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  • Sophie was annoyed that her parents were paying more attention to her than Rosie and so made up an imaginary friend to get attention. One afternoon Sally was hoovering under the couch when suddenly Sophie jumped up screaming "You've killed her! You've killed Ebony Ray!" (by hoovering her up apparently) and ran out of the room. Sally's expression was priceless.
  • A lot of what Sophie says
    Sophie: Mum I'm a lesbian, I don't do anything straight
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  • Chesney walking in on Sally Webster in the shower.
  • David got into a fight with Jason in the middle of the street and made a false accusation to the police. This led to a shouting match in the middle of the street and David was eventually found out. Cue Eileen saying cheerfully "Well, I'll put the tea on" while Gail is still reeling.
  • Eileen finds out Sarah Platt is pregnant again and goes around to Gail's house.
    Gail: Eileen, what brings you round here?
    Eileen: Your tart of a daughter dropping another sprog!
    Gail: Oh, you've heard.
    Eileen: I want you to do something about that overactive womb of hers!
  • David Platt smashing up the street and Eileen walks past casually saying "another day in paradise, eh Gail?". And at the end of the rampage, Rita walks out of the hairdressers and says "so now the whole street knows I'm not a natural redhead".
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  • Kirk steals a ring to propose to Fizz and then tries to go on the run when he thinks the police are after him. Fizz and Tyrone then put on outrageous disguises and try to return the ring to the shop.
  • Vera finding out that Jack had been posing nude for artists, and smashing a painting on his head, leaving his head popping through it, like in a cartoon.
  • Kirk's attempt at serenading Fiz to win her back - The scene starts with Fiz & her new boyfriend in her room, before Kirk can be heard shouting something from the street below. Fiz then looks out of the window to see what he wants, before she remarks that Kirk's "singing our song". Their song being "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem.
  • When Graeme, David Platt's best friend started dating David's ex Tina Graeme decided to break the news gently, after chaining David to a radiator. Since David took the news badly Graeme decided to leave him to go warn Tina, about halfway explaining the situation to Tina a rock comes flying through her window, David has ripped the radiator out of the walldragged it down the the street and is now shouting every insult he can think at his ex-girlfriend and now ex-friend. Graeme and Tina run outside to try to calm David who has now knocked himself over with the radiator. Seriously one of the funniest scenes of that year.
  • The AA meeting the Barlow's went to and Blanche ended up insulting everyone and they all ended up mentioning a lot of things that has happened to the family, Ken's affairs, Tracey being in jail for murder and such, but in a very funny way.
    • The 2009 scene where Blanche gets very drunk (the last scene the actress shot before she died, incidentally) and explains to Simon's granddad the various problems her family has.
      Blanche: Kids on every corner, lurking and spitting. Pavements knee-deep in dog doo. Murderers running factories! Oh, it's not like it was 'round here. Was a time when stupid people with nowt to steal could leave their doors open.
      Ken: You're painting a very negative picture Blanche.
      Deirdre: Well, she's a very negative person.
      Blanche: I'm a realist; I don't live in fairy land like you do.
      Eve: Everywhere's got a problem, hasn't it?
      George: Exactly. There's good and bad everywhere.
      Blanche: Good and bad in this room. (pointing at Deidre) This one, she were in prison. I nearly died of the shame.
      Deirdre: Mother! Nobody needs to know that!
      Blanche: (pointing at Ken) He's had more affairs than Soft Mick.
      Peter: (trying to take her wine glass) I think you've had enough, Blanche.
      Blanche: (pulling the glass back) Oh! Well, you certainly have! (pointing at him) This one here, he's an alcoholic, you know.
      Leanne: (trying to take her wine glass) I'll just get you another glass, Blanche. With tea in it.
      Blanche: (pulling the glass back) Oh, and now I'm being told off by the former prostitute. Oh, naughty Blanche. Naughty. (she slaps herself on the hand)
  • One from Deidre aimed at Dev:
    Deirdre: You know, someone once described you as witty and charming. Wait a minute, it was you!
  • When Maria was out to bust Tony for having Liam killed, she spray painted "Murderer" over the front of Underworld. Except she spelt it wrong and put "Muderer" instead. A few scenes later we see that someone has painted an arrow with an R where it should be to correct the spelling. Becky is nearby when this is discovered and swears she didn't do it.

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