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Funny / Clouds of Sils Maria

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  • The scene where Valentine and Maria go to see Jo-Ann’s sci-fi blockbuster. Afterwards, in the casino, over beers, Maria can’t help pissing herself laughing at how ridiculous she thinks it is, while Valentine doggedly defends what she regards as Jo-Ann’s bravery as an actor. What sells it are Binoche’s collapses into helpless laughter and Stewart’s half-amused but annoyed reactions.
  • Immediately afterwards, they get in the car to drive home.
    Maria: Sure you can drive?
    Valentine: Had the same drinks as you.
    Maria: That’s my point.
    [They get into the car. Valentine reverses and immediately crunches into a car behind them. They freeze.]
    Maria: [quietly] Go. Go go go.
    [Valentine pulls away at great speed.]