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Funny / Chuck Dixon's Avalon

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  • Suspicious when hotel management comes to the escapees' room, Fazer pokes his head through the door—as in, through the closed, solid door—sees a bunch of bad guys with guns, and darts back inside and yells at everyone to get down.
    • Seconds before this, Angela and Krilla come to blows over who gets to take the first bath.
      Krilla: Well, I need a bath.
      Angela: You're telling me?
  • Fazer makes a point of telling the reporter that he is not King Ace's sidekick, they are partners. When her story comes out, what does the headline read? "King Ace, Hero of Avalon: A Sidekick's Story".
  • When Mindrape and co. pay Vardanyan a visit, a blonde babe in a bikini is lounging beside Vee's pool. She takes one look at Krilla and nopes it out of there.
  • Det. Lt. Church shamelessly introduces Sgt. Weston as his "faithful Caucasian companion" (his emphasis).