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  • In the Circles Issue #0 Preview:
    • Ken checks out a book with someone cute on it and Douglas peeks over and they both act like fangirls.
    Paulie: Now now, children. We have serious business. We did not come just to shop.
    (Paulie then stops to look at a book by Dan Savage)
    Paulie: Oh hey. I didn't know Dan Savage was putting out a book...
    Ken: Two years ago. Earth to Paulie.
    • And then, when Doug teases Ken for not withstanding the cold weather.
    Douglas: Ready to brave the elements, Ken? Or are you gonna whine about it all the way home?
    Ken: Keep it up, funnyboy. You're about one joke away from a severe beating!
    Douglas: Hungry? I know a great little Italian restaurant just a few blocks away. The walk will be invigorating!
    Ken: THAT'S IT! (chases Doug outside)
    (While Paulie talks to John, Ken can be seen with a snowball thrown at his face.)
  • Marty finally comes out to his parents and the room is dead silent and Marty is ready for what's to come...then suddenly, Marty' mom tells her husband to pay up.
    Marty's Mom: Pay up, Ralph.
    Marty's Dad: Damn.
    Marty: What?! I don't understand. You... you had a bet? On whether or not I was gay?
    Marty's Mom: Something like that. Your dad refused to believe me, but I knew you were gay.
  • When Jason moves into the house and he meets Paulie and Douglas for the first time, things go pretty smoothly.
    (Scene cut to both Douglas and Paulie lying in bed with wide-eyed stares)
    Douglas: Well...that was a little awkward.
    Paulie: A little?!
    • On a related note, Doug is later driving home from work, terrified of what may have happened between Jason and Paulie, with increasingly-deadly but hilarious Imagine Spots: Paulie strangling Jason, Jason smashing Paulie in the back of the head with his skateboard, and both of them in a heap of backstabbed bodies. What does he find when he gets home? They and the rest of the household at Taye and Marty's apartment, playing DDR. The scene ends with Jason challenging Doug to a match.
    Doug: You're going down, boy.
    Jason: In yer dreams, ol' man.
  • The Reveal that Taye bribed Arthur to pretend he couldn't pull the beds apart so he could sleep together with Marty.
  • Meta example: K-9, the artist of the comic, decided to make Caramelldansen GIFs of all of the main characters: