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  • In the movie, Dennis tries to break into Christine, including giving a sharp knock on the window. Christine's response: play Little Richard's "Keep a Knocking" on the radio.
  • Darnell sternly tells Arnie no smoking at his garage but Dennis points out the hypocrisy by letting his co-workers smoke freely.
    Will Darnell: You trying to help your buddy right out of here, jerk?
    Dennis Guilder: (While putting on a goofy smile) Nah.
    Will Darnell: Then shut your pie hole. I know a creep when I see one. (referring to Arnie) I think I'm looking at one right now.
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  • Christine returning to Darnell's after killing Repperton. The WTF look on Darnell's face sells it. From the burned-out look of the car, he probably thought that someone had taken Christine out for what had to be one hell of a joyride.
  • In the novel, Dennis mentions meeting Leigh's fiancé during the epilogue after all the hell a demonically-possessed Plymouth Fury put him through: "Nice guy. Drove a Honda Civic. No problems there."


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