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  • The Gag Dub of Natsuki's confession in the advertisement for the first Honeyworks album. Natsuki's little "gross" after Yuu laughs sells it.
  • Both parties' reactions to sending their messages in "Confession Rehearsal" and the "-another story-" version. Natsuki texts Yuu and proceeds to throw her flip phone on the ground in frustration, much to her immediate regret. Yuu however doesn't have the energy to throw it, and prceeds to flop back into his futon.
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  • In "A Solution for Jealousy", Souta gets hit by a ball in PE Haruki and Yuu carry him to the nurse's office... while carrying him in a superhero pose.
  • All of the various ways Natsuki "practices" confessing to Yuu in the first movie. She even rides a swan boat just to catch up to him and confess.
  • Hiyori's face when she wakes up from witnessing the male leads kiss each other in her dream of "Nonfantasy".

Alternative Title(s): Confession Executive Committee Love Series


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