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Funny / Consequences Of Unoriginality

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  • While Emeris is in the hospital after saving Apple Bloom's life, Emeris learns that, because of the GSE, his medical files consist of little more than florid praise. For example, his sex is labeled "ULTRA MALE."
    • And his mane-color? "The most awesome flaming mane of blood red and black ever."
  • Rainbow Dash's various "tests of coolness" and Emeris's reaction to all of them.
    Rainbow Dash: This is the stage where you show off your coolest and most awesome-est tricks!
    Emeris: No.
    Rainbow Dash: ...what?
  • When Emeris is merged with Twilight, she discovers the wonders of waking up with morning wood. Hilarity abounds.
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  • Emeris formally introducing himself to Spike after getting himself unmerged from Twilight.
    Emeris: Now to avoid the fumbling for a topic, I shall default to the social call of nerds everywhere. How about that popular sports team? I hear they’re doing so much better than less popular sports team. They’re definitely going to go to the championships for the sport.
  • When Emeris was suffering under the Gary Stu effect, he had one safe outlet: a cat named Droolykins — named for good reason — and which seems determined to absolutely bath Emeris in slobber. It's funnydorable.


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