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  • Early on, Cinderella tries to think of Lucifer's good qualities so Bruno can get along with Lucifer but can't come up with any. ("There must be something good about him.") The look on Bruno's and Lucifer's faces at this faint praise is priceless.
    • Up until then, Lucifer has this really smug look on his face, like a kid who's just got their sibling in trouble. It drops pretty quickly when she can't think of anything. Bruno finds this funny and chortles with laughter.
  • The mice do their own version of drawing straws (their intertwined tails) to see who will carry out Jaq's plan to distract Lucifer. The other mice pull their tails away and it dawns on Jaq just as Gus starts cheerfully shaking his hand. The others hold their hats to their chests in grim salute.
  • "R-R-R-Rake a reasy, cluck cluck."
  • Gus trying to carry more food than he can handle. Twice, the last piece he picks up makes him drop everything. Every piece bounces off his chin.
  • The silly-looking face Lucifer makes when Lady Tremaine calls Cinderella into her room.
    • He makes another great one when looking for the mice under the teacups. Right after lifting the correct one, putting it back down, and then realizing what he just did, Lucifer does an excellent Wild Take.
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    • The other face he made when he hears Anastasia scream (because she found Gus under her teacup).
    • Gus mocking Lucifer's big, waddling butt.
    • Lucifer finally catches Gus under a teacup just as the mouse is touched by the Fairy Godmother's transforming spell. As Lucifer looks under the empty cup and realizes that he's suddenly on a horse, Gus whinnies in his face. Cue Lucifer scampering away while doing the best Oh, Crap! a cat can manage.
      • The Fairy Godmother even shoots a sparkle at Lucifer as he dashes off.
        "Serves him right!"
  • When the stepmother is giving Cinderella orders, Lucifer lies beside her and smugly nods in agreement, until...
    Lady Tremaine: Oh yes, and one more thing...see that Lucifer gets his bath. [Lucifer's eyes pop open in shock]
    • What makes this funny is after Lady Tremaine lists the chores Cinderella must do, Lucifer gives her a "Where's my reward?" look. And smiles when she adds one more chore, until he hears it.
  • The "Sing Sweet Nightingale" lesson in the music room:
    • Lucifer covering his ears and later leaving because the stepsisters' "music lesson" is that bad. Even funnier is the fact that Drizella isn't off-key like the usual Dreadful Musician; her voice is just so nasally and grating that it screws up the song on its own.
      • The Dutch version is just as funny, if not funnier: [1].
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    • On the last "Aaaaahaaaaahaaaa...." before Cinderella comes in, Anastasia's finger gets stuck in the flute (though she probably did it on purpose), and she tries to pull it out, repeatedly knocking Drizella under the chin with the flute and causing her to go "Hiii-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!"
    • Then Drizella snatches the flute and dope slaps Anastasia with it, and Anastasia retaliates with her own flute dope slap. The ever-so-slightly shrill Plink! is what sells it.
    • When their mother tries to break up the quarrel:
      Lady Tremaine: Girls, girls! Above all, self-control. [Cinderella knocks on the door and Lady Tremaine slams angrily on the piano keys] YES?!?!
    • When Cinderella reveals that a letter came from the palace, her stepsisters rush in and fight over it before Lady Tremaine takes it away with a comically nonchalant "I'lllll read this."
    • Finally, there's their reactions after Lady Tremaine has read the letter:
      Lady Tremaine: Every eligible maiden is to attend!
      Drizella: Why, that's us!
      Anastasia: And I'm so eligible.
      Cinderella: That means I can go too!
      Drizella: [stifles a laugh] Her, dancing with the Prince?!
      Anastasia: I'd be honored, Your Highness, would you mind holding my broom?
  • Cinderella's sweetness and tolerance towards her stepfamily is rather quite remarkable throughout the film. But Cinderella gets a hilarious Deadpan Snarker moment when, summons from the King in hand, she says to the mice that this clearly warrants breaking the rules and interrupting the "music lesson". She puts that phrase in audible air quotes if ever there were any.
    • She also has many great exasperated or even angry reactions behind their backs.
  • Jaq becoming exasperated with Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother, leading to the work song.
    Jaq: "Cinderelly!" "Cinderelly!"
    Drizella and Anastasia: CINDERE-E-E-E-ELLA!
    (Jaq kicks the door shut)
  • Jaq and Gus travel through the house in search of materials for Cinderella's dress. They eventually slide down a cobweb like the batpole, with Gus swinging around on it with all the giddiness of a little kid.
  • Lucifer walks into a vent trying to stop Jaq and Gus from stealing Anastasia's sash. He pulls his nose out which has become cube-shaped.
  • Lucifer vs Jaq and Gus for the bead necklace. Lucifer sits right on top of it so they can't get it so Jaq tries to draw him out by blatantly pulling buttons of some of the stepsisters' discarded clothes. Lucifer nearly goes in for it, only to stop as Gus approaches from behind, guess their plan, and bum-shuffle along towards Jaq, dragging the necklace with him.
    • After Gus ends up breaking the necklace, Lucifer chases Jaq through a dress and ends up stuck in the sleeve with his head poking out. Undeterred, he then worms his way towards the mice as they scramble to collect all the loose beads.
    • After Jaq and Gus take the beads back with them, Lucifer pounces on them only to crash into the wall. His head bobs back and forth like a paddle ball.
  • "Happy Birthday!"
  • Though the moment it leads into is a definite Nightmare Fuel/Tear Jerker mix, Drizella's answer to Tremaine asking if she thinks Cinderella's (formerly Drizella's own) beads give her dress just the right touch could count as Comically Missing the Manipulation. She folds her arms, turns up her nose, and manages to get out "No I don't, I think she—" before stopping and giving the reaction her mother was going for.
  • Cinderella keeps expecting the Fairy Godmother to fix her ruined dress, but the Fairy Godmother keeps on doing everything to prepare her to the ball except this. It takes Cinderella pointing out the shape of her dress for the Fairy Godmother to finally take notice, and even then, it takes her a moment.
    Cinderella: But don't you think my dress—?
    Fairy Godmother: Yes, it's lovely, my dear. Lovel—GOOD HEAVENS, child! You can't go in that!
    (Cinderella smiles and shakes her head.)
    • Though her ruined dress was the first thing the Fairy Godmother noticed and intends to fix it after she gives her a carriage, horses, a coachman and a footman. But after that she completely forgot to do the dress.
  • The Prince being introduced to every maiden in the land, every time merely taking a bow and staring ahead in total disinterest. Naturally, the King is aghast at his son's stubbornness. That is until Cinderella finally shows up...
    • Especially funny when it's the stepsisters' turn, bumbling as they always do towards him. He takes one quick look at them and instantly jerks his head back rolling his eyes with such an obvious expression of disgust, he might as well have been saying "Please end me now."
  • The Grand Duke is lampshading the absurdity of Love at First Sight, because he is engaging in Cartoon Physics while doing so by using his monocle as a yo-yo. It's kind of a subtle Hypocritical Humor.
    Grand Duke: A pretty plot for fairy tales, sire. But in real life, oh no, no! (laughs) It was foredoomed to failure.
    • Speaking of lampshading, he later says that the idea to marry the one whose foot will fit on the glass slipper is too impractical and absurd as there would be many girls with the same foot size.
  • As soon as the Prince picks Cinderella as her dance partner, the King immediately orders his servants to create the atmosphere, from starting a waltz and to regulating the lights. In the latter case, he almost falls from the balcony if it wasn’t for the Grand Duke’s help.
  • The King briefly dancing with one of the guards as he leaves his son and Cinderella to their dance. Said guard immediately resumes his previous position once the King has left the room.
  • Prince Charming trying to tell Cinderella that he's the Prince as she runs away.
  • Every scene with the King. Especially the bouncing on the bed.
    King: What title would you like?
    Duke: Sir, she got away.
    King: "Sir Shegotaway"? Hmm. A peculiar title, but if that's what you-- [face turns red] SHE WHAT??
    • The entire scene and dialogue with the King trying to kill the Grand Duke.
  • Also, any scene with the Grand Duke.
    Grand Duke: (talking to an empty chair) Your Majesty, I see no point in beating about the bush. I regret to inform you, Sire, that the young lady has disappeared, leaving behind only this glass slipper. Yes. I'll do it.(pauses, then hears the King snoring) No. I... just... can't...
  • And then there's their introductory scene together:
    The King: [after throwing his crown out of the window] My son has been avoiding his responsibilities long enough. It's high time he married and settled down.
    Grand Duke: [as he rises out of a pile of thrown furniture] Of course, Your Majesty, but we must be patient...
    The King: I AM PATIENT!!!! (throws an inkwell at the Duke)
  • The Grand Duke's Goofy Holler.
  • Cinderella simply looking starry-eyed when the stepsisters pile on their laundry the day after the ball. It takes several seconds before they notice.
    Drizella: Wake up, stupid!
  • The face Cinderella makes upon being coerced into gathering more of her stepsisters' clothes to clean. Her slow blink and forced smile as she holds more and more clothes given to her just barely hides her exasperation and frustration at being made to do more work for the day.
  • The two mice trying to steal the key. Jaq was inside Lady Tremaine's pocket when she briefly considers letting Cinderella go, grabbing the key with Jaq. But she decides against it and drops the key back down and pats it, causing the key to repeatedly bonk the head of a nervous sweating Jaq. Then Gus was hiding in a tea cup. Lady Tremaine asks a drowsy Duke if he wants some tea as she starts pouring into the cup a drop slowly descend towards Gus's stomach, forcing him to suck in his own belly to avoid the hot liquid, when the Duke says "no thanks".
  • The entire scene of the stepsisters trying on the glass slipper. Anastasia slams the poor footman's head into the piano, and Drizella contorts her foot so much to make it fit that the slipper springs off and nearly breaks.
  • Some Fridge Humor: When you think about it, Lady Tremaine's ultimate goal was to be mother-in-law to a prince.
  • When Gus Gus is freed from Lucifer's grasp, he is still holding onto the key going, "No no no no no!"
  • The Stepmother's OMG face once Cinderella reveals the other slipper. It's a triumphant, happy moment, but even then you just can't help but chuckle at her exaggerated expression.
  • As Cinderella and Prince Charming run towards their carriage after their wedding, Cinderella's shoe falls off again. The King helps her put it back on.
  • A quick and subtle one when the mice are making the dress. One of the females has to thread a needle. Even though the eye is big enough for her to put her entire fist through, she still squints and concentrates as if it requires precision.
  • Meta example, when Ilene Woods took her three-year-old daughter to see the film and she said, "That's my mommy!" Two old ladies sitting in front of them, not knowing that Ilene really was Cinderella, turned to each other and said, "How sweet. She thinks her mother's Cinderella."