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  • One episode has Ferguson panicking that his mom's pregnant again, thus losing out on being the baby of the family. Stoked on by Clarissa, it ends with Ferguson showing up to dinner in a bib and onesies, and climaxes with Ferguson making an ass of himself by showering himself with the contents of the lettuce bowl while crying like a baby.
    • And then their parents stick it in by saying that their mom isn't pregnant. And Clarissa videotaped the entire meltdown.
  • In the episode where she wants a motorcycle, Clarissa has an Imagine Spot where she's the leader of a biker gang. She was about to show off her skills when she asked one of her men how to start it up again.
  • Clarissa tries to buy a car, and while listing up her savings, mentions that she got some money from looking in between the couch cushions.
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  • Ferguson Explains It All. The whole episode, really (including the revamped opening).

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