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Funny / Coreline Operation Endgame

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  • In Chapter 2, Team Seven needs to distract the guards so Cap Maria and Maya can infiltrate a seemingly abandoned factory. When Fujiko Mine saunters up to the guards, Joker and Maya bet on how many men Fujiko could lead away. When she succeeds in leading a dozen of guards away from the building, Joker surrenders a twenty to Maya (he had bet she couldn't lead away 10 or more).
  • After many stories of looking like she's Married to the Job, it turns out that Maria has a boyfriend (an Alternate of Junior. They both believe that Living Forever Is Awesome (when they are together) and don't mind a long-distance relationship). It also turns out that nobody at Team Seven (nor Mari) ever thought of asking Maria, and Maria was going to meet Junior on December... when Mari asked her to go to the Avengers Manor, canceling her leave. Mari both does a Jaw Drop and feels a bit embarrassed by this.
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  • Sokka's Large Ham response at seeing his ant drones (a Chekhov's Gun put in place all the way back on Holiday Time Heroes) in action... Sokka being Sokka, it is very large:
    Sokka: Yes, my little mechanical minions! Mess with their systems! Bring their alliance down around them! Make the members of Chimera rue the day they decided to imprison the genius Ant-Man Sokka! Rue, I say! Bwahahaha!

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