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Funny / Cory Williams

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  • Cory yells in fridge.
  • The "How To Annoy Your Mean Kitty" series of videos, where Cory does random silly things to troll his cats.
  • Kate putting a kitty sweater on Loki, and Loki actually seeming to like it.
  • Loki stealing a pancake off of Kate's plate. She couldn't even scold him right away because it was just too funny.
  • I do not run upstairs like a girl!
  • Funny leaf blower tricks. Probably not a good idea to try at home, but amusing nonetheless.
  • Cory eating bread sandwiches and Kate's disgusted reaction.
  • Cory teaching his viewers how to hide their farts in public.
  • "Some of you might think Penny wears the pants in our relationship, but she doesnt. Why? Dogs don't wear pants."
  • Cory telling any viewers who think baby Chell cries too much in the videos to get a dog, because dogs are noisy and poop everywhere and do dog things. Becomes heartwarming, though, after he tells the audience about how taking care of pets prepared him for parenthood.
  • Cats that don't like milk. The end is the icing on the cake.