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  • This exchange, after Vincent and Max load the corpse into the cab's trunk:
    Vincent: Let's go.
    Max: Hey, why don't you just take the cab?
    Vincent: Take the cab?
    Max: Yeah, you take it. I'll - I'll chill. I'll - I'll just chill. They don't even know who's driving these things half the time anyway. They never check or anything. Okay... so... just - just take it. You, me...
    Vincent: You promise not to tell anybody right?
    Max: Yeah... yeah... yeah... Promise.
    Vincent: Get in the fucking car.
    Max: If you just...
    Vincent: Get in the car.
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  • Max casually offering Torrena a 25% discount when pretending to be Vincent to get the last two names - then upping it to 35%, just to make sure he has the satisfaction of costing Vincent in retaliation for everything he's put Max through.
  • Vincent tripping over a chair after throwing it through a plate of glass in pursuit of Max and Annie. Even better in that this was a genuine botch on Cruise's part performing the stunt, which Michael Mann thought suited the injured and desperate Vincent so well it was left in.

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