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  • Following Puro's directions to the library you'll notice in the offices the markings changed color from red to green with an apology note:
    Puro: I'm sorry Human! I ran out of red ink pens!
  • In the Special Edition baby dragon dark-latex monsters are hiding in boxes throughout the server rooms and playfully force Colin to play a mirror game against them. Should the human survive he enters another room where light-latex wolf cubs ambush him (though they slide on all fours on the slippery floor as well). Colin retreats and they give chase back to the server room. The baby dragons are delighted to see Colin again thinking they're going to have another round, but the wolf cubs are in no mood for games and try to bully their way past. This angers the dark-latex beasts who surround them. Colin decides wisely not to get involved.
  • If you get assimilated in Puro's room, he calls you out for getting assimilated in such a dumb manner.
    Puro: ...Eh, eh...Ah!? ...Human!!? Are you serious!? Right in front of me!?
    • For bonus points in the Special Edition Colin as a light-latex has no feelings of Animal Jingoism toward the dark-latex wolf, instantly loving Puro's company. As a male or female creature they either embrace or flirt with Puro, both confusing him.
  • If you try to hide behind the tree in the library, Colin will remark it's the perfect hiding place. Only for Puro complete with Sweat Drop to point out he can clearly see the human.
  • Some of The Many Deaths of You transform Colin into a female latex monster with breasts, and if more creatures dogpile on him into "transfur fusions" it results in a Breast Expansion that embarrasses the newborn monster.
  • In Puro's den you can inspect the dark-latex wolf's various funny drawings, some of them show how he fantasized Colin would look like when he came out of cryogenic stasis. Following Puro's directions, to tearing his way through the latex monsters who can only look on with dismay at how powerfully ripped the human is. Finally meeting up with the Uplifted Animal who assimilates him to become massively stronk. Puro's so mortified at what Colin saw that he could die.
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  • Through the vents Puro becomes the overprotective Papa Wolf worrying about every single potential hazard, even warning Colin to "beware a dangerous poster" they drew, before realizing there's nothing dangerous about it.
  • If Colin dons a suspicious pair of pink pants which is really a dormant latex monster in disguise, then enters the vents, a family of red panda light-latex creatures may abduct and assimilate him. Instead of a 'transfur fusion' happening, the pink latex monster is suddenly expelled by the mischievous family, and the Blob Monster sits on the floor, sulking.
  • Colin falls into the Greenhouse area, fortunately vines break his fall, BUT they've wrapped around his generous posterior. Makes all those earlier remarks the man made about his weight Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • The exchanges between Dr. K and Prototype in the Special Edition. Prototype is just a machine, not truly sentient and the furthest mankind had ever gotten in trying to make a true AI. Dr. K requesting it keep Colin in the greenhouse caused its operating system to crash and force a reboot, to which it then continued taking care of the plants as if nothing happened. Dr. K scowled his dishwasher was more reliable, so he tries to enroll the robot to stop Colin from escaping with an obstruction. It puts a safety cone in front of the human. The frustrated doctor tries to be more specific, but Prototype just dumps a latex plant-like beast nearby and wanders off. Dr. K laments he should've had a more meaningful discussion with his microwave, and hangs up.
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  • As Colin explores the Greenhouse area, various dark and light winged latex creatures from outside come swooping in, only to comically collide with the solid glass windows. Dr. K admires their determination to assimilate Colin, but not their stupidity.
  • When Puro asks for help in retrieving his novel he threw at the Behemoth earlier as he really wants to finish reading it. The nearby Prototype's response? It goes from watering the garden to watering Puro's book.
  • Mother Yeen, a huge hyena-like monster getting outwitted by Colin by tripping up on some nearby vines. She struggles to keep her balance, before realizing she can't and gives up, waving at the player, before crashing into the water. Her children can only look on with shock and embarrassment.
  • One of Mother Yeen's children is Shaking the Rump at Colin incessantly, obviously it irritated the human, as he slaps their ass if the player chooses to return to the den. And it still won't stop.
  • Colin, in the company of Puro, gets pounced upon by a latex monster (a creature called 'YY', one of the game's testers) in a quick-time event. Doesn't matter what the player does, because onlooking Puro effortlessly lifts the monster off Colin's head with a deadpan expression, averting the 'crisis'.
  • Puro becomes braver towards the end of the original game and saves Colin on several occasions from swarms of latex beasts threatening to engulf him, such as throwing him to safety when groups of white latex beasts ambush and surround them. Should the player thank Puro by returning however:

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