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  • One route in the second game has you walk in on a brightly lit room, and the Scissorman sitting in a rocking chair, watching cartoons and laughing his ass off.
  • Scary as he is in the second game, you can momentarily incapacitate the Scissorman in some pretty silly ways, including:
    • Whacking him with an umbrella.
    • Throwing a bedsheet at him.
    • Slamming a saucepan on his head, causing him to stumble around like a blind Buckethead.
  • In addition to the above, your character can sacrifice one of their two points of strength to get by Scissorman if he catches up to them or traps them. Jennifer pushes him over while he flails like a turtle on his backside, Helen goes for a Groin Attack, while Nolan and Gotts shove his scissors aside and punch him in the face.
    • That last one can be especially funny and even cathartic if you voluntarily use up all your strength to punch him in the face before hiding whenever he appears. This troper actually finds great amusement in clocking him twice before running away to hide...
  • Scenario 1, in the storage room. Examining one of the shelves has the game comment that there doesn't appear to be anything useful on the shelf. What does your character have to say about that?
    Jennifer: This looks useful.
    • What's even funnier about this is that the "not-useful useful item" is the oil can, which actually ISN'T useful for this level, but essential to getting the best ending later in the game.
  • Professor Barton towards Nolan in the prologue. Sick Burn much?
    Nolan: But the Scissorman has become a symbol of fear among the youngsters
    Barton: That's because trashy gossip magazines like yours have sensationalized the whole thing.
    Nolan: Ouch! That hurts! Not much I can say to that, is there...?
    • More like dark irony, but in the conversation above, Barton, a therapist, goes on to say that Scissorman isn't a monster, just some nutcase in a mask. Three guesses as to who turns out to be the fake Scissorman in Helen's route, and the first two don't count...

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