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  • The moment when she catches a serving girl about to perform oral sex on a guard is mostly funny due to her choked response.
    Clumsy: "Omigosh!
    Choked laughter/crying ensues
    Clumsy: "Did I seriously just catch her sucking dick?!"
    Several minutes later...
    Clumsy: "Never underestimate the power of blowjobs, I guess."
  • Clumsy's horrible track record with bugs is comedy gold, especially when it comes to Dragon Age II:
    Clumsy: "Oh, boy. That's, uh, an invisible dude."
    "Isabela friendship +10" pops up
    Clumsy: "Wha-what?! Bitch, what?!"
    ''Several seconds of uncontrollable giggling/crying later...
    Clumsy: "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna fucking die."
    • During the rest of the game, a bug caused Isabela's friendship bonus to appear constantly, indicating that " Isabela's got your back." Even though she most certainly did not due to the whole 'running away' thing.
    • A bug caused Blackwall to start repeating canned phrases in the Storm Coast during this stream, resulting in him interrupting conversations with interjections of "It's over" multiple times.
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  • Agnes's height leads to some interesting camera angles.
  • While mostly a Tear Jerker due to the circumstances leading up to it and the moment itself, Fenris killing Anders (something he's wanted to do all game) the absolute split second he begins to fight Clumsy is both gratifying and hilarious.
  • Her tendency to refer to Solas as "Egg" has led to some amusing variations and metaphors.
    • Viewers discussing what they had for breakfast are often accused of murdering Solas if they ate eggs.
    • If Solas is defeated in-game, Clumsy often refers to him as "Scrambled Eggs".
  • Her names for most of her custom-made armor in Inquisition. Most of them are chosen by viewers. A select few:
    • The "Big Bad Bitch Coat".
    • For Solas, "Caged Eggs".
    • Varric has the "Samurai Apron".
    • After Blackwall reveals that He's actually not Blackwall, Clumsy makes him wear a very powerful but hideous suit of armor. What does she call it? The "Coat of Shame."

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