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  • Every time Allen gets to hear about "The Very Amazing Spring Onion/Octopus" is hilarious. And they always answer the same way!
    Allen: What part of it is amazing?
    Elluka: Everything about it is very, very amazing!
    • Even better: In the (non-canon) stage musical, Michaela sings an entire song dedicated to the spring onion.
  • There's some funny Mood Whiplash early on due to Allen being a First-Person Smartass. Riliane talks about how, like the sun in the sky she's all alone. Allen thinks she's right, but having two suns would make everyone die from the heat.
  • Germaine constantly teasing "Karchess" about his real identity as Kyle.
    Germaine: What a stroke of luck that Marlon ended up not sending them any military aid, hm?
    Karchess: ...You're mean.
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  • YMMV, but some found Allen’s sacrifice for his Big Sister Bully darkly humorous. Helped by the fact that it involves being dressed in drag.

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