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  • The opening has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of four snowmen that the girls make, each of which looks like one of them. Koyume's snowman is eating a donut, Tsubasa's has her hat, cape and eyepatch, and Kaos' snowman has Nyaos-sensei in it. Ruki's, however, has two large snowballs affixed to its chest, and Ruki is not amused.
  • When Kaos goes out to buy glasses, her friends manage to track her down before long. It turns out that all this time, Kaos had been posting up-to-date tweets about her current whereabouts.
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  • Kaos realizes that her new glasses are actually helping her manga drawing... and is also horrified to notice how bad her art really is.
  • In Episode 8 of the anime, Mayu gets drunk and starts lamenting that she's been too hard on Kaos. Both of her old friends notice that she's just as negative as Kaos is.
  • In the manga, several of the characters mistake Kaos' mother for Kaos herself, since they look so much alike. Amisawa even starts giving Haruko a lecture, mistakenly believing that she is Kaos.
  • Late in the anime, Kaos gives Amisawa four storyboards, the first three of which are similar to what her friends drew. The first one is quite similar to what Ruki draws, but the most risqué it gets is some panty shots- and you can't even see the actual panties.
  • The girls are given a career survey, and are asked to give at least two possibilities (so they have to think of alternatives to "Manga artist"). Tsubasa writes "Manga Artist" as her first choice, then bluntly says "There isn't any" for her second choice. Kaos writes "Manga Artist" for her first choice, and for her second...
    Kaos: If there is any occupation that someone as useless as I am could pursue and that would be of any use to someone out there, I'd like to try, but even after wracking my puny brain, as far as I can tell, I suspect that there is no task currently in this existence in this world that I could accomplish without causing serious trouble. Taking this fact to heart, I will minimize my environmental footprint on this earth, living in as small a corner as possible, so please forgive me for only being able to fill out the first box of this survey.
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  • Near the end of Episode 9, when all seems lost and the girls are giving up hope of finding Tsubasa's manuscript, a seemingly generic girl walks up to the girls and announces that she found the manuscript. After Tsubasa profusely thanks the girl, she insists that they're friends, resulting in the girls being so confused, until she reveals herself as Fuura. Within moments, their confusion gives way to horror, as they run away once again.

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