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Funny / Cissnei's Path

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  • Chapter 15: The group catches Chocobos to ride across the marshes. Crimson gets the most spoiled one in the bunch that keeps pestering her until she gives it more Gyashi Greens and its lazy too, right up until it's life was in danger.
    Being unmotivated or unaware, Crimson's own chocobo continued to drag its feet despite its rider's protests until it spotted the first of the Midgar Zoloms closing in. They were all snakelets judging by their size of three or so feet, relatively young but just as deadly in the numbers they boasted. It quickly decided that it would be in its best interest to go faster and took off just like the rest.

    Crimson: "Oh sure, now you can run faster!"
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  • Chapter 22: When asked how Kunsel knew their exact sizes for their swimsuits, he gives this gem:
    Kunsel: It's me. That should explain enough.
  • Chapter 60: Despite all the magic and everything else they'd seen to this point, Cait Sith's introduction surprises everyone.
    Everyone made to move when the stuffed toy that Reeve was holding sprung to life. It jumped out of his arms and gave them a wave.

    "I'll be coming with you," it said. A moment of silence lingered as everyone, except Aerith, looked at it with suspicion. "You look as though you've never seen a talking cat doll before."

    …In all fairness, they hadn't. Sure, they'd taken out giant snakes and monsters, learned about an ancient race, fought an invasive extraterrestrial being, and done lots of other stuff that most ordinary people could only dream of. But this was relatively new, which was both oddly refreshing and surprising to Crimson, given everything up to this point.

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