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    Code Realize — Guardian of Rebirth 

  • During Victor's first training scene in Chapter 3, Cardia notices a label on a test tube in Victor's kit: [Do not open! Danger! Not even to find out why! This is serious!] She instantly feels compelled to open it. The player can choose to give in to temptation - via a decision prompt reading "Open it... open it..." - and if they do, the contents of the vial turn out to be a powerful anesthetic which knocks both Cardia and Victor unconscious. Tetsuya Kakihara's voice acting as Victor goes from "alarmed" to "drugged senseless" provides the crowning jewel on the scene.
    • If the player chooses to leave the test tube alone, Victor explains what it is and tells Cardia that something very bad would happen if she were to open it. Hearing this just makes Cardia want to open it even more.
  • The Van Helsing cannon. Just... the Van Helsing cannon. When the heroes enter the airship race in Chapter 7, Impey strips their stolen airship of its guns to reduce weight, since they don't have enough people to properly man them anyhow. In their place, he installs a 'secret weapon': a cannon designed to fire Van Helsing at their enemies. He does not warn Van about this in advance.
    Cardia: (reading the instructions) 'If he questions you, ignore him and continue. This is an emergency and sacrifices have to be made.'
    • Just when you think the hilarity has peaked, Van Helsing finishes single-handedly wrecking Nemo's airship and Impey reveals the retrieval method he's devised: reeling Van Helsing back to their own ship via safety cables. At top speed. Unfortunately for Van, there's nothing in place to catch him aside from the metal decking of the airship. WHANG. If it were anyone else it'd be horrifying, but since it's Van Helsing, it's pure slapstick.
  • During their first training scene, Cardia is being taught about machines by Impey when he offers her one called the “Dangerous Dude Detector” to test out. It starts beeping when activated and Impey assumes it’s reacting to either Lupin or Van Helsing, but then Cardia points it to him it beeps non-stop. Impey kindly asks for it back, only to smash it on the ground and stomp on it.
  • The start of Chapter 5, when we learn that Impey's Ornithopter is easily the least of the group expenditures...
  • In Van’s extra scene, he offers to cook for Cardia as a way to show his thanks. She is excited but the rest of the group’s reaction is by blanking out from disgust at knowing Van’s poor cooking and urge Cardia to cook instead.
    Victor: All he used were normal ingredients, how come he managed to produce harmful substances out of it?! How terrifying... maybe Van has a knack for alchemy?
  • In Victor’s extra scene, Victor is bothered by a bug that managed to get stuck in his clothes. Cardia gets worried and starts making him strip to get rid of it. Victor gets flustered and screams in embarrassment while telling her to stop.

    Code Realize — Future Blessings 

  • In Finis' route, Nemo's Heelface Turn is achieved through Aleister and Finis playing to his ego. Finis even tells Nemo that Victor and Impey praised the Nautellis and conceded to his brilliance, provoking Nemo to happily exclaim how he never knew Victor and Impey admired him that much!
  • In Lupin's route, Cardia's friends help her make Lupin lose his cool and fall more in love with her. This includes staging a home invasion and going on a date with Cardia. The latter, in particular, drives Lupin to helplessly seething behind a bush with Sisi in hand.
  • In Sholmès' route, the group discusses how to lure Jack the Ripper out. Agreeing that Jack will go after young women, Leonhardt boldly proclaims he will crossdress for the sake of the mission before the idea is shot down.
  • Delly's Room has a number of amusing short scenes.
    • While everyone else is terrified of Van Helsing's cooking, Delly is the one person who loves it. He even takes lessons from Van and tests out the fruits of his labor on poor Cardia.
    Choice 1: "Eat the cookie."
    Choice 2: "Eat the cookie!"
    Choice 3: "EAT THE COOKIE!"
    • While sorting through items from shopping, Delly and Cardia find a whip but are unsure of who bought it. Cardia's Imagine Spot includes the possibility of the whip being for Van Helsing to use against Impey or even the whip being for Victoria before they decide to leave it for someone to claim. The whip disappears after a few days.
  • The Helsing Canon made a reappearance in Finis's route.
    • Finis (reading the manual from Impey): The Helsing Canon has received an upgrade so that it is safe for people other than Van Helsing to ride on it.
    Finis: "What is that supposed to mean?!"
    Code Realize — Wintertide Miracles 

  • In Finis' route, he brags about how easy it is for him to drive and handle machinery thanks to the knowledge he obtained from Isaac. Cardia starts asking him if that means he can also repair the gas lantern and unclog the sink, before Finis realizes she's tricked him into committing to several chores.
  • By this game, Finis has developed My Sister Is Off-Limits tendencies, to the point of completely snapping and freaking out on the Lupin gang when Cardia tells him she's bringing someone new into their family. He goes through the gauntlet of accusing each of the group...except Impey, who he deems an impossibility.
  • During the Christmas party in Impey's story, the group starts suggesting various modifications Darius try with his prosthetic arm, including making it a gun, a smoke-screen device, and detachable puncher. Darius turns them all down, until Saint-Germaine suggests they modifying it so it can produce flowers for Shirley.
    • Notably, this whole conversation is started by Van Helsing, who is extremely drunk to a point he's slurring and attempts to take the prosthetic off to modify it right there at the table without Darius's permission.