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    Running Gags and Meta 
  • The return of everyone's favorite game—"Is that a British thing, or a Xenoblade thing?"
  • Chugga's riffing on the game's atrocious tutorial segments, especially on parts where Guide Dang It! rears its ugly head.
  • Chugga reading the party members' generic quest reactions in a passive-aggressive Deadpan Snarker tone.
  • Chugga's repeated attempts at imitating the various accents of Alrest's inhabitants.
  • When it comes to information not stated in-game: "And where did I learn that? DATAMINES!!"
  • At least in the early game, random glitches appearing for what is otherwise a stable game.
  • Chugga adding funny commentary for each quest via the on-screen explanations.
  • When talking to NPCs wearing large, bulky helmets (such as Salvagers in Argentum, Urayan soldiers, and now Indoline people with face masks on), their voices are extremely muffled as if they're talking through a pillow. Funnily enough, Ardainian soldiers seem to be exempt from this despite them predominantly wearing face-covering helmets, though that's likely the result of their voices being a Fountain of Memes.note 
  • Chugga having a tendency to go and fight the Mayne Driver standing in front of the wanted board in Torigoth for no apparent reason after they become available.
  • Chugga inserting in a very dramatic voice clip of Mòrag's whenever she says "What!?" in a non-speaking cutscene.
  • Chugga referring to Ichtyology as "Fishology"
  • Nobody knowing who Special Inquisitor Mòrag is.
  • Chugga not being able to go over Floren due to other things getting in the way.
    Chugga: Sorry Floren....
  • Ever since Zeke joined the party, Chugga has continuously dumped new Core Crystals on him to make up for his problem with Late Character Syndrome. Unfortunately, the fact that most of the Rare Blades in the game were already taken by then plus Zeke's naturally awful Luck means that outside of a few good draws like Zenobia and Vale, most of what he gets are Common Blades, and not even particularly good ones.
  • Right after Chugga made a tweet about how Rex and Pyra had no chance of being in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... the February 17, 2021 Nintendo Direct announces Pyra and Mythra. (Well, he was right about it not being Rex...) Chugga's response?

    Reveal Video & Episodes 1-10 
  • Reveal Video:
    • The reveal video has him reenact scenes from the game with various toys and objects. Including Rex as Rex, a Riki figure with a "HELLO MY NAME IS" tag that has "Tora" written on it, his cat Kirby wearing a wig as Nia, the Cloud Sea as his sink filled with marshmallows... and a candle with boobs as Pyra. What's more is that after the premiere went live, people drew fanart of Candle!Pyra.
    • The announcement led to this Twitter exchange:
      ProtonJon: I fall asleep for an hour, and people are sending me screencaps of bras with candles in your house. I know what this means LP wise, but also... what?
      Chugga: Blame Masae Anela for the pinnacle of character design.
      Jon: I'm not shocked by this at all, but it's WAY funnier to imagine you asking her for one of her bras and a candle and not explaining why.
      Chugga: Oh my God... Well, at the risk of breaking your immersion, I made it with sticky balls imported from Japan.
      Jon: Goodnight, everybody!
    • There's also Masae's reaction to the idea of Chugga asking for one of her bras:
      Masae: If he did that he wouldn't have been alive to post the video. Thankfully he knows better.
    • The announcement ends with a cast list, including "A Candle" as Pyra.
    • The cast list also includes "Rex Rex" and "Dromarch Dromarch".

  • Episode 1: Where We Used To Be
    • After the cutscene with Chairman Bana and the crew, Chugga exclaims at how cool the crew is. He refers to Nia as a cat, Dromarch as a gentlemanly white tiger, and Malos as... JoshJepson.
    • In a cutscene, the camera focuses on a few Mor Ardain soldiers. If you listen closely, you can hear the legendary lines...
      Mor Ardain Soldier: THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?! DON'T FORGET ME!
    • When the tutorials are discussing the camera controls, Chugga reads Auto-mode as "Wrong Mode", even editing the text in the tutorial itself.

  • Episode 2: Resonance of the Heart

  • Episode 3: Gramps' Wisdom
    • How Chugga decides to summarize the events of last episode.
      Chugga: Last time we paid the price of accepting such a shady job; (flatly) Our life. (Beat) This time—

  • Episode 4: Aptitude
    • Chugga aggros a high-level enemy and dies right after saying "This is what Xenoblade is all about!" Bonus points for being the first death of the series.
    • His on-screen text for the quest "Knocked About Nopon."
      "Make these Volffs knocked about instead."
    • Chugga talks over one of Nia's post-battle lines, accidentally turning Dromarch's response into an Orphaned Punchline.
      Dromarch: (with no context) Mmm, I thought I had been grooming adequately. I don't know where to put my face.
    • It wouldn't be Xenoblade without the Territorial Rotbart, as Chugga once again accidentally aggros him and dies in one hit.
      Chugga: Are you f-gah-ing serious?
    • A Messar Taos gets stuck on a branch while trying to fly away. Cue Chugga getting bewildered at yet another glitch.
    • While killing Ferises for Pyra's Affinity Chart, Chugga defeats a Young Feris right next to a Leo Feris with the Leo not joining in the battle, which Chugga deems as the Leo being a bad parent
      Chugga: And you know what we do to terrible parents? Kill Them!

  • Episode 5: The Color "Emerald"
    • When discussing a translation of the fictional language on some wanted posters:
      Chugga: These translations come courtesy of Pierah (pronounced like Pyra).
      Pyra walks across the screen
      Chugga: No, not you.

  • Episode 7: Artificial Blade Parts
    • The quest to get a Perfect Range Sensor. Cedwyn requests that the party kill a level 9 Krabble that was in his way outside of town... one surrounded by far stronger enemies in the early thirties, which Chugga points out quickly. After killing the Krabble, Chugga attempts to salvage at a new spot nearby, only to flub all three button prompts and gets wiped by a level 38 Urchon before he can grab everything. Followed by:
      Chugga: At least I can remember the buttons easily: AYY! (the letters pop up in large block text)
    • The closing line of the episode (between the cutscenes for Poppi's activation and Dughall scheming) is Chugga being jokingly oblivious to Tora's maid fixation:
      Chugga: Boy, it sure is nice of Tora to give so many free clothes to his friends!

  • Episode 8: Guide to Poppiswap and Core Crystals

  • Episode 9: Concerned Carpenter

    Episodes 11-20 

    Episodes 21-30 
  • Episode 21: Maid in Uraya

  • Episode 22: Lord Zekenator
    • The tweet that announced the release of the video goes as follows:
      Chugga: I didn't misclick the publish time! My hand was forced by the mighty Zeke!
    • Chugga attempts to explain a previous comment regarding Azami in Episode 15, but the explanation doesn't help much.
      Chugga: I really just meant it in a wetting pants sorta way, not like she was making me... Y'know um... Do the thing that Daisy does.
    • Chugga, while gushing about the scenery, also sidles up to a well hidden treasure trove... and upon opening it, some of it falls off the cliff, and Chugga falls to his death to go and grab it.
    • Chugga is advised to lose against Zeke, so he does, allowing Zeke to pummel Nia on Dromarch's back. The end result? Nia gets thrown off of Dromarch, and the Objective afterwards tells you to "Defeat Zeke von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos, the most evil Driver in Alrest", leaving Chugga in stitches. Considering Nia was the unfortunate leader of the party when Chugga threw the fight, and her interactions with Zeke later on, you could almost imagine that she wrote in that extra description herself.
    • After the Zeke battle, Chugga attempts to fight a small Karlin Skwaror, and is about to use Vandham's attack... when it uses a fart and sends him flying into the air, much to Chugga's annoyance.
    • When Tora dies in battle, the Anloods (goat monsters) end up stacking up on top of each other.
    • While starting the fight with the Cunning Saggie, Chugga hits it in the ass with the Bitball. And really, the name Cunning Saggie is a source of humor itself.

  • Episode 23: The Belly of the Beast
    • While giving Perceval a new Core Chip, Chugga says that the Magnet Chip "increases Rex-terity...". The funny part is that no one is sure whether that was intentional or not.
    • Chugga's idea of going to pick up items for Perceval cuts to the group brutally murdering a Driver in Torigoth with complete nonchalance.
    • Chugga eagerly starts up a sidequest to save some newbie Drivers, intending on using it as a demonstration for his new Blade... and then he realizes he forgot to actually equip Perceval and temporarily runs away, leaving the hapless newbie Drivers to their fate while he gets all of the Arts for Perceval set up.
    • Chugga is amused at one of Vandham's skills called "Beefcake Flurry", which he notes sounds like a McDonald's McFlurry (milkshake) made from hamburgers.

  • Episode 24: The Land of Titans
    • Chugga claims he's no madman, but his following statement doesn't help his case:
      Chugga: I don’t kill super cute critters unless I know there’s money involved.
    • Chugga accidentally refers to Konakona as a female under his breath when Tora speaks up, even after Konakona claims to have a Wifeypon.
    • As Chugga talks about how he's going to handle Blade Arts from this point forward, he doesn't realizing his party is dying until it's too late.
    • After Chugga fails to beat a monster correctly, he has to flee. The game gives him a new Affinity Skill as if out of pity. Though given the cave the Whispering Igna ran into get for help has LEVEL 78 monsters, his fear was not unjustified.
    • Chugga gets sidetracked by an Upa glitching out in a cliff face near a pack of level 70 monsters. Mere seconds after beating said monster though, one of the level 70s gets aggroed... and gets stuck in the wall, causing the fight to get stuck in combat, to the utter confusion of Chugga. And then the monster gets unstuck and kills Tora, much to Chugga's increasing panic.
    • Chugga's reaction to an earlier attempt to find a Location Discovery, which results in him running around in panic and aggroing several monsters in the cave. Who kill him.
    • Chugga is thoroughly amused to find out Bana is only 1 stage above a Baby-Ranked Salvager.
    • Chugga makes a truly terrible pun related to a certain Avatar series while switching his party to include Kora and Azami:
      Chugga: ...'Cause in this house, KorAzami (Korrasami) is CANON! Cause she uses a cannon...!"
    • Chugga having one, big Take That! towards the two-faced lambasting of Xenoblade's art style is not only funny as hell, but also sooo cathartic.
    • While Chugga is getting ranked by Mochichi, Dromarch and Mochichi appear to kiss. Cue Chugga slapping a heart onscreen for a brief second.

  • Episode 25: The Heroic Adventures of Addam
    • Chugga screws up his intro.
    • Chugga notes after changing some equipment around that Tora is now wearing a mask of his face and an eye patch at the same time.
    • Chugga, while browsing the Salvager shop of Uraya ends up noting the lack of orifices for you to go salvaging out of in the predominantly Belly-based Titan, leaving a very awkward mental image. And then he notes that he nearly misread one of the items as "Thick Proton Head."

  • Episode 26: Feeding Artists

  • Episode 27: Into the Open Sky
    • Chugga opens by gushing over Dromarch doing a catloaf while idle.
    • As if to really kick him in the face over the worthlessness of the Booster Cylinder last episode, the barrel Chugga opens in Argentum has 3 boosters in it, something he lampshades.
    • Poppi gets her next skill up in Nopon Wisdom except her stock "Poppi Feel Stronger" quote is oddly timed:
      Chugga: ...In the vocal cords?
    • While buffing up Roc's Scythes, Chugga nearly misreads Tenacious Sickles as Tentacle Sickles.
    • The ending has Vandham in front of the waterfall, and the stomach growl makes it clear he's hungry, but the positioning and his idle animation makes it look like he's ready to take a piss.

  • Episode 28: Our Own War
    • The episode itself is entirely serious and quite somber at the end, but one small bit of humor comes from the comments, especially this one:
      Maya Carraway: "Here we see the Alrestian custom of sleeping above the covers fully dressed."
      Chugga: Don't knock it 'till you try it! I always found I slept easier when I was colder, but my parents kept telling me sleeping above the covers was 'wrong.' So then I grew up and did it anyway. Still looks really funny, though!
      TheKpa11: "Them blanket physics. Always a hassle."
    • Following up on Candle Pyra from the intro video, a Twitter user drew fanart of the true power of the Aegis... Mythra as a lamp.

  • Episode 29: The Last Wish
    • The comments being the funny aspect of an otherwise serious episode continues:
      Maya Carraway: Not sure why they didn't just press A next to Vandham's grave. That brings back every other thing with a name.
    • Chugga talks about a time where Masae Anela was in the same room as him while the Mercenary Missions Theme was playing. Despite trying to avoid spoilers for the game, she thought the theme was amazing and asked what Chugga was doing... and let out a big "Whaaaaaaaaat!?" when he sheepishly informed her it was a PAUSE MENU theme.
    • Chugga's snark towards the worthless tutorials strikes again when the Tutorial starts explaining the Mercenary Missions. Again. Doubly funny given that while Yew the character was the one telling us, it's also a bit of a pun given that Chugga was the one doing the explaining as well:
      Chugga: ...So, you're just gonna be repeating what a better tutorial said.

  • Episode 30: The Future Looks Merc-y
    • Somehow, he managed to get URSULA on the episode where he talks about Merc Missions, which just so happen to be (infamously) required to fill out her Affinity Chart.

    Episodes 31-40 

    Episodes 41-50 

    Episodes 51-60 

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