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  • Talking to Guardia's head chef in 600 A.D. while Marle is still impersonating Leene will have him complain that the queen is suddenly asking him for something called "eyes cream", which he has no idea how to make. Talk to him again after you bring back the real Leene and he'll bemoan that he finally worked out a recipe for this "eyes cream", but now all his work is for nothing. Thankfully, we don't find out what he actually came up with.
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  • In the early game, you eventually discover that the mysterious bleak place you ended up is a really, really Bad Future which prompt your teamates to do something about it. If you decide against it, Lucca will ask Crono if he's really willing to chicken out in front of Marle. Crono's reaction is priceless.
  • A helpful note on an upcoming boss reads that the tank's head is immune to fire and lightning, but not guns or swords.
    • After defeating this boss, the chancellor and his guards are left forming a human chain to make a bridge.
  • Bring Robo along to meet Ayla. When The Spock meets Dumb Muscle, Hilarity Ensues.
    Robo: This female is in an agitated state. Provocation is inadvisable.
    Ayla: You no use words Ayla not understand!
    • On learning Magus didn't create Lavos, he summoned it:
    My data was incorrect.
    • On meeting Janus:
    Janus: One of you will shortly perish.
    Robo: Is that true? Let me calculate the probability.
    • Everyone reacts to the statement worth shock and alarm...except Ayla, who just kind of looks at Janus and then laughs it off:
      Ayla: "Strange one... but not bad boy."
  • The party's shocked reaction to Flea revealing that he is a man.
  • Dalton breaks the fourth wall after giving the Epoch wings and changes the music on the Epoch to fit the mood.
    Dalton: Aero-Dalton Imperial, prepare for takeoff!
    (Main theme of the game cues up)
    Dalton: (trembling with rage) No, no, no, and no! (grand flourish) Stop the music!
    (Panic theme cues up instead)
    Dalton: Ha ha ha! Yes, there we go!
    • And then he takes off, his flunkies blown to the back wall in its wake.
  • If you introduce Frog to Crono's mother:
    Mom: Crono! Is this another one of your pets?
    (After she calls him Toad and he futilely tries to correct her)
    Frog, resigned: Toad will do, madam...
    • Also the part in which you introduce Ayla to her:
      Mom: Gracious! Who're you?
      Ayla: Me Ayla.
      Mom: Ayla, dear... A young lady shouldn't dress like that!
      Ayla: But, Ayla like...
      Mom: No buts! The proper response is "Yes, ma'am!"
      Ayla: Crono strong... Crono mom strong, too!
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    • And introducing her to Magus
      Mom: Ah, are you one of Crono's friends?
      Magus: ...
      Mom: Another quiet one? Don't be shy, dear!
  • The fight with Golem Overlord. He counts down like other bosses do before their ultimate attacks, but then he succumbs to his fear of heights, freezes up, and eventually ends up fleeing.
  • In Ozzie's fort, Ozzie summons two monsters on a conveyor belt to fight the heroes. The battle music starts, then both enemies move along the conveyor belt and fall into pits at the end of the belts. The music abruptly stops and your team needs to take a moment to blink and let it all sink in.
    • Elsewhere in the same fort, you come across a chest with an obvious trap in front of it. If you simply ignore it and walk past it a little ways, one of Ozzie's mooks will come up behind you, decide to loot the chest and triggers the trap.
  • The unique item Ozzie Pants provides good armor at the expense of inflicting Confuse on the wearer. What item slot do these crazypants take up? Headwear.
    • It goes one better. We're using the British definition of "pants" here. No wonder you're confused, you're wearing underwear on your head!
      • Yeah... And worse, they're Ozzie's underwear. Guess "Confuse" was only because "Nausea" wasn't a real status ailment...
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    • It's also funny because of the Stealth Pun involved. The pants are equipped as a head slot item and they force a status effect that makes you completely unpredictable and silly. You literally become pants-on-head stupid!
      • Any encounter with Ozzie is hilarious, you fight him and after losing his minions, he says "Ozzie in a pickle (or also says in a jam) Outta here!" and runs away like a little boy. The final encounter is taking the comedy Up to Eleven after falling into some traps, you return to fight him, and a little kitten runs up, presses the switch and meows like "There you go!" and Ozzie falls into a hole in the floor.
      • Even funnier...considering what happened last time, why did he even have that last switch? You'd think he'd have learned from before....
  • Prison break from Guardia Castle, either scenario is pretty funny. If you wait for the execution, Lucca comes running in, and conks out the guards. If you escape, you get to the jailer, and he runs for help and is knocked out by Lucca. "This is what happens to fool who challenge me mighty Lucca!
    • Go up to talk to the unconscious jailer, you get five free Mid-Tonics!
    • Knocking out the guards in general, Crono draws out his sword and whacks their heads, complete with a cartoonish "ba-DONK!" noise.
    • The fact that Crono can escape prison in the first place, because the guards didn't even bother to confiscate his weapon. And the mission starts with the guard getting annoyed at him for fiddling with the bars too many times that he decided to open it to teach him a lesson.
    • This bit of dialogue.
      Marle: Lucca, you're amazing!
      Lucca: Ain't it the truth?
  • The meeting between Ayla and Frog.
    Ayla: (after looking at Frog for a bit) Big frog present? For Ayla eat?
    Frog: (with sword drawn) P-perish the thought, lass!
  • This is only in the SNES translation, but thanks to the replacing of alcohol with soda or soup, you get this hilarious bit of dialogue:
    Man: Hey, bring some more soda!
    Bartender: Sir, I think you've had enough sugar today.
    Man: Pipe down! I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough! Can't you see I love soda pop! Nothing like soda pop to quench your thirst!
  • The fact that Robo's theme is very similar to "Never Gonna Give You Up". You get Rickrolled every time you play the game!
    • Even better: the similarities are accidental. Yasunori Mitsuda had honestly never heard of Rick Astley when he was composing the music for this game.
  • Difficult but not impossible: defeating Lavos solo using a mop. Before Crono has any idea what Lavos is. Not so scary now, are you?
  • The Rainbow Shell sidequest has a couple of funny moments when you discover Queen Leene's letter to Marle, depending on who's in your party.
    • After reading the rather touching letter, Marle remains quiet for a few moments. Cue Mood Whiplash when Ayla suddenly gropes Marle's breasts and wonders if she's really ready to "leave the nest" as she's "not big enough" for that yet. The scene ends with a bit of black comedy as Marle shields her chest from any further abuse while silently looking down, as if a bit depressed about the whole thing...
    • If Magus is in your party together with Crono (and Marle, obviously), he will be the one to discover the letter... and does so in a very deadpan manner, especially considering the contents of the letter:
      Magus: There's a letter here. Shall we burn it?
    • Magus' dry sense of humor is what sells it. Here's his quote if you have him upon finding the Rainbow Shell:
      Magus: Not exactly my color.
  • During the Rainbow Shell side quest, you encounter two Viper enemies who are the only two members of their species to speak in the whole game. Their names? Dumb and Dumber. Because they are enemies from far earlier in the game, they are also laughably easy to beat.
  • Ozzie accuses Magus of using him (when actually it was the other way around) and Magus gets a good comeback
    Ozzie: Magus, you lied to me when you said you wanted to create a world of evil! You used me!
    Magus Oh, how dreadful. Say, do you hear that? It's the sound of the reaper.
  • During the party in the prehistoric times, if you have Lucca in your party, she'll end up getting completely smashed.
    • If you have Robo there, he informs you that "this fluid contains immeasurable impurities!" before collapsing.
    • In the DS translation, Ayla will also helpfully explain why the drink that KO'd Lucca and/or Robo is called "skull-smash".
      Ayla: Next day, skull feel like smash!
    • Finally, she gives Crono an item he needs after he wins a drinking contest against her. When you go to wake her up in the morning (to tell her that the team's Gate Key was stolen), she apparently had way too much. Yet she still helps you retrieve the Gate Key, going through two dungeon trips and a boss fight... and then throwing up, as she was STILL hungover. It's both impressive and hilarious.
  • In the Developer's Room ending, one of the rooms you explore is a prison cell, where you find a man named Hasui. Talking to him has him comment not to bother him, because he's "in the middle of something good". The sound effects when you close the message window imply he's masturbating.
  • When your party is captured, one of the members offers to pretend he/she is sick to knock out the guard that comes in. If Robo does it he says this in the DS port:
    Robo: Critical system error! Abort, Retry, Fail? Please help!
  • In the Happy Ending, when Marle reminds Ayla to keep her vigor up to ensure that everyone descended from her will be strong and healthy as well, Kino rather smugly tells everyone not to worry because (depending on the version) either "Ayla very strong!" or "Ayla have much energy!" Just as Marle is stopping to ask what exactly he means by that, Ayla flings Kino through the portal and departs with rather embarrassing haste, saying "Kino dummy! We go now!"
  • If you chose to use the bucket in the End of Time to fight Lavos, you can go back through a Gate once you beat the outside shell. Once you go back to challenge Lavos again, the triumphant main theme starts up, and you run right toward Lavos' hollow shell, at which point the music fades out and your party comments on the fact that the fight was apparently that easy. You still go in, though.
  • The fact that if you don't use the Epoch to crash into Lavos for the Final Battle, the game ends with Crono's mother chasing his cat (because he didn't feed it enough!) into a time portal, so then the party has to chasing off after her in the Epoch to rescue them. This is even funnier if the player takes the time to have a bunch of cats.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Throughout the game, you've seen cats show up in random spots that they really have no place being (dropping into a pit in the Tyrano Lair, flipping the switch in Ozzie's Fortress, in the sewers in the ruined future, etc.). It's not much of a stretch that you've been running across Crono's time-displaced kitties throughout the whole adventure without even realizing it!
  • When you return to the End of Time with a resurrected Crono and speak to Magus.
    "You got whacked, 'cuz you're weak."
  • After defeating Magus in 600 A.D., the people from that age sing the party's praises, especially the Hero's. Frog acts the modest, Knight in Shining Armor in front of the king and queen, but when talking to a young woman in Dorino...
    Young Woman: I heard talk that the Hero was Sir Cyrus's friend. Ah, he must be a truly handsome knight!
    Frog: ...
    Frog: Heh heh...
  • A truly underrated moment: there's an old man whose lunch is just sitting there out in the open, and Crono can just eat it. When the latter's falsely put on trial for kidnapping Marle, that old man will be called up by the prosecutor as a character witness and that is guaranteed to cause at least one Juror to cast a "guilty" verdict. Being a Kleptomaniac Hero has its downsides, it would appear.
  • An area added to the DS version allows you to fight a pallet-swap of Heckran in a snowfield, giving you a chance to recreate the scene depicted on the cover by hitting it with the "Arc Impulse" Triple-Tech. Doing so does a whopping 1 point of damage to it.
  • It can be pretty hilarious seeing bosses get one shot in New Game+, but it's taken Up to Eleven if you took the time to level Ayla up to the late 90s for her to acquire the Bronze Fist. Bonus points if you're playing the DS version, where Robo can gain the Apocalypse Arm. These are both game breaking Infinity +1 Swords, allowing the aforementioned characters to always deal 9999 damage with Critical Hits! Keep in mind that even in New Game+, some enemies have absurdly high defense and still can't be killed quickly with standard physical attacks. Even so, watch as Ayla and Robo obliterate them anyway with their crits. They'll completely disregard battle sequences for Puzzle Bosses, such as defeating Magus with one hit, ignoring his magic barriers or outright destroying the Son of the Sun's Prominence flames, which aren't suppose to be defeated with physical attacks!