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Running Gags:

Episode 1

  • Chuggaa losing to Koopa the Quick.
    • There's also his reaction to what happens if Yoshi loses his Mario disguise...
    Koopa the Quick: (thinks Mario chickened out) Looks like Super Mario isn't so super after all!
    Chuggaa: Screw you! (reads KTQ's dialogue again) Seriously, screw that guy! What a jerk!
  • When Chuggaa blasts Yoshi out of a cannon, Yoshi lands on a fence covered with barbed wire and Chugga reacts with horror as if it were a real accident.
  • When Yoshi grabs a Goomba with his tongue and takes the Mario cap, Chugga says this:
    Watch this. (He takes the cap with Yoshi's tongue, who puts on the cap and the Goomba dies) He is so stricken with grief that he has lost his sense of fashion and identity from the other Goombas that he just dies. I never got that.
  • The "role reversal" between Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi in the intro. "Luigi's the instigator, Wario's the voice of reason, Mario's the clumsy one, and Yoshi is lazy."
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  • He wonders how Yoshi managed to move from the top of Peach's castle to the ground while still sleeping.
  • He tries to finish off Big Bob-omb and tries to eat one more Bob-omb as Yoshi to spit at him, but he's throwing them off of the mountain. "Stop chucking them off the mountain, they're your own minions! You're a horrible king!"

Episode 2

  • Chugga fails at failing: he tries to throw the Big Bob-omb off a cliff to show what happens and how it doesn't count as a hit, only to accidentally hit the edge of the cliff and defeat him.

Episode 3

  • Someone is growling on the other side. Wario: D'oh, I missed!
  • Chugga decides that every Toad should have their own distinct voice. He then gives one the voice of Miror B.

Episode 4

  • No sleeping on the job, Yoshi!
  • First death of the LP, making a simple flutter jump, then he tries long jumping only to hit a wall and die again.
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  • He temporarily lists what he's doing on screen like "a list of instructions".
  • When Goomboss brags about locking Mario behind the castle door: "Mario lost to this guy? He's only got 10 HP!"
  • As soon as he collects the star in Sunshine Isles, he notices that Mario's legs are stuck in the sand.
    Chugga: My legs were phasing through the floor!

Episode 5

  • Chugga grabs a star, causing the camera to zoom in on Mario... but a Goomba gets in the way, causing an extreme close-up on it.
    Chugga: Hi Goomba! (laughs) Close up there, wow! My, Goomba, what terrible textures you have!
    • One comment for the video says "This is proof that Goombas are divas. They get a close-up or they walk."

Episode 7

  • When Chugga finds a sign with a short message from "The Cap'n", an unknown character who is never elaborated on, he jokes that Super Mario Wiki probably has a full biography of him. Commenters went and checked and found that he doesn't have his own article, but he does have three paragraphs to himself in another one.

Episode 8

  • Chugga's Epic Fail when he accidentally jumps down the chimney in Cool, Cool Mountain as Yoshi when he's trying to collect the red coin on the ledge above. Twice. And then ironically when he does want to jump down the chimney, he misses.
  • This gem when he does "Li'l Penguin Lost"
    Tuxie's Mother: My baby!! Have you seen my baby??? She´s the most precious baby in the whole world.
    Chugga: Baby baby baby baby baby. What is this, Metroid: Other M?

Episode 9

  • On his run of Battle Fort, Chugga is baffled to see a Goomba suffer absolutely no damage despite being hit by a giant rolling ball.
    Chugga: Wh-wh-wh- That Goomba frickin' Norris'd that cannonball! Like, he took it to the face and it just pushed him back like a couple feet.

Episode 10

  • On Big Boo's Haunt, Chugga attempts to show the infamous Mad Piano, only to get no reaction when he gets the Red Coin next to it. He attempts to attack and jump around it, but it still doesn't move. He is really confused that it hasn't activated at this point. Eventually, he jumps on top of it, and then it comes to life, legitimately scaring him, and the Jump Scare he gets is even more effective than if he walked by it to have it come to life.
    Chugga: OH GOD! OH GOD!
    • Then, later Chugga needs to get hit by an enemy to lose his cap, so he goes to the piano...and it happens again.
  • The ending art picture glitched out, and was replaced with a black screen. He then replies with an annotation.
    Hmm... Not sure what happened here...Imagine some awesome art!

Episode 11

  • His huge moment of Tempting Fate where, after freeing Luigi, he says how Luigi is the best character and almost breaks the game with how good he is, and in particular makes the upcoming boss a joke...only to die in that boss fight while playing as Luigi.
    Chugga: Says Luigi is the best, most broken character in the game; Dies in the first mission playing as him! WAY TO GO EMILE!
    • Even better, he actually does beat the boss, but falls from the balcony when trying to get to the star, and loses the rest of his health due to Falling Damage.

Episode 12

  • He dies trying to get the first red coin (or second depending on how you look at it).
    Chugga: Let's see if I can make it through more than an eighth of the level this time!

Episode 13

  • After the in-game text refers to Wario with a Power Flower becoming "A METAL MACHINE!", Chugga becomes obsessed with saying the phrase in a grunting Metal Scream way.
  • He attempts to tackle a Goomba wearing a Wario hat, only to fall into a pit as he kicks it.
    Chugga: I died trying to put on clothes!

Episode 16

  • Chugga talks about how, despite its intimidating appearance, Lethal Lava Land is a surprisingly easy level...only to keep falling in the lava right after he says it. Subverted, though, in that he never actually dies.
  • He references something that should not be referenced by shouting gruffly, "HOW'D IT GET BURNED?"
  • "Now for a mission that can be challenging if you play it the right way". (His own post-edit self points out how bizarre this comment is).
  • He points out the Bob-omb Buddy that shows where the red coins are. All in one place on the sliding Bowser puzzle.
    Chugaaconroy:"Are you ready to see the most trollish Bob-omb Buddy in the entire game?" (He puts the bottom screen into full view and the top screen into the corner to emphasize the fact that all eight red coins are in one place on the map) (Reading the message) "'Hello! Please take a look at the map below. Memorized it? If you are lost, PLEASE TALK TO ME AGAIN!
  • Chugga's Big "NO!" when he nearly dies with 98 coins.

Episode 18

Episode 19

  • Chugga's hypnotic fascination with the Dire, Dire Docks level entry swirling effect, and saying that it's the only thing the Mario franchise needs more of.

Episode 21

  • Chugga points out the creepiness of Wario's grinning face appearing on the touchscreen with the words "TOUCH ME!" below it.

Episode 23

  • Chugga gets a Mega Mushroom as Wario in Hazy Maze Cave and decides to just leave him standing there while boulders slam into him and shatter as a joke about Wario being an Implacable Man...only for Wario to accidentally earn the star you get for destroying a certain number of boulders and exit the level.
  • In Shifting Sand Land, Chugga takes a miserably failed chance with Luigi!Wario.
    Chugga: So, I guess I'll go to the pyramid the old fashioned way and meet you guys there...Actually, no. You know what? I can't get over there? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (jumps, hits slope, starts sliding) Ohnnonononononono! I...almost...made it...

Episode 24

  • Chugga gets increasingly frustrated with Wario's very slow swimming speed and tries to think of something to compare it to ("Wario, you're slower than...") but gives it up because "I promised I wouldn't make any more jokes about Jon's upload schedule".

Episode 25

Episode 26

  • The Hurricane of Puns in the comments.
  • Chugga reading the phrase "Chill With the Bully", and turning it into a rapper impression. "Yo, wassup, Bully, I'm gonna chill wit'you!"
  • Chugga having a squee attack over the Goomba pen with each Goomba wearing a character cap (except for Luigi, as he was playing as him):
    Chugaaconroy: Oh, that's adorable! There's, like, little Goombas being kept in a pen, and I can tell, like, that third one would have a Luigi cap, that's adorable, that's like they, somebody had some pet Goombas, and they dressed them up as, you know, cosplays of the Bros...that is so, so, adorable. ...I don't know why I find that so cute to be honest with you...

Episode 27

  • Another rapper impression due to the Star title "Red coins in the House".
    Chugaaconroy: ''Red coins in da house, yo! Wassup! We collecting these red coins 'cause they in da house, yo! What we doin? We gotta collect eight 'o dem to make a shiny Star appear! I got ma 100-coin mission likely to be collected, hey'...And I'm not even sounding like a horrible rapper anymore, I'm just sounding like I'm...Dr. Phil or something...

Episode 28

  • Chugga starts the video while playing the N64 original version of the game in order to show some differences in Snowman's Land. Of course, this means he can't use his usual intro ("welcome to more Super Mario 64 DS" so instead we get...
    Chugga: Hey everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy, and welcome to more Super Mario 64... 64.
  • Chugga repeatedly trying and failing to use a Heave Ho Helpful Mook to get up onto a higher part of Wet-Dry World, usually being thrown straight back by the Chuckya on top.

Episode 29

  • After what happened in the last video, Chugga discovers that Luigi can just jump up onto the higher level anyway, rendering all his struggles pointless.
  • When Luigi is hit while being blasted into a cage to Water Town but still makes it, this happens (and leads to the next moment):
    Chuggaaconroy: Wow! Uh, Luigi, um, I'm sorry about what happened to your knee right there on that barbed wire, but, um, you took one for the team, buddy! I hate to tell you, though, you're swimming in salt water right now, so that's going to sting quite a bit. Um, it's okay! We'll be on dry land again in just a few, uh...minutes. (false cheerfulness) Okay, Luigi? You can hold it that long, right? Hehehe...I am such a horrible person!
  • His rambling conspiracy theory about why Luigi is an Unpopular Popular Character.
  • He squeezes in a reference to ElectricalBeast at the end of the video.
  • He has some platforming difficulty with Mario's limited jump ability.
    Chugaaconroy: MARIO! Can you get-on-top-of-that-please. Please. Puh-leaze. Please. Po-lice. Yeah, I'm gonna call the police if you don't please do it. Hehehe. Calling the police on Mario 'cause he can't make a jump. "This man is an impostor. He is not the real Mario. He cannot make a simple jump."

Episode 30

  • Chugga's complete Epic Fail at climbing Tall Tall Mountain, falling off so many times that it warranted a "fell off the mountain" counter. Most of those fails were made on a single jump.
    • At one point, he misses a jump while playing as Wario, says "I missed", then realizes he forgot the "D'oh" and adds it afterwards.
  • The Ukiki allegedly pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to get Chugga the second star.
  • He talks about his childhood incompetence at long jumping to get over a gap, causing him much difficulty in the level. He says he would accidentally ground-pound (hitting the buttons in the opposite order than to long jump), but when he tries to demonstrate he long jumps... off the level.
    Chugga: Wow. When I was trying to demonstrate what mistake I always made, I actually long jumped and I killed myself because of it.
  • The Ukkiki walks even slower than Wario and Chugga tells him this:
    Chugga: Buddy. This is Wario's walking speed. He's moving faster than you are. The only way this could be more embarrasing is if Wario were swimming faster than you, too.

Episode 32

  • Chugga losing to Koopa the Quick...again...twice.
    Koopa the Quick: I can't believe you beat me again!
  • And he says this after calming down:
    Chuggaaconroy: Okay, Koopa, I'll give you credit. You're a good guy, you don't murder me for losing a race to you like Il Piantissimo... or Cosmic Mario did."

Episode 33

  • Chugga's reaction to missing a long jump and dying while trying to collect 100 coins........while already having 99 coins.
  • Trying to jump on an approaching miniature Goomba, only to keep talking to the Bob-omb Buddy instead as it's the same button.
  • The voice he gives to Wiggler.
  • Chugga's "geddit?" moment to a joke:
    Chugaaconroy: So, he's a Fly Guy...and he's breathing fire...and he's from Japan...does that make him a Fryguy? AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA...I sound like some kind of sick bird.

Episode 34

  • His "Get an 'and" spiel. The random incorrectness of his British imitation makes it hilarious. He's not trying to offend the British, but he's trying to imitate ElectricalBeast, resulting in this:
    Chugaaconroy: And now, we have of your favorite missions and mine all over YouTube...Get an 'and! Yes, GET AN 'AND! We're going to have some brandy and biscuits with mawmalade as we get an 'and!'ner...something like that, I don't know. (The phrase "Bloody Show, Gov'ner" is put on screen word by word as Chugga says it, followed by a "...?")

Episode 35

  • While doing Over the Rainbows, he warns the viewers not to die in this level otherwise they'll respawn at the castle's entrance. After collecting 7 red coins, he plummets into the abyss.

Bonus Video

  • Chugga's Stunned Silence when he realises he didn't save after getting the last two stars in the finale, and he hastily jumpcuts to after he's beaten the Final Boss again.

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