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Series with their own pages:

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    Bores Reviews 
  • Bores Reviews Yume Nikki:
    • The amount of times the Irate Gamer gets touched by the Toriningen.
  • Bores Reviews Mad Father:
    • Bores trying to interact with the zombies to get answers.
      Irate Gamer: Hello zombie, how are you? (Aya takes continuous damage) Now can you tell be about this game? Wait a minute... (HP reduced to zero, showing Aya's death and the Game Over screen) What the hell? Whoa, whoa, whoa, I FAILED?!
    • Best Hercules then gets his shot at the game.
      Best Hercules: I will fight the person who speaks so unjustly! BACK! HWEEEERUGH! (runs into a zombie and take continuous damage until HP reaches zero)
    • "Put the bunny in the HOLE!"
    • Aya rings the doorbell and Bores answers it. She then uses a chainsaw to kill him.
  • Bores Reviews Undertale:
    • At the beginning of the game, Bores falls for Flowey's "friendliness pellets". Flowey is then shooed away by Toriel, but Bores and Best Hercules are untrustworthy of her.
    • Nicolas Cage returns, this time in a Toriel cosplay.
      Cage: I do what I can for people and help them out.
      Irate Gamer: NO! (slaps Cage's hand)
      Cage: But don't you see? That was the plan... to give you a boner! (pictures of Rule 34 Toriel images are displayed)
    • The parts where Bores and Best Hercules struggle against Undyne is both hilarious and tear jerking. Their victory against her is less enthusiastic than expected.
    • Codec Snake tries to take over their show. It doesn't work.
      Codec Snake: Ha ha ha ha... with you two gone, I'm this channel's one reviewer! Games... movies... cereal boxes... ALL things to review... done by me!
      ("!"'s start appearing and surrounding Bores and Best Hercules, similar to the aforementioned "friendliness pellets")
      Codec Snake: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... (the duo end up getting healed) Are you kidding me?!

    Snake Reviews 
  • Snake Reviews Palutena's Guidance. The entirety of it.
    Colonel: Aw, come on Snake! (pulls up the curtain, displaying the video) It's all right, Snake. My waifu is in this.
    (Snake, disillusioned, "punches" Colonel's text box)
  • Snake Reviews LA Beast:
    • The beginning:
      Snake: Good evening. As you may know, some talentless hack stole my job. And now, I'm stuck doing...
      Colonel: She's you plus boobs; you'll never beat her.
    • "How can he just... make the jump? This guy is nuts!"
      Otacon: I, uh... I wouldn't say he's NUTS, Snake...
      Snake: It's funny because balls! Very funny, Otacon!
      Colonel: Hilarious.
      Otacon: (pissed off) Ugh, Snake...
      Mei Ling: Very funny, Otacon!
      Snake: Get out, Mei Ling.
    • Snake, in response to LA Beast having more subs than Nintendo:
      Snake: So... thousands of people working on highly coded machines, beneath a guy that eats shit... sounds like a good deal if you ask me.

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