch doctor mask to scare Courage. In one episode, he even uses it to scare away the jam monster.
    Eustace: (puts on the witch doctor mask) OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!
    Courage: (screams)
  • In "Dr. Le Quack Amnesia Specialist" Le Quack tries to rob Muriel when she has lost her memories so she can't report anything missing. But when he can't find anything to rob he decides to torture her to make her remember where everything is. His various tortures include Tickle Torture, using a toy train to smash pies into her and holding a stinky cheese in front of her.
    • After all that, he actually does manage to get her memories back, but it was by complete accident. Before he chases Courage for the final time, he randomly bonks Muriel on the head with Eustace's mallet and then kisses her goodbye on the forehead in the spot he hit her. Once Courage unties Muriel she regains consciousness and has all her memories again.
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    • And Courage checks on Eustace who was bonked by Le Quack earlier, also an amnesiac. Courage looks at him for a moment before smiling and leaving Eustace in the closet.
  • From "Klub Katz":
    Muriel: Boys, we're going on a cruise!
    Courage: Yay!
    Eustace: (reading newspaper) Blah blah blah! I'm not gettin' out of this chair!
    (Smash Cut to Eustace on the yacht, still on his armchair and reading his paper)
    Eustace: Nope, not gettin' out of this chair.
    • Then a tidal wave occurs and causes the ship to tilt, sending Eustace and his chair flying into the ocean. His response?
      Eustace: No sir, not gettin' out of this chair.
  • This exchange from "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City":
    Eustace: Briefs!
    Shwick: Boxers!
    Eustace: (stands up) Briefs!
    Shwick: (stands up) Boxers!
    Eustace: (rips off clothes) BRIEFS!!
    • In a later scene, Shwick and Eustace are comparing leg hairs, with Eustace's being longer.
    • The payoff to that episode is quite hilarious. It begins with Shwick luring Muriel, Eustace and Courage into a dilapidated room with bones of victims strewn on the floor and the word "HELP" scribbled on the blackboard (which Shwick tries unsuccessfully to wipe off). He then sends Courage to receive and bring back a package, threatening that Muriel will be seriously hurt otherwise. A long time later, Courage finally succeeds in delivering the package, and it turns out it contained a wiper... and the only reason Shwick wanted it was to wipe the word "HELP" off the blackboard.
      Shwick: You bent my squeegee, now it's curtains for the sitar lady! NOBODY double-crosses Shwick!!!
  • "Squatting Tiger Hidden Dog":
    • "Poison darts! They be music haters!"
    • When Di Lung's good aunt returns to the throne after the evil aunt perishes, Di Lung quickly restores Muriel's bones and vehemently insists that he's loyal to the good aunt now.
  • Whatever comes out of the stereotypical Indian doctor's mouth is a gem.
  • "Cajun Granny Stew"; the whole thing plays like a Looney Tunes episode, and it pulls the humor off in flying colors.
    • The reason why Fox Cajun always wears dark glasses is to hide his huge comically large eyes (image above).
    • Courage being tossed seat-first onto a fountain. More specifically, onto the hand of the mermaid statue on top.
    • The Cajun Fox has kidnapped Muriel and is getting away in a steamroller, so Courage tries to stop him with the old fake detour trick: he switches around a Road Closed sign so that the Fox will drive into a bunch of rocks instead of going the right way. The fox doesn't buy it, runs over the sign and Courage, and then immediately falls off a cliff.
    • "I was born lucky. You see? I wi-" * WHAM*
      • Courage's Aside Glance telling the audience to keep quiet about the plan.
    • "And I hate to fly!"
    • "Nono! Fox stew is not for you!"
    • "I'm rollin' this Granny in flour...makin' the dish of the hour..."
    • The plane scene, where the fox displays a Courage-worthy toothy scream-twice in the space of about 30 seconds.
    • Courage and the Fox futilely attempting to stop Muriel from sleepwalking off the side of the plane..only for her to walk underneath it...upside down.
      Cajun Fox: (after seeing Muriel under the wing) ...I knew she was there all along.
      Courage: Oh yeah, yeah.
  • Eustace reciting an exorcizing spell: "Hullabaloo, and howdy doo! Musty prawns, and Timbuktu! Yeltsy-by, and hibbety-hoo! Kick 'em in the dishpan! Hoo hoo hoo!!"
    • Even better, after Eustace learns this, he turns to the audience and repeats "'Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo?'". He turns back to Courage who just shrugs and when Eustace fails, Courage does the spell himself, who all but slurs the chant in dog R's like Scooby.
    • "It would be lovely if I could have a cup... of... TEA!" And immediately after, Courage screams, realizes what she said and wears a look that basically says "that's not scary!" It's funnier than it sounds, trust us.
  • Eustace tries insulting the Hunchback to leaving the table, and he just reads whatever Courage writes back as a comeback.
    • "And you sir are extremely... bald."
      • "Are you bald..? Yes."
      • "Muriel, he called me bald!" "Oh Eustace, you ARE bald."
    • There's also this:
      Muriel: Eustace, have you no sense of hospitality?
      Eustace: [with a big grin] Nope.
  • "The Gods Must Be Goosey". Second only to "Cajun Granny Stew" as the funniest episode of the show.
    • HONK HONK.
    • "I am NOT his queen!"
    • The ending:
      Muriel: The Goose and Eustace's truck are getting married!
      (outside to a depressed Eustace)
      Eustace: I'm nothing without my truck! Come back to me, truck!
  • "Little Muriel":
    • Everything after Muriel gets de-aged. It helps that she sounds like Lil DeVille with a Scottish accent.
    • When Courage carries her home, Little Muriel starts going on a rant of what she wants to do non-stop for the entire trip home.
    • Courage goes to get Little Muriel a glass of water. When he comes back, he finds the rocking chair she was sitting in completely empty. Courage looks through a hole in the floor, and he sees Little Muriel in the basement, sitting on top of Eustace. When Eustace wakes up, Muriel introduces herself. Eustace gets confused, and he hits his head on a broken chunk of wood, knocking him unconscious once again. Little Muriel then proceeds to jump on Eustace screaming "I WANT AN EASTER EGG I WANT AN EASTER EGG I WANT AN EASTER EGG!" Then she complains that she's hungry.
    • The macaroni scene that follows afterwards is pure hilarity.
      (Courage prepares macaroni and cheese for Little Muriel, and puts the finished dish on the table for her to eat)
      Little Muriel: This stinks! I hate it this way!
      Courage: What's wrong with it?
      Little Muriel: Less cheese!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: More macaroni!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese again, looking at the screen, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: Less macaroni!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese again, with an annoyed expression, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: More cheese!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese again, with an angry expression, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: More cheese and macaroni!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese AGAIN, with angry, bloodshot eyes, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: TOO MUCH MACARONI!!
      (Courage prepares more mac and cheese YET AGAIN, with an expression that conveys the fury of a thousand bulldogs, and puts the dish on the table)
      Little Muriel: Oh, perfect! (throws the mac and cheese at Courage, splattering him) I hate macaroni and cheese.
    • During the scene where Courage and Muriel are on a plane, Muriel runs up and down the aisle, arms spread apart, complete with airplane noises. Two people jump out of the plane, including the pilot, because they can't put up with her anymore. Cut to Courage's completely deadpan expression, that can only be summed up into "The things I do for love."
    • "I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm dizzy, I'm naaaaauseas. *falls on floor* I'm gonna hurl! I'm gonna blow chunks!"
    • Eustace: "MURIEL! Where's my dinner!?" (gets hit by airplane)
    • The tidal wave. "Crazy weather" indeed...
  • From "Human Habitrail", the episode with Doc Gerbil:
    Crazy Plunger Lint Lady: They're doin' terrrrrible thiiiiings over theeeere. Terrrrrible things!(beat) But they ain't gettin' my lint!
  • "The Sand Whale Strikes" contains some rather hilarious moments. For example-
    Eustace: (sliding around inside his chair in the whale's mouth) Look, I found my chair!
    Muriel: (deadpan) I'm glad that you're comfortable...
    • And later-
      Eustace: (now inside a fridge inside the whale's mouth) I found the refrigerator!
    • "I'm glad that all worked out." "But the whale got me Ma." Beat. "(smiles) I'm glad everything that worked out."
      • Why did the whale need an accordion anyway? Because he was in an accordion choir that was just finishing up before he got his and did the finishing notes.
  • The episode where the computer gets a virus and Courage has to go inside is pure hilarity, especially when Muriel accidentally clicks on an adult website. Courage's reaction is priceless.
    • The crazy error messages that appear when the computer first gets infected. "6x4=BOB!"
    • The virus himself looks HILARIOUS, with a Gag Nose and bulging eyes. The fact that he's sick and has a Snot Bubble dripping down from his nose only fuels the fire.
  • Anything the computer snarks is simply hilarious:
    Computer: If Johnny has three apples and Davie has two apples, why don't they just shut up and eat?
  • King Ramses's second curse: A really annoying song. The man in gauze, the man in gauze! KING RAMSES! The man in gauze, the man in gauze! He's no Santa Claus! Considering that the first curse is flooding and the third is locusts, this is kind of Arson, Jaywalking, and Murder.
    • Even better: Ramses himself states that each plague will be "worse than the last". That's right: he somehow considered this to be worse than a flood.
    • From the same episode: "Judgin' by the markings and the obvious age of the relic, I'd have to say it's..... GARBAGE!"
    • When the first curse is foiled, Ramses goes, "Aw, come on!"
  • This bit of gold from "The Tower of Dr. Zalost", when Courage must solve a four letter hangman puzzle before a cannon loaded with unhappy ammo shoots him. It's about to go out when:
    Courage: Uhhh... 'boom?' (the wick stops, beat as Zalost fills in _OO_ on the board)
    Zalost: Ugh, you cheated! (pulls cannon rope and it fires)
    • That entire episode is a Funny Moment. Everything, from a chicken getting hit by a truck trying to cross the road, to Dr. Zalost wearing high heels, is just plain funny.
    • "We've been bamboozled!"
    • When Zalost realizes he didn't get everyone in Nowhere with his unhappy cannonballs.
      Zalost: You missed one.
      (Zalost points down at Eustace)
      Zalost: There's a happy person!
      Eustace: (honking his truck's horn at Zalost's tower) Lousy, stinkin' hippies!
    • When the tower erupts with pink Happy Plum infused cannonballs...
      Eustace: "It's the end of the world!" (screams, runs into the closet)
    • There's just something about Zalost's reaction to the pizza:
      Zalost: "Pizza? I didn't order any pizza. Get away from me!"
      Rat: (annoyed sigh)
    • As Zalost confronts Courage after his tower is destroyed.
      Dr. Zalost: You stupid dog!
      Eustace: (from the closet he was hiding in from Zalost's cannonballs) That's what I tell him all the time. Stupid dog. You stupid dog!
    • And then there's that weird TV show that kept cropping up in that episode involving two guys slapping each other with rubber chickens and fish...
  • This part of "Freaky Fred," even though it was definitely a freaky episode:
    Freaky Fred: "Now now, Courage. We don't play in the toilet."
    • From Fred's flashbacks, we have the reactions from his pet gerbil and his ex-girlfriend after he shaved them. Especially the way he narrates his ex-girlfriend's example.
      Freaky Fred: The look on my beloved's face...was like lace, but in this case...I could tell she...needed space...
    • Fred's rather surprised expression when he catches Courage trying to escape through the sink.
    • And proving that even deranged barbers have limits, “Afraid I’ll shave your tail? That would be weird...”
  • In "Remembrance of Courage Past", one of the biggest Tearjerker episodes in the whole series, Baby!Courage looks for his parents, and when he opens a door, a woman is taking a shower and screams. Courage promptly shuts the door, but a few seconds later, he opens it again. And smiles.
  • The entire episode of "Courage Meets The Mummy".
    • "I told you! I can't be hypnotized!"
    • "*sobs* That's my favorite sheet!"
    • The "trap" that woke up the mummy in the very beginning.
    • The way the mummy hitches a ride from Di Lung. The mummy's entire trip counts, including scenes like the mummy impatiently waiting at a bus stop or jumping out of an airplane just to get away from an annoying skydiver (and the random sleeping elephant sitting beside them).
  • The Bigfoot episode. Courage is worrying over the danger Muriel is in, and has a fantasy bubble of Bigfoot punting Muriel like a football, across the length of the field, and through the goal posts.
    • Later on, Courage and Bigfoot's food fight leads to them looking like fruit dancers and they actually start dancing together.
  • A moment in "The Curse of Shirley", in which Eustace must sleep on the roof, then proceeds to lose his glasses. As Eustace's false perception forces him to believe he is seeing monsters, Courage makes his way up on the roof to bring him a blanket. When Eustace envisions Courage as one of the monsters, he attacks him, then throws him off the roof. This manages to stand out significantly because Courage, being a big screamer, shrieks when Eustace approaches him, but in Eustace's eyes, all he sees is the monster roaring at him but sounding like a small dog.
  • The entire episode of "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted".
    Announcer: And now, for the final question!
    Courage: (places a globe on the table)
    Eustace: Oh, I know what it is! It's a bowlin' ball, covered in throw-up!
  • From "Magic Tree of Nowhere'":
    Eel: Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.
    • And shortly after when Eustace and the eel come out of the moat together.
      Eustace and Eel singing in unison: If you will bend and tell me that you love me!
      Eel: BBBAAAHH! (eats Eustace)
  • The "Rockem Sockem Robots"-style fight from The Duck Brothers.
    • The intermission of said fight where Courage explains the rules to the titular villains of the week. He prohibits (along with low blows, which prompted the pause) eye-poking, shin-kicking, and skull-bopping. All of which he demonstrated on the brothers with sound effects from The Three Stooges. They then return the favor to let him know they get the gist.
    • Courage trying (and failing) to use the Duck Brothers' Mind-Control Device.
      [cut to Muriel repeatedly running into the wall]
      [cut to Courage frantically pressing buttons on the remote]
      [cut back to Muriel, who is now walking on the ceiling]
    • (unexplained Austrian accent) "...DUCK!"
      Cook: Hey! Bring-a that duck back! What am I gonna serve?
      Courage: (Austrian accent) Strudel.
      Cook: Oh! Good idea!
    • The fact that the Purple Duck keeps laying golden eggs despite Green telling him to stop and pointing out that they're brothers (and biologically incapable of even laying eggs). Yet Green turns out to be a hypocrite for not only throwing a stockpile of eggs at Courage, but laying eggs along with his brothers, even as Purple and Red argue that he shouldn't question it.
  • "Family Business":
    • At the end where Courage and Muriel try to convince Basil to give up his life of crime. As he looks to Eustace for his input Eustace is seen being attacked by a giant squirrel which was never mentioned or seen before then. The scene just cuts to him being attacked while the others were talking. This is made even funnier because everyone just ignores the attack and continues talking.
    • As a whole, this is one of the funnier episodes of Courage. Basil's switches from 'hardcore criminal' to 'loving family member' are so bizarre that even Muriel admits he's insane.
    • This sums up the episode:
      Basil: Nigel, why are you tyin' up Mama Mashed-Potatoes and Uncle Twinkle-toes?
      (Courage, Muriel and Eustace stare blankly)
    • When the group is having dinner, Eustace, Courage, and Basil are actually dancing while they wait for Muriel to finish cooking. When she comes out with a bowl of mashed potatoes and sets it on the table, Eustace goes flying into it face-first.
  • The whack-a-mole scene from "Night of the Weremole". And the Mood Whiplash it caused only added to the humor.
    • And to think Eustace can't get any points in that scene because Weremole Muriel keeps on dodging his blows. That's likely not fair!
    • And while Courage is known for his Wild Takes, his reaction to seeing Weremole Muriel raiding the fridge and snarling at him starts out as one - and then he lets out a small whimper, clutches his chest, and keels over, prompting an Ambulance Cut. It's the Shocking Swerve that makes it so funny.
  • In the shadow episode, Eustace has been convinced that Courage is making fun of him by the Living Shadow. He chases Courage to the kitchen and starts cartoonishly throttling him, telling him to "say 'uncle'!". Then Muriel dashes in in full Mama Bear mode, One-Woman Wail in the background, as she bonks Eustace with her rolling pin (off-camera). As she leaves the kitchen, Courage (who she's holding in her arms), quietly remarks "...Uncle?"
    • The scene where the shadow briefly takes the form of Muriel to mess with Courage, then randomly rips 'her' head off, is funny in a darker sense. There's even a bit of blood gushing out, and Courage's scream is predictably louder than the last one.
    • The poor shadow going through a Villainous Breakdown when Courage keeps turning his flashlight on and off. The terrifying images he had been showing Courage go from scary to silly until eventually he just screams "STOOOOOP ALREADY!!!!"
    • Courage demands to know what the shadow did with Muriel. Turns out he didn't do anything to her and doesn't even know where she is. Cue a Gilligan Cut to Muriel walking out of the bathroom. Courage is surprised and the shadow is somewhat understandably offended at being accused of harming her.
      • And Eustace? He's outside hiding in his truck, with the shadow telling him that Eustace is a bigger coward than Courage.
  • This quote from "Klub Katz", showing Eustace's 'love' towards his chair...
    Eustace: (as he's flung from the cruise ship and across the ocean) No sir. Not gettin' outta' this chair.
    • "I say, don't you want your root beer?"
  • While "The House of Discontent" was very scary, it did had some funny moments like Eustace's reaction when the family first meets the spirit of the harvest moon.
    Eustace: Would you look at that!
    Muriel: It's a floating head!
    Eustace: I was talking about that leaking pipe.
    • The argument between the floating head and Eustace is absolute gold.
      Eustace: 'Least I got arms and legs! You don't even have a neck! Hahaha!
      Floating Head: Get out of my face.
      Eustace: Make me!
  • The episode with the cursed library book ("Wrath of the Librarian"). While the Transformation Sequence for Eustace and Muriel is pretty freaky, Courage's reaction is utterly hilarious. It's difficult to describe, but instead of his usual scream of terror, Courage can only respond with some weird visual gags that can only be described as a visual version of a Flat "What". Courage has lots of similarly hilarious reactions in other episodes. An example would be in "Profiles in Courage", when the two paper cutouts stole Eustace and Muriel's "lives". In both instances where that happened, Courage just stood there motionless as he got kicked by a random donkey appearing from nowhere or had his eyes shut off into static like a pair of broken televisions.
  • "Robot Randy": Randy has finally been accepted amongst his destructive brethren as a useful robot for his skill as a wooden reindeer carver and gets a medal. Three seconds later:
    • From the same episode, Randy's entrance.
      Robot Randy: My name is Randy. I am the most powerful robot in the universe.
      Eustace: That's it, I'm getting my mallet!
    • The ultimate showdown between Randy and Courage: A dance off!
    • This exchange:
      Randy: It's nothing, just a wooden reindeer.
      Eustace: You're right! You are a failure!
    • "What a waste of good wood!"
  • From "Courage the Fly":
    Courage: (hitting a light bulb over and over) I dunno why I'm doing this, but I like it.
  • In "Son of the Chicken from Outer Space", Eustace is fixing up the henhouse when from out of left field, a train plows through the henhouse while Eustace is still on it!
  • Courage screaming through his tuba. It actually forms a mouth as he blows.
  • Another one of Courage's screams has a cowboy riding a horse out of his mouth, firing his gun into the air, and then riding back into Courage's mouth!
  • One of Courage's screams has him climbing up a cliff, screaming at the moon, and shattering the moon into pieces.
  • From "The House of Discontent": "Hey! 1! 2! 3! 4! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
  • From "Mission to the Sun", the scene immediately after Mustafa Al-Bacterius (a tiny space germ) takes control over Muriel.
    Muriel: Birds!
    Eustace: Ah, you're seein' things. More turkey in a tube!
    Muriel: Halifax! Wicky-wicky-wicky, mambo time!
    • Mustafa's introduction speech when he finally reveals himself controlling Muriel. It ends with "So, get a flashlight and some D cells, 'cause it's lights out, space clowns!"
  • The multiple tests to find a cure for the jewel's invisibility causing powers performed on Eustace by Dr. Vindaloo in "Invisible Muriel", especially when Dr. Vindaloo manages to briefly make Eustace visible by pummeling him with a whale.
    • The ineptitude and quirkiness of the government agents. From mistaking Courage for a child and telling him the equivalent of a TV public service announcement, to finding nothing wrong with Eustace's floating hat, to somehow completely failing to notice Dr. Vindaloo holding the invisibility stone while chasing Courage around for it.
  • In "The Swindlin' Wind", Muriel, as a one-man band, swindling Eustace out of his chair, his grandfather clock, and the floor, which results in Courage getting hit by each one, but before she can swindle him out of anything else, Courage covers her mouth to stop her and avoid getting hit by anything else.
    • Also at the county fair, Courage finds a golden bear trap and keeps touching it, only for it not to move. Then he touches it with his tongue, feeling confident and smug... and it snaps shut on his tongue.
  • From "Watch the Birdies":
    Mama Bird: If I come back here and find just one feather out of place on their little heads... I'M GONNA EAT YA WITH THIS CEREAL SPOON!
  • The ending of "The Record Deal" is epic hilarity, especially this line:
    Eustace: (after getting sucked into a gramophone) But I don't do no do-si-do! I got a condition! (pathetic cries of pain can be heard)
  • "Courage vs. Mecha-Courage" has the colosseum match where Mecha-Courage kept out-doing Courage. Best part is where Courage tries shooting an arrow at Mecha-Courage, only for Mecha-Courage to shoot a bunch of arrows at Courage, pinning him to the wall.
  • There's something about Benton's rather casual introduction in "Everybody Wants to Direct"; an obviously rotting zombie wearing novelty glasses waving 'hello' and the Bagges buy it completely.
  • Any time Courage laughs at his own Amusing Injuries.
  • Almost the entirety of "The Transplant":
    • The commotion of Eustace transforming into a giant, prehistoric kangaroo prompts Muriel to wake up Courage and ask him to check it out. Courage reluctantly obliges and drowsily walks to the bathroom, opens the door, sees the gigantic eye of the newly transformed Eustace, and calmly closes the door and walks back to the bedroom. It's only after Muriel asks him if everything was ok that he lets out one of his trademark screams.
    • And then Courage, transforms into a kangaroo monster himself, eventually has to feed Eustace tons of croissants via a slingshot of all things, fattening him up to ludicrous proportions until he eventually falls off the Eiffel Tower and into a river... and then ends up on TV, still as a giant (albeit humorously overweight) kangaroo monster gleefully commenting on all the "free food" he's stuffing himself silly with.
  • The ending of "Evil Weevil". The titular villain is tricked into sucking his own body fat, which causes him to shrink to the size of a normal insect. He reacts by kicking Courage in the shin and calling him a "stupid dog" in a high-pitched voice. Oh, and Eustace has become a flower.
  • "McPhearson Phantom":
    • If you look closely at Courage's certificate validating his position as a licensed therapist, you will see the phrases "Remember to eat your vegetables" and "I have courage. Try me, I dare you".
    • When the McPhearson Phantom starts attacking Eustace's mother after realizing that it's actually her great great grandmother who fed her husband to the Loch Ness Monster, Eustace's mother is quick to hightail it and the McPhearson Phantom goes after her with lobsters.
  • In "The Sandman Sleeps", when Eustace orders a sleep-deprived Muriel to give him his toast, Muriel instead gives him a bowling ball. Eustace doesn't notice until he tries to take a bite out of the bowling ball, afterwards he ends up dropping the bowling ball and hurting his foot.
  • "Bride of the Swamp Monster":
    • When the Swamp Monster starts breaking into the house, we see a shot of Courage screaming, which turns out to be a cardboard cut-out that Courage propped up while he left to get a hot dog and some soda.
    • Courage's frustration at Swamp Woman forgetting who he is and his informing her that the Swamp Monster is waiting for her after she insists she isn't forgetful.
  • "Food of the Dragon":
    • Courage's attempts to get the dragon to fly: first he has the dragon take a running start off the barn, which he does while accidentally knocking Courage to the ground in the process, then he falls on Courage after a few seconds of airtime.
    • The second attempt is putting the dragon in a harness in front of a wind turbine. The harness comes off and he seems to be successfully flying until he gets launched through the back wall.
    • Third is putting the dragon in a remote control propeller helmet, which also seems to work until it loses power and the dragon crashes, creating a nuclear explosion that burns Courage's skin and flesh off, leaving only his eyes.
  • From the 2014 Halloween special "The Fog of Courage": Eustace's reaction to being attacked by the titular fog is exactly what you'd expect.
    Eustace: Stupid fog!


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